Marketing 101 for Course Creators

Mar 20, 2018

Do you sell what’s in your brain in the form of content? This is your MARKETING PLAN if you’re in a content-based business including:

  • Course Creation
  • Coaching
  • Info Products
  • Anything that sells content

Follow this 5-step plan to properly market your course, coaching, or membership program.

Believe it or not, you’re going to be selling before you create your program. How is this possible? Watch this episode to find out.

These 5 steps will get you up and running in your content-based business, making sure you find the right market and spend time creating the right stuff.


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Video Transcript:

Hi, Julie here today I want to talk about Marketing 101. If you’re a course creator, a coach, or an infopreneur. Basically, if you’re selling what’s inside your brain in the form of content, you need to listen up.

So step one of marketing for this type of business is really about finding a hot market.

Do not try to sell a course to a cold market.

I don’t care how good your idea is, you want to make sure that there are people buying info products in your industry.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to find your competitors. Maybe look even on Amazon. Look on Pinterest, Google… Use the big search engines and see if you can find competitors who are selling info products.

If they are that’s a good sign. It means they’ve figured out how to monetize that kind of information.

Now what you have to do is just figure out what makes you different from those people. What kind of angle and personality can you bring to the industry to help you stand out.

Step 2 is to outline your offer and the number one result.

What are they going to be able to do when they’re done with your course or your program.

This is really important and it needs to match what people want.

Sometimes we want to sell people things that they don’t really want. And that age-old saying that says nobody wants to buy a drill they just want a hole, is really true.

So make sure that your course is actually solving a problem that people need to solve.

Now sometimes you can be a little tricky with this. So let’s say for example that you are a financial planner and you want to sell a course on planning and finances and saving money, right.

Maybe that’s not really what they want. What they want is to be able to go on an amazing vacation every year.

So your marketing angle has to tap into what they want and then once they purchase your program, then you actually give them what they need because you know there’s a lot more to it.

So that’s where you want to find the hook and the angle.

So in step 2, you’re really outlining your program, your offer, your course and you’re figuring out what the hook is.

Step 3. Now you’re gonna prepare for launch.

The reality is if you can’t sell it to one person face to face, you can’t sell it to a hundred.

So we’re gonna create just the very basics of what we need so that you can go out and see if people want to buy it.

The easiest way to sell an info product is usually through a masterclass or a webinar. This is an opportunity for you to show off what you know and then transition into a pitch.

So my recommendation is you create a webinar script, then you create the registration page to go with that webinar, and you add a cool link. You attach that to your email signature. You send it out to your list if you have one.

And if you don’t, you email friends and family, you go into Facebook groups. You just drop that link everywhere you can possibly think of. See if you can get people to agree to come to your free webinar or masterclass.

The only other thing you have to have ready is a way to take payment.

So maybe that’s an order form, maybe it’s an application. Make sure you have a way to take payment so that at the end of the webinar, when people are all excited, you can get them to give you money.

Now step 4 is really what you do as soon as that webinar is done, right.

Okay so you’ve got the webinar, you’ve dropped the link, you’ve got people ready to show up, now you actually have to do the webinar and you have to sell.

Okay, I know this is scary and but you’ll get better with each time and each try. And the good news is if you’re not running Facebook Ads, you’re only gonna have a couple people there anyway so don’t worry if you mess up.

So step 4 is to actually do the webinar and to sell what you’re offering.  

So some of you might be asking, “well when do I have time to actually create the content?”

That’s a great question. You’re going to do it once you have money in hand. Once a few people have purchased your product, your program, your course.

You’re going to build it with your students live.

That way you can get their feedback to create the best product you can.

Finally, once you’ve done that now it’s time to take that product once it’s complete and put it into a funnel.

There’s all different kinds of funnels depending on the price point and the industry.

Create a funnel and then you’re gonna run traffic so that you can continue to get more and

more students.

Some courses do better when they start at a certain time of year and a whole group goes with it together.

Other times it’s better just to leave it running and have people join any time of year.

So just to recap here are the steps.

Step one is find a hot market and ask them.

Step two is to actually outline your offer, the hook, and the primary result.

Step three is to prepare for launch usually through a master class or some sort of webinar and make sure you have a way to take payment.

Step four is to actually do the webinar with people and make sure that you can actually sell them what you’re offering.

Step five is to build the course with the people live and then turn the final product into a funnel.

I know the best conversations happen after the camera stops rolling, so if you have any questions about launching your new course, membership, or coaching program leave a comment below and if you want to watch more videos like this you can go to

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