Ep. 57. 7 Steps To Building An Amazing JV Offer!

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so I want to talk today about creating awesome JV offers. So this is a topic that is top of mind for me right now because I am getting ready to participate in a really big launch. In fact, I haven’t done an affiliate launch since 2017, the great Expert Secrets debacle, when I was an affiliate for Russell Brunson’s book.

I entered a contest definitely a little scarred for life on that. Just kidding, it was awesome. It was also incredibly stressful, but I learned a lot.

So I haven’t done a lot of affiliate launches since then, but I met this amazing business owner and entrepreneur and friend in Kenya last summer actually. His name is Pete Vargas, I had been sort of creeping around his profile and his funnels and things because I knew that he was the guy that you go to when you want to learn how to get on stage.

And this is something that was really top of mind, in fact, in 2018 somewhere at the beginning of 2018 I decided that I really wanted to speak onstage more. So I spoke this into the universe and then proceeded to start positioning myself and learning about it, and so Pete Vargas was top of mind. Anyway, I met him in person, became really good friends with him. It’s amazing how fast you bond when you’re on a safari being chased by a lion. And it was awesome.

So he asked me a couple of months ago, he said, “You know, I’m about to do my big launch Stage To Scale, and I would love for you to be a JV.” I was like, “Absolutely. Not only do I like you, not only do I like your stuff, not only do I think you deliver high quality, I’ve learned from you, but I think my audience would really like this too.”

So today I’m going to go behind the scenes on how to create an incredible JV offer inside my process. And I am developing my JV offer and partnership with Pete Vargas’ launch in November. So even if you are not part of a huge affiliate launch, any time you want to sell someone else’s product, I would recommend you follow these steps.

So step one, plan a killer bonus. So there are plenty of affiliates out there on planet internet that will just drop links and pray. But the drop and pray method is just a terrible idea. And if you want to add any kind of affiliate or JV marketing as a revenue stream in your business, you really need to create a killer bonus to go with the offer, because that’s the incentive people need to purchase under your link. Otherwise, why not just go through the original creator. So step one is plan a killer bonus offer.

Step two is to know the product that you’re selling so well, that you don’t accidentally create the wrong bonuses. And I see this happen all the time. You have an amazing product you’re affiliating for and then you accidentally offer just more of the same stuff in your bonus. Pete’s Stage To Scale program is going to cover three core concepts, crafting your story, landing a stage, and creating an offer to sell from stage. So that meant that as I sat down as a partner, I have to provide a bonus that doesn’t cover those three things, since they’re already included. So it would make no sense for me to do a crafting your story extra workshop or creating an offer that will sell. None of that stuff I need to provide, because he’s providing it.

So step three, create something brand new that your people don’t have yet. It’s always hilarious to me when amateur affiliates will be like, it’s so easy to become an affiliate because you just don’t have to create anything. But the reality is when you enter a launch like this, you have to create something new because you’re selling to your audience. So it doesn’t really make sense for me to just tack on something that you guys have already purchased in the past, that’s a no go. Because it’s like, oh I already got that. So I don’t get any advantage to buying this product because I already have the bonus. You don’t want customers to have a bad taste in their mouth or be like, I shouldn’t have bought it then because I can buy it now.

So when you agree to a JV partnership launch, you’re agreeing to create something new because you are selling right to your audience, and a lot of your audience is already going to have the products that you already have in your store or shop or whatever.

So step four, plan an affiliate sales page. An affiliate sales page is different than other types of sales pages because you won’t actually be transacting any money. But you do need a way to get customer information, especially for people who are interested. So my favorite model is this, you write a full sales page all about your bonus offer. At the end of the page you tell people that they can get all of it for free when they purchase the affiliate offer. So in my case it’s you’re going to get all this cool stuff for free when you purchase Pete’s Stage To Scale. And then when they click the button at the bottom, it will open up a pop up that will take their name and email and then redirect them to the affiliate offer to my link.

This way I have the contact information of the super hot leads that are opting in, but maybe haven’t purchased. And so I know a lot of people have asked me, “Does your affiliate sales page sell the affiliate offer?” And I always say no, because most of those offers, if you’re affiliating for them, they’re already going to have a great sales page, they’re going to have follow up ads, and all that kind of stuff. And Pete has an amazing launch planned, a sales page, video content, all this kind of stuff. So your affiliate sales page needs to focus on your piece of the offer. And instead of selling his offer, you sell the click. You sell the click to his offer through your bonus offer. With that said, it is always a good idea though, to have a video at the very top that acts as a bridge script.

So what’s a bridge script? Step five is to create a bridge script video, and bridge script emails. So the bridge script video is how you tie you and your offer to the person that you’re affiliating for. So that should go at the top of the sales page. It can be a short story, builds rapport, has a hook, and it connects you to the other seller. And the other way that you can build these sort of bridge scripts are through things like email. Even this podcast episode in a way, is a bridge script. Because if you’re listening to this, you’re hearing me talk about Pete and me and our relationship, so I’m sort of bridging the gap so when you see this launch happen out on social media, you’re not going to be surprised.

If you’re participating in a formal, like open/close cart launch, your email series will warm people up to the JV launch and offer. So you can create a pop up Cacebook group, a messenger list, you can go live on Facebook or Insta stories, you can run ads, but just remember you need to constantly be building those bridges so that they understand, “Oh, she’s affiliated with this person. Why? Why is he so cool? Why is he so awesome? And her offer goes really well with his because….why?” So that’s important.

And then step six, make sure that your offer is irresistible and insane. If it’s a big JV launch, kind of like the one I’m about to do, there’s going to be a lot of people creating incredible bonus offers, you can’t go small, you’ve got to go big. Think about your audience, what they want, what they need and keep in mind they will be purchasing, of course, through your link and will already have a lot of content to consume because they’re buying into their program. So don’t just vomit bonuses, think really strategically. How can you offer a more high touch experience, or delay the start of your bonuses until after they’ve gone through the original course? Make it a no brainer to say yes.

So this launch is going to be big. People like Mike Dillard, Stu McLaren, other big names are participating, so I am going to be bringing in my partner in crime, Cathy Olson, and the Funnel Gorgeous brand promise, and we’re going to be combining into an affiliate offer that is nothing we’ve sold before. And it will include me live in a coaching environment, nothing I’ve done like this in the last two years.

So that leads me to step seven of creating a great JV offer, and that is make sure you have a nice juicy hook. So hopefully that helps. The seven steps again are, step one, plan a killer bonus. Step two, know the product so well you don’t accidentally create the wrong bonuses. Step three, create something brand new that your people don’t have yet. Step four, make sure you plan an affiliate sales page. Step five, create bridge script videos and emails. Step six, make sure your offer is irresistible and insane. And step seven, make sure you have a nice juicy hook.

You might hear more from me on this whole big launch as it starts to unfold. In the meantime, thank you guys for listening, I appreciate you all, hopefully it was helpful, and I’ll talk to you soon.