Inside A $2000 Course That Sold 423 Units In 7 Days….

Quite the headline huh? Did you do the math in your head or with a calculator?

I’ll help… it’s around $846,000.00.*

Sometimes I don’t like using crazy headlines like this because to most people it feels outrageous, unattainable, or crazy. This is why I also take the time to spell out the beginner testimonies and case studies too…so you can see the progression.

But in the case of Larry, this WAS his first launch.

I know, even more nuts.

Larry joined Digital Insiders about three months ago.

He came to the group with the intention to monetize his Amazon skills into a course. Larry was very accomplished in the Amazon space, and had built a loyal following on Instagram, who watched him grow his business over the years.

But…he’d never monetized it, and didn’t want to mess around making mistakes or going it on his own. He joined my mastermind for strategy, tactics, and support.

I (and the other coaches) worked with Larry over Voxer, explaining how I would lay out the campaign strategy, the plan for the launch, the pricing, the sales copy, the emails, etc. He was in many ways, the perfect student.

He took action. He hired specialized people when he knew it wasn’t his skill set. He did the work and followed the plan for the launch.

And the Voxer messages I got an hour after the cart opened, were hilarious.

He’d sold over 100 units in just a few hours and couldn’t believe it.

It was so intense because sales came in so fast.

Now, it’s only fair to mention that Larry had one very important piece in place before he did all of this. He had a following.

His results are stunning, but what about if you don’t have a following when you build and launch something new?

There is good news… I have plenty of examples of other people (like Kristin + Julia) – that started with no following – and grew a small audience (to just a few hundred people) and launched their first offer profitably (between $8000 – $25,000).

And then of course, I have other examples of people who’ve sold their products for a long time (people like Esther), and decided to do a live launch – breaking the incredible milestone of the six figure launch.

I’ll be sharing more of those stories soon.

But whether you’re trying to:

  • Crack $10,000 earned with a new course or membership
  • Bust through the six-figure launch milestone
  • Do something incredible like eeking out a near million dollar launch

All of these people have one thing in common — they launched.

Launching is stressful and intense, but also SO MUCH fun!

It is the #1 way I recommend you sell if you need to:

  • Validate an offer
  • Get a burst of revenue
  • Sell something BEFORE you create it
  • Sell something without a webinar
  • Sell something without a fully built out funnel

For the last week or so, I’ve been talking to you all about Pete’s Stage to Scale Workshop Series, and over 1000 of you have opted into the workshop!
(By the way, opting in is TYING you to my affiliate ID so if you buy, you get the incredible thing I’m about to mention….and also it’s keeping me in the top ten leads contest for # of people opting in – I’m a few paces behind Michael Hyatt)

This upcoming Sunday night, Pete will do a webinar which kicks off the launch of his Stage to Scale program (you can register here as he promises to not just sell, but deliver incredible value as well).

So what does LAUNCHING and stages have to do with one another?

Great question.

When you sell from stage, you create a real life environment of a launch. There’s pressure, buzz, social proof, urgency, rapport, all of it. And Stage to Scale will teach you all about how to get on the stage, create your signature talk, and build an offer you can sell from stage.

But when you’re off the stage, in the day to day of your business, how can you create a launch campaign to catapult your business forward just like speaking from stage might?

A campaign strategy similar to what I’ve been teaching inside my mastermind for the last year?

That’s what I’m working on behind the scenes this week. The insane-no-one-else-is-doing-this bonus offer for anyone who purchases Stage to Scale when the cart opens on November 4th.

I’ve brought in Cathy (from Funnel Gorgeous) and she and I are bringing you a 12 week live training program (starting AFTER Stage to Scale finishes so you don’t get overwhelmed) that walks you step by step through your launch, with all the strategy and tactics and shortcuts you need to get it out there. It’s going to kick off 2020 with incredible momentum and clarity and purpose!

It’s something we’ve never done before, it’s a program that would normally only be available to my high end mastermind students, and we’re going to bring the Funnel Gorgeous flair to it all by providing you with design shortcuts that make launching a breeze.

Now, I know people are going to have all kinds of questions about this, because we’re essentially building a $3000 program that we’ll be giving away FOR FREE as a bonus to the Stage to Scale program… so I want to be ready with your questions.

Here’s the truth – next week, I’m in Hartford all week with my Digital Insiders. 57 people are flying in from around the world to spend a week brainstorming, strategizing, and masterminding.

This is in part why I’m dishing more details about this launch ahead of time than some of the other affiliates… because I have limited time DURING the actual launch to be all over social media and promote and answer questions!

I need to know as far as possible in advance, a few things. If you could comment below the answer to these questions – that would be FANTABULOUS.

  1. What is the #1 thing you’d HAVE to have in this upcoming bonus launch coaching program from Cathy and I, that would seal the deal and be like YES. I’m in! Sign me up for Stage to Scale!
  2. What reason would you give if we were sitting over coffee and I asked you, “So why haven’t you pursued speaking as a part of your business yet?”

Just post in the comments below!

I’m cataloging all the responses because I want to make sure all of them are answered prior to launch day, which is November 4th. I’ve already got one question that I plan to answer later this week:

“If you were to look over the last 25 launches you’ve done (yourself or with a client), what are the ingredients that help you determine if it’s going to be successful?”

In the meantime, make sure you’re following Pete’s free workshop series as the next video drops tomorrow, and is all about creating revenue from the stage!

*That’s anticipated revenue remember. There are pay plans, refunds, etc. so actual collected is less than that amount. In marketing, we call it STOMPER math. It’s fun math to use as long as you know that most course launches have a 10% refund/drop off rate which is normal.