The Four Foundations of Funnel Building

It’s a skill that is both EASY and tricky at the same time.

How can that be?

Well, to set up one is not that hard….thanks to Clickfunnels. You can have one up in literally…minutes. But to make it work

That’s a whole other story.

In this video, I break down the four key foundations of funnel building so you can understand not just how to build them, but how to make sure you build PROFITABLE ones.

For those of you who don’t know, Funnelbuilding IS the skill that saved my family. You can see more here.

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Video Transcript:

I’m talking today about the four foundations of funnel building.

So I want to break down the four principles of funnel building so that you can start to see what areas you’re weakened in which areas you’re stronger in.

So the first foundation of funnel building is all about the offer.

Okay, the offer is really the core of everything.

If you don’t have a good offer you cannot build a funnel. A funnel will not fix a bad offer.

What a funnel will do for a good offer is make you a millionaire.

So you want to make sure you’re in a hot market and you want to make sure it’s irresistible.

Okay, I think part of the problem is we think our offers are amazing because we’re really close to them, but we don’t really make sure that our offer is in a hot market. That it’s actually irresistible. That it’s like a no-brainer you know.

And I tell the story sometimes I say, “okay if someone told me that there was a Mercedes for sale and it was fifty thousand dollars and it was worth a hundred go buy it I’d be like no thanks okay I don’t want to spend fifty thousand on a Mercedes.” If somebody told me, “hey there’s a home on Martha’s Vineyard. It’s actually worth two million but you can get it for fifty thousand do you want to buy it?”  I would buy it. it’s irresistible. It’s absolutely without a doubt. it’s like a no-brainer I I would borrow the money I would figure out how to do it. So make sure it’s irresistible and make sure it’s a hot market.

The other part about the offer is you need great copy. So think of your copy like clothes. So you know you have yourself and you can wear really bad ugly clothes. Ripped, smelly holes you know, or you can go out and buy the best clothes you can find it’s gonna make you look a lot different. Like right now I look way better than I look any other day of the year I’ve got great clothes, great copy.

So these are the things you need to focus on with your offer: Hot market, irresistible great copy.

All right second is flow. This is the second foundation. This is where we really have to look at how the offers work together.

So in a sales funnel, unless you’re doing a webinar funnel and traditional sales funnel there are actually multiple things being sold, right?

You have the initial thing, then maybe you have the order bump underneath. Then maybe you have a one-time offer upsell. Maybe you have a one-time offer down sell. So the flow is about how the offers- how the products interact with each other.

And the best thing I can say is when you’re at Thanksgiving dinner- if you celebrate Thanksgiving- and you eat a ton of turkey on Thanksgiving Day, and then the next day you eat some more turkey, by Saturday you hate turkey and you don’t want to eat it anymore.

So when the products don’t interact well together, sometimes what happens is in our enthusiasm to be amazing we give an amazing product and then we like fill their belly with the information that they need. So that then when we come in with the, “hey buy more, hey buy this”

you’re like no this was good like this satisfied that need.

So you want to make sure that the products complement each other so that if they’re buying something and then they’re buying the next thing, it’s like ooh that goes with it.

So you’ll see this a lot with Russell and Clickfunnels. So he gives you the software then he offers to sell you the things that help you make the software better. Maybe he gives you add-on templates, special code things that make the funnels work more. He’s not just trying to sell you more and more and more funnels, he’s trying to sell you complimentary add-ons.

So this is really important in funnel building is to create a great flow.

You also want to make sure that the price goes like this: you want to start with your lowest cost offer, but you also typically want to make your low cost offer almost as valuable if not the same value as your OTO.

And some of you might feel like, “oh well that doesn’t make any sense… like this should be 3 stars and this should be 4 stars,” right?  That’s how we think in our brains because this is 7 dollars and this is 40 dollars, but you want to make this equal to the value of whatever you’re selling here.

Maybe even more valuable and why?

That’s because that first sale when someone goes from prospect to customer is the hardest sale of all. If you can’t get that sale they never see anything that comes after it.

They don’t ever get to see your OTOs and your upsells and your downsells because they never actually made that first sale.

So that’s why I’m always like make the quality and the value equal to whatever is coming next in the funnel because you’ve got to get them in the door.

So sometimes you take a loss here. Sometimes you don’t actually make money here and that’s normal and okay because you’re trying to get people through the rest of the funnel.

Alright, so flow is the second foundation of funnel building.

The third is follow up. No matter how much time we spend on our funnel, people aren’t going to do what we want them to do. They’re going to pop off the page, they’re going to get

Distracted, their kids are going to need them.

So emails, texts, messenger BOTS and retargeting ads are all ways to follow up in a funnel.

Okay, so you need to pick one, two, three, or all four. Okay emails, text, messenger BOTS and retargeting ads and make sure that you hit them as many times as you can because most people won’t do what you want.

In fact, you know the standard rate for people buying on a funnel is about one to five percent. So for every a hundred people that come through your funnel, maybe you get five people that do what you what you want them to do. The other ninety-five are gonna need all four of these things.

And the last foundation of funnel building is traffic.

And traffic is basically once you have your funnel built, once you have your car built, how are you gonna fuel it with gasoline. What kind of traffic are you going to use?

Now Facebook ads are the most popular, but there are all kinds of other traffic sources and you want to think about your funnel based on what traffic you’re going to use.

So let me give you an example.

Let’s say you’re a podcaster and your pod and your podcast is your traffic.

So you do a podcast, you know people are listening to you. Well with a podcast, people are hearing you talk. They’re getting to know you. They’re trusting you. So do you have to send them to a webinar right after a podcast? Usually not. Sometimes you can do just like a quick download because you’ve already built that trust.

Versus if you’re going off a Facebook ad. They’ve never heard your voice. They’ve never seen you. Maybe you need video webinar VSL, things like that in your funnel to really build that trust quickly.

So your traffic does sort of influence the type of funnel that you’re going to build.

Another way to get traffic is through SEO, through blogging, through other social media… things like Instagram and Pinterest.

You can also use YouTube, networking, jayvees.

There’s all kinds of ways to get traffic.

My recommendation is you pick one and you get really good at it, and then you go to the next one now.

These are the four foundations of funnel building: so your great offers, awesome flow, amazing follow-up and great traffic.

The last piece of this and this is where people often do it completely backward, is that

your traffic usually requires you to put content native to the platform.

So what I mean by that?

Let’s say you’re using Instagram for your traffic well you have to create an Instagram story let’s say.

So you have to create content that fits in the platform that people on that platform are like “oh it’s an Instagram story” … you know, you’re not trying to like do something that the platform isn’t meant to do.

So you’re gonna want to create content that works with whatever platform you’ve chosen so that you can put that content on that platform, which leads them right into your funnel.

All right a lot of people like to do this first.

They think about content and then they kind of think of it all backward, but this is actually kind of like the last step. Once you’ve really built out the funnel and you’ve tested it with a few people or your email list.

So this hopefully gives you kind of an easier way to think about funnel building and the foundational things you need to know before you get started.