What It’s Like Being The Little Fish In A Big Pond

Working inside the batcave with Russell Brunson has had a lot of side effects I did not plan.

The biggest side effect is….

I am now a little fish in a big pond. 

A big huge ocean of marketing knowledge and genius-ery that I wasn’t expecting.

I mean, I was expecting it…but I can tell I’m not used to it.

Case in point, we were talking about a new development inside the Power Editor and I started with,

“I’m not sure this is possible but…”

…and Russell says, “We have Todd. Anything is possible.”

Or in a traffic meeting we are talking about SEO and I say, “Shouldn’t we go for the low competition long tail keywords?” and the response is,

“We’re going for all the HUGE big ENORMOUS keywords.”


I forgot.

I’m working with a team that could call themselves Internet World Dominators and ACTUALLY do it.

When a little bootstrapper scrappy entrepreneur joins the Justice League of Internet Marketers, it’s a bit like wearing shoes three sizes too big.

So while I’m trying to get used to being at command central with high performing geniuses at every turn, I’m also experiencing a very bad case of…


I talked about it on my Facebook profile and Clickfunnels HQ also captured my FOMO-ness on one of their latest vlogs.

FOMO is the fear of missing out.

Even with the batcave and online instant access to everyone on the team, the epicenter of energy and creativity pulsating from the Boise headquarters, not to mention the fantastic friendships and relationships, it’s causing me to WANT TO BE THERE.

Right now, I’m working on traveling once a month to work a week in the office, with three weeks in Connecticut. For now, that’s the solution.

Don’t ask me anymore than that…it’s really complicated.

In fact, the conflict of desire has created a LOT of sleepless nights…trying to wrestle with what’s best for me, what I want as a human, as a business owner, what the kids need, the family, all of it. That would be a WHOLE other blog post.

I have never in my life been so professionally and mentally challenged as I am right now.

In my years as a stay-at-home mom, I battled my driving need for challenges, relationship, leadership, etc. I shoved it towards anything I could find…

  • Reaching a top score in Farmville (I know I know…I was so BORED)
  • Running church programs and a music band
  • Building my own piano teaching business
  • Blogging every day for YEARS
  • Rearranging my house a zillion times
  • Trying to coupon-hack my grocery list to buy food for a family of 5 on $40 a week

You could see evidence of my brain-starved existence EVERYWHERE.

Now, I’m sufficiently challenged and inspired.

I’ve got a thriving business, amazing students and customers that I LOVE, a great community, and I get to be on the best team for the best software in the whole world and work on a REALLY REALLY big mission and make a significant contribution.

I feel like Clickfunnels in a lot of ways, was the missing piece to all the other million things I’ve been doing.

So I couldn’t orchestrate a more perfect setup if I tried…except…

Clickfunnels is so far away.

*quiet sobs*

So that is something really bothering me, and my brain is still trying to come up with a solution that works for everyone.

This is hard. I’ve spent my entire adult life sacrificing my own self for the sake of others.

At what point can I say, “What’s best for me is what’s best for my family too?”

I just don’t know.

Another side effect?

I’m recalibrating my confidence.

Pretty sure this is normal, but it caught me off guard.

I mean, I made a lot of money in 2017.

I’ve got a LOT of testimonials of people who’ve been really successful with my coaching and teaching.

I’m not new to Internet Marketing.

But when I started to get into the nitty gritty of working with Russell and his team, I spent more time slack jawed than I thought I would.

Holy crap.

So much expertise.

I’m having to recalibrate my confidence.

In fact, one night I listened to Russell’s podcast about “How to Replace Yourself” and he was talking about how the entrepreneur has to go out and find a “10” in each area he was working in, so that eventually 10 people replace one entrepreneur who does a ton of things well, but no one thing at a super super master level.

It was REALLY good.

I also fell into a big vat of worry because I thought, “Well shit…I’m not a 10 at anything!”

I wrote a big long Voxer message asking him if it was cool to have a really reliable and loyal 7.

I’m such a dork. But I was really concerned!

His response was awesome and kind, and shows what kind of leader he is.

All he said was, “Funny thing about 10’s, they never think they are…that’s what makes them so amazing to work with.”

Then we launched into a big discussion about humility and the Screwtape Letters and well, it was really good and Russell may look 12, but he has wisdom WAY WAY beyond that.

Anyway, this whole post is my attempt to be real with my audience….

And to show you all the inner stuff that goes on in my head.

I appreciate you all, the people who trust me with your business and your world and your products and services.

Know this – when you invest in me, you’re investing in someone who has an insatiable appetite for learning!