Life Changing Proposals

I just returned from San Diego this past week – for the 2 Comma Club X Coaching live event.

It was incredible.

The amount of training and value packed into 36 hours was definitely at “fire hose” level, but without the overwhelm since we did it in sequential steps and milestones.

I got to meet some amazing people, and a few of them came up to me and…said some things that I wasn’t expecting. 

There were three people in particular. They all had taken my course Proposal Secrets – which is a course on how to get paid to write proposals. And even though I know it’s an incredible course with one of the fastest ROI’s I’ve ever seen, I still wasn’t prepared for this…

Guy #1 – 

He told me that he ALREADY has made over $10,000,000 in his agency/coaching business. He has a 2CCX award actually. But he took Proposal Secrets, followed the course, and closed 10% of the room on Intensives after one of his live events.

I don’t know about you – but I hope I’m still learning and growing – even after hitting $10M. He said he was so grateful for the course and how it massively shifted the way he does business.

I was floored.

Proposal Secrets helped explode a business already doing $10 million.

Guy #2 – 

This guy was invited to a live event with 10 of his ideal clients. Originally he planned to pitch a $10k funnel build, but after asking me about it (and taking Proposal Secrets), he decided to sell intensives instead.

7 out of 10 people took the offer. A 70% close rate.

But the best part? He said he’s offered 5 of the 7 their high ticket proposals, and they all said YES – for a HECK of a lot more than if he’d sold a package right from stage.

Guy #3 – 

He came up to me at the event and said, “What would you like me to do? Your Proposal Secrets has literally changed my entire life and business.” He said it’s helped him charge double, create solid proposals, and just generally make his customers HAPPIER.​

​If you have a freelance business or digital marketing agency, Proposal Secrets will change your business. I have SO many screenshot testimonials of people who’ve made their money back hours after buying. You can see some of them below.

Inside the course, there is:

  • A discovery call script that’s gold – you don’t even need to be good at sales.
  • ​Real life report examples.
  • A downloadable share funnel to build your intensive funnel.
  • Strategies for how and why you deliver the proposal and when (little details I learned from doing it over and over again).
  • A la carte pricing help
  • Swipe files for reporting and emails

So…here’s the plan.

Proposal Secrets probably needs to get a little more expensive.

I have an unconditional guarantee that if you can’t make your money back in 3-5 discovery calls, I’ll refund you.

For the first time in the HISTORY of course building, I have a 0% refund rate.


I’m selling Proposal Secrets for $497 and it’s making people $100k or more within days.

There are two lunatics reading this post right now…

  1. ​ME. For not realizing the value of this course sooner (and raising the price)
  2. YOU. For not investing in it if you’re a freelancer or agency.

I’m closing the cart on Proposal Secrets in just 96 hours.

I’m going to be raising the price and redoing the funnel, so if you don’t have it yet – this is your chance.

These are just a FEW of the testimonials I’ve received.