How to Build a 7-Figure Business with a Tiny List

Oct 9, 2018

The reason I have a 7-figure business with a teeny tiny list boils down to just one thing.

I know it’s not the sexiest part of business, but I wouldn’t be near where I am today without it.

Do you know what it is?

Good customer service.

By offering an amazing customer experience, I not only satisfy the dissatisfied, but create raving lifelong fans.

It’s also how I’m able to have a 7-figure business with a very small list relative to many other businesses of the same size.

In this episode, I dive into what it takes to create a good customer experience that have people coming back time and time again.


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Video Transcript:

Hey, hey everyone, hope you’re doing awesome. Today I want to talk to you about a really unsexy topic. In fact, I’m afraid that if I say what the topic is, you’re just going to bounce off this video and not watch it.

But it’s so important and it’s the reason why I have a seven-figure business with a teeny-tiny list.

I’m going to give you a minute to guess what it is.

Alright, so did you guess what it is? How am I making seven figures with a teeny-tiny list?

I tell people this who have list sizes way huger than mine. They’re just like, “what are you doing?”

It’s called good customer service or I like to say good customer experience.

I know it’s not very sexy, right?

Marketing is sexy.

Sales are sexy.

Making lots of money is sexy, but you know what else is sexy?

When you have a small but dedicated following that buys everything you put out.

So customer service, it is huge. It is what accounts for great testimonials, great results, low refund rates, zero chargebacks.

And if you’re in the info product space, if you’re a coach or consultant, this needs to be your second top priority, after marketing.

I want to tell you a little story. So, back in the summer, we were working on automating my business, and one of the things that I knew I needed as transactions grow, as customers grow, it’s just normal that the refund rate and people are going to ask questions or they’re going to fail on their payment plans.

And so I thought, you know what? I’m going to hire experts in customer service and I’m going to bring them into my business and they’re going to help me.

Well, what a big fat disappointment. They did not have it in the bag. All they were, were glorified payment collectors and they really didn’t understand and I thought maybe I already know.

And so what I did is I took my team and we dug deep into all of the past customer experiences that we had had and we looked at the bad ones.

We looked at the ones where people weren’t happy and we thought, how can we restructure this? How can we create better expectations, better refund policies, and better customer experience?

And I discovered that one of the things that people always forget to do is to remember that when you have a customer that’s unhappy, you have to validate how they feel.

Even if they’re completely wrong, even if they’re completely crazy. Even if they didn’t read instructions or they thought you were going to do some magic and then obviously you didn’t perform.

Validate. Say things like, I totally understand why you feel that way. I completely see how you feel that way. I’m sorry. That sounds so frustrating.

Learn how to validate every single one of your customers because they’re the reason that you’re in business.

Once you validate them, then we saw that if you can offer a solution that shows that you’re taking a good faith step towards them.

Maybe it’s a compromise. Maybe it’s an extension of a membership or a free gift of some kind. Show, some good faith.

That will diffuse 95 percent of any customer service issues you have. So, deliver a good product and learn how to validate an do good faith if you want to get your customers back in the saddle.

I had people who came to me asking for refunds and then after doing this process ended up turning around and buying everything else I sell because they became such raving fans.

It costs money to acquire a customer. It is a lot less expensive to keep that customer than it is to acquire new ones and you can really sell to anyone once, but to sell to someone again and again and again, requires an amazing customer experience.

So I’ll leave you with this. In the olden days, you had, you know people who go out and hunt the food, right? And then they’d have the people who prepare the food.

If you’re naturally as an entrepreneur, you like to hunt, you love the sale. You love marketing, you love all that.

Make sure you’ve hired people in your business who are good at nurturing your community, your customers, your clients, once they come in.

If you’re the opposite, if you’re the kind who loves to nurture, you have great customer experience, but you can’t seem to grow your business, chances are you might need someone who’s out there doing more hunting.

We need both. Both are incredibly, incredibly important.

I know the best conversation happens after the camera stops rolling. So if you have questions about customer experience and customer support and how to lower refunds and to get your customers to buy again and again, leave a comment below and for more videos like this, you can go to I’ll see you next time.

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