Behind the Scenes with a Perfect Client

Some clients just stick with you.

This woman’s application…it was just so….positive and energetic. I could tell she had grit and hustle and drive.

The first time I spoke to her, I quoted her on a done-for-you funnel. I can’t remember what happened, but either I had to delay the project or she was nervous about the cost, or both…and we didn’t go through with it right away.

And when she came back to me a few weeks/months later….

There was a new problem.

I wasn’t taking done for you clients anymore.

And despite me telling her that I wasn’t building funnels for people any longer, she persisted.

“Please! Please! Can I be your last done for you client?”

This all happened right in September 2017. 

Things were cranking in my business and I had literally NO time to do anymore done-for-you work.

She persisted despite being told no multiple times…but I just couldn’t swing it.

So instead, I offered her a coaching package.

It was a lot of money for her at the time. She was scared to spend it. I could tell.

Even though she was ready to drop $10k for a done-for-you funnel, she wasn’t so sure about dropping $7,500 just for me to coach her.

Now it was my turn to convince her.

Could I actually empower her to create magic funnels, even if I didn’t use my own hands to do it?

She wasn’t sure, but after a bunch of back and forth, I sold her.

She signed the contract and we got started.

The coaching started with a strategic overview of how to position her products in what we call a funnel stack.

She had several pregnancy and postpartum workouts.

We worked to arrange them in three funnels, all connected together with email sequences.

About four to five weeks into the coaching, I could tell she was just ITCHING to get to the Facebook Ads. And I understood why. Facebook Ads are the “mecca” of marketing, and the thing she knew the least about.

The closer we got to the end of the coaching, the more antsy she got.

“Are we going to do Ads soon?”

I promised her we would, but not until I was SURE the funnel was in good shape, and that she understood the tech and design and setup that she needed to know.

I needed her to be able to DO THIS without me.

The thing with this client? Even when she was nervous or afraid, she did everything I said. I never once had to say something twice. She just did it. And took every ounce of feedback with an incredible attitude.

Finally, we got to the point in our coaching to work on ads.

And…well..she panicked (I love her – she knows I mean this in the best way).

She was terrified to spend money on ads!

Her funnel was up and running, and because of her well-trafficked blog, was already producing money (YAHOO!) but she just couldn’t figure out how to get over spending more than $10-$30 a day.

It was scary.

For her…and frankly, for me too.

I never like pushing people, especially with money.

But I could tell that her funnel – after being on for a few days – was already humming, and I knew with a bit more gasoline, it would start to really go.

“Just trust me,” I said. “In a month, you’ll see your money to grow because the cumulative effect of the funnel stack will start to show up.” We had a few late night Voxer sessions working through the ‘scary factor’ of spending thousands on advertising.

Somehow, I convinced her (and her husband) that she could afford to spend the money.

Within the first month, she’d made around $10,000 on her products priced between $27 and $37. We also added in a lifetime membership to her program at $197 (she was sure no one would buy it, and they did!).

Second month, a bit more.

Third month, even more.

Now the ads plus the email sequences were really cranking along, and one of her OTO’s was a continuity program so the money was snowballing.

By late January, she had her first $1000 day.

And today, it’s been exactly three months since she turned on her ads and finished her coaching with me.

The most impressive part about the whole thing is that…she is doing it.

Not an agency or a team.

She is.

She now knows how to use Clickfunnels, how to design, how to run ads.

Not perfectly. There’s still a ton she can learn and do.

But that to me is even more incredible than any million dollar funnel I can build.

Because in this scenario, I’ve passed on my skills and strategy to her.

This process of duplication is my greatest joy.

In fact, just randomly the other day, in my Insiders Mastermind, one of my students posted a screenshot of a $15,000 launch.

I had taught him how to grow online too…and this screenshot came with this quote…

“One of my buddies needed help with launching a course. I thought I would help him the way Julie helped me. And this is what happened.”

My plan wasn’t even to teach him how to do it for others, just to do it for himself. But the skills transferred…even into a completely different niche!

If you’re disillusioned or suspicious of the online world, I don’t blame you. I would be too.

But there’s usually an easy way to tell who is for real, and who is just a good show.

How fast and readily are they duplicating their skills in other people? How much of their awesomeness is related to what they are and what they can do, vs. what their people, students, and clients are doing?

That’s where the gold is.