Pre-Funnelhacking Live Adventures

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you can’t go one post without seeing my excitement about this year’s Funnelhacking Live Conference. I’m heading down there tomorrow and in mad prep mode right now.

I’m going as a part of the Clickfunnels team, an Inner Circle member, Dream Car winner, 2 Comma Club winner, as an entrepreneur and business owner, and as a Funnelbuilder Coach for Russell Brunson’s training programs.


The crazy part of this whole adventure is that just ONE year ago, I barely knew anything or anyone!

I had my business, but that was it.

What can change in 12 months…

That’s kinda my point of today’s post. I want you to think about what can happen in 12 short months when you put your mind to it.  Whether you’re going to FHL this year or not, you can still decide TODAY – that 12 months from today, things will be different.


Here’s my short list of what to do, so that 12 months from now, things look nothing like they do right now:

  1. Get a mentor.
  2. Put some skin in the game (money works great, crisis is another option but I wouldn’t force one if I were you).
  3. Let go of your ideas of what you want, and find a hot market that you can serve.
  4. Do not despise small beginnings.
  5. Get used to failure.
  6. Write down attainable goals that are measurable.
  7. Make the “selling of your thing” the most important part of the thing.
  8. Attach yourself to an audience, not one particular product.
  9. Don’t compete on price.
  10. Create irresistible offers that TRULY solve problems.
  11. Once you have a plan, see it to the end, even when you bomb (and you will).
  12. Stop looking at everything through your financial lens.
  13. Money is everywhere, time is limited (not the other way around).
  14. Don’t take advice from broke people.
  15. There’s one skill above all that you need to be successful in business – Digital Marketing – period.
  16. Learn how to piggyback on other software, events, and crowds.

Last thing…and this one is really important…

When you make excellence your mission, people your mission, and impact your mission…

You don’t need to worry if people will notice or if things will go well for you.

They will.

Last night I was working with Russell on one of his presentations, and I had this ridiculous losing my shit moment…

On stage, Russell is going to feature me. He’s got a solid 6 or 7 slides…maybe more. I can’t say much more than that, which is killing me…because it’s like if the President told you were amazing and YOU CAN’T REALLY TALK ABOUT IT YET.

If someone asked me a year ago, “What’s your dream for 12 months from now?” I wouldn’t have even conceived of such a thing.

I might have said…

  • Make a million dollars.
  • Speak on the FHL stage.
  • Beat Dan Henry at something (LOL)

But it is SO MUCH better than anything I could have imagined. I’m about to walk the stage with the one person I respect more than any other in this space, and all I can think is…. I hope I do a good job.

Saying yes to working with Russell will go down as one of the greatest decisions of the decade. Not to mention he’s got an incredible team of people that are kind, hard working, smart, savvy, generous, and…SO MUCH FUN to hang out with!

You know what else was smart? Doing what he said to do.

So here’s what’s going to happen next.

I’m going to go to bed because I have to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn to get on a plane.

I’m going to have an incredible 11 day getaway, and I’m going to document it all. Follow me on Instagram please since I’ll use Instagram stories!

You are going to either go to Funnelhacking Live and come say hello…


You’re going to take that list above, and start with #1.