How to Set Up Retargeting for Facebook Ads 2018

Apr 17, 2018

Retargeting Facebook Ads can sound scary sometimes, but I’m here to show you even beginners can handle it. This is an important part of marketing many people skip.

The truth is a lot of the money is made in the follow-up. People buy from people they trust, and it will take a few exposures to you and your message before many people are willing to trust you with their dollar. In fact, most buyers need several more than one or two experiences before they decide to buy.

The internet is full of scams, so retargeting your Facebook Ads helps you catch the people who are on the fence and need just a little push.

In this episode, I take you step-by-step through retargeting ads for people who have already seen something of yours, whether it be an optin or an offer, but might need to hear from you again to develop trust.

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Video Transcript:

Hey, this is Julie here and today I want to talk about retargeting. I know some people are scared by this because they don’t really understand how retargeting with ads work, but I want to go step-by-step through the process so that you, even as a beginner, can start retargeting.

Okay, so the first thing is that you are running ads and you probably have a funnel.

For today’s example, I want to do a webinar funnel. So let’s draw it out first.  

So with the webinar, you have a registration page. Okay, so this is your registration page right here.

Then the next page usually in an automated webinar funnel is a countdown page. And this is the page where people are waiting for your webinar to start- usually, it’s within a few minutes.

Then you have a watch page. And this is where the actual webinar is happening and people are watching it.

And then usually you send them to either an order form or an application form or something. Whatever it is that you’re selling off the webinar.

Okay, so these are the four main steps. And here’s your Facebook ad okay, and it’s going here.

So this first Facebook ad is your original ad. That’s your targeted ad, not your retargeting ad.

And usually, you’re generating leads from cold traffic. So, people who have interests in similar businesses as yours, that’s who you’re targeting.

But most people don’t do what we want, right?

So people will land on this page and then maybe they’ll opt-in but maybe they won’t… and if they do opt-in, maybe they’ll watch but maybe they won’t.

So retargeting is basically trying to figure out where people are in that sequence and showing them the right ad at the right time.

So step one over here, to retargeting is to create some custom audiences.

So, what you need to do is go into your audience area in your ads manager and you need to create an audience for people who land on the registration page but don’t see any of these.

And so Facebook allows you to choose like they have visited this URL, but not this, this, and  this URL.

So you’re gonna create the first one that says, “hey they landed on the registration page but they didn’t land on this one, this one, or this one.”

Okay, the custom audience that you’re going to create first is this one right here. The people who land on the registration page but for whatever reason they don’t opt-in.

So when you go into the ads manager, it’s gonna say people who landed on this URL but not this URL, this URL, or this URL.

Okay, so that’ll be audience… Custom audience number one.

Custom audience number two will be people who landed on this page. They got all the way to this page, but they did not go to this page.

Alright, so that’ll be custom audience number two.

And when you create custom audiences you’re really just choosing the URLs with “include” and “exclude” rules.

So, for now, we’ll do just these two.

So let’s talk about the behavior of these people.

Okay, so these people never watched okay- so this is like, people a will do a here… and these people, they never applied or bought or ordered.

Okay so the messaging that you’re gonna have for people who never watched is very different than the people who never ordered.

Okay, so this is gonna be a message like, “hey I noticed that you checked out my webinar but I haven’t seen you yet. What’s holding you back? Here’s a couple other reasons why you should check it out.” bla bla bla.

The message here is gonna be, “Hey, thanks so much for watching my webinar did you know…” and maybe it’s like an FAQ series or some more testimonials or social proof to try to get them to buy.

Alright so step one is you’re gonna create those custom audiences

Step two is you’re gonna create two new ads.

So you’ve got your original ad here, this is your original. This is the original ad okay and this is like, “hey come watch my webinar blah blah blah,” You know, you’re talking to stone cold traffic here. Okay, this is cold traffic.

So now the second ad you’re gonna create is this is the ad to people a. And you’re gonna send this ad and you’re gonna send people right back to the registration page.

You’re trying to get them to opt-in which could be like, “Hey! You checked out my webinar but I haven’t seen you opt in yet. I haven’t seen you watch… here’s why you should. Here are some other reasons why .”

Stuff you’re not going to cover in this original ad, so that’s going to be your first retargeting ad.

And you go to set up the audiences, here’s the key:

When you set up this audience you’re gonna choose “show to people who are this audience right here”

They landed on the registration page but they never got any farther. So that’ll be ad A.

And then ad B… this works well if you have an FAQ series or you have testimonials. Things like that.

Remember, these are the people who never ordered so the ads gonna say something like, “Hey I noticed you watch the webinar but you didn’t buy yet. Here’s some reasons why you need to be in my program.”

This ad is only gonna get sent to these people.  

Now when you set these two ads up, the audiences are gonna show really really small unless you’re running tons of traffic.

It’s a small amount of people so set these ads set the retargeting ads to about $5 a day.

And I think sometimes it’s easiest to make these video ads so you can talk right to the customer.  

And you probably don’t need to do any other objective other than traffic so you just want to use the traffic objective just to try to get them back to the page because remember: they already kind of know you because they’ve already checked you out before.

So that’s retargeting 101 and believe it or not a lot of the money is made in the follow up because people need more than one chance to opt-in to your offers because they just don’t trust people the internet is full of scams and so, retargeting really helps you catch the people who are on the fence and just needed a little bit more of a push.

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