How to Use Your Facebook Lives as an Ad

Jan 30, 2018

It’s no secret paid traffic is one of the best ways to generate leads and customers these days. Coaches, consultants, course creators and more can harness the power of Facebook Lives and Facebook Ads to grow their reach. In this episode, get step-by-step instructions and tips for turning your Facebook Lives into ads that generate more likes, shares, and comments. With just a few tweaks, transform your Facebook Lives into marketing gold.

There are several steps to turning your Facebook Lives into an ad, but don’t worry – they aren’t hard!

Step One – Do your Facebook Live knowing that people will be watching it as an ad later. This means, no swearing, no waiting around for people to join, and a strong call to action based on what your live will be promoting.

Step Two – When the live is finished, update the text above the live with any links or CTA’s you want.

Step Three – Go to the Ads Manager and setup your campaign. Use video views or page post engagement as your objective.

Step Four – Generate Captions on the video.

Step Five – Once it’s rocking and rolling, you can create a custom audience of people who watched the video and retarget them with a more pointed ad!


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Video Transcript:

Hey, this is Julie, thanks for joining me. Today we’re going to talk about how to do Facebook Ads on your Facebook Lives.

So if you are a coach, a consultant. if you are a course creator and you love to do Facebook lives. I’m going to show you how to create Facebook ads from those lives that’s going to get tons of likes shares and comments.

Step on over here we’re going to do the Live.

Alright so here’s your Live.

The things that you have to think about when you’re doing a live, think about the call to action at the end. You want to get people to engage with the Facebook live as much as possible.

So think about in advance what you’re gonna use it for in advertising.

So if I was going to use my Facebook live to advertise my membership site, I would make sure somewhere at the end I’d say, “comment below if you’d like more information.” That’s really important because we’re gonna attach a messenger bot to the Facebook live once it’s over.

So that when we’re running ads to it, people will get a private message. All right so that’s step one.

Step two- we’re going to optimize the lot the Live optimize the live okay. So that means I

want you to edit the live… and some of you might be like, “what do you mean?”

What I mean is above the video, once you’re done, I want you to add some really good Facebook ad copy and I want you to add links.

So whatever it is you’re promoting, I want you to put that above the live.

The second thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna attach a bot.

Now you can use Chat Fuel or ManyChat. Both of those work.

You’re gonna get an account with them. It’s free, especially with ManyChat. And you’re gonna use a growth tool and you’re gonna attach a bot so that when somebody comments on your Live, they’re gonna get a private message that says, “hey thanks so much for watching my Live. If you’re interested in blah blah blah whatever it is, here’s the link.”

Okay, so those are the two things you want to do.

The next thing is you want to generate captions.

This is really important because a lot of people watch Facebook lives on their phone when they’re not supposed to and you want to make sure there’s captions.

So the captions can be generated in the page itself. Facebook will say,  “do you want to generate captions?” You can also do that when you’re setting it up as an ad.

So that’s that’s step two. We want to optimize the Live so it’s ready for advertising.

Okay step three. Now we’re gonna actually set up the ad.

So I’m just gonna put over here step three… and when you get into your ads manager, it’s gonna ask you what kind of campaign do you want to create.

You’re gonna create a video campaign video views.

That means that you’re telling Facebook that you want Facebook to show you’re alive to people who are most likely to view.

This is a pretty inexpensive type of ad because you usually get about one cent per view. But sometimes those leads don’t necessarily take action, but it’s a good way to start getting visibility to your brand.

So set up the ad as video view. Get it approved.

Once it’s approved, now you’re gonna create a traffic campaign.

So set up a new campaign and this time you want to optimize for traffic. Okay so now that you have traffic, that means now Facebook’s going to show that live to people who are most likely to click on links and go off of Facebook. That’s what a traffic objective is.

Once that one’s approved, if you want to you can also create a third campaign and optimize it for conversion, which means once they land on that landing page of whatever it is you’re selling, are they going to take action.

Whether it’s buy or whether it’s put their email address in and become a lead.

When you set up these three different types of campaigns and you push all of them to one Facebook Live, you end up with a lot more cumulative engagement likes, shares, comments, and response because you’re telling Facebook that you’re willing to look at three different types of behaviors on Facebook all on one Live.

So this is really good to do if you’re brand new. If you’ve never run Facebook ads before because it’s gonna allow Facebook to kind of get to know your content and the people that are sharing with it

So just as a recap step one you’re gonna do the Live and you’re gonna make sure to think about the call to action that you want to say on the Live even if nobody’s watching.

Step two you’re gonna optimize the law live by editing the copy above it by attaching a bot to it and then generating captions so that people can watch on silent.

And step three you’re going to create three different kinds of campaigns a video view campaign get it approved a traffic campaign and a conversion campaign and for each one of these ads you’re going to use the same exact Facebook live so you can get that cumulative effect.

And that’s how you use Facebook lives as ads.

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  1. Rajesh Shirsagar

    Very well explained. Covered almost every topic of basics. Its a great help to every FB beginner who wanna go for live first time. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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