Funnel Magic for Sales Funnel Builders

Let’s say you’ve just finished building a sales funnel for a client and it’s time to turn on paid traffic…and then the client says they only have a couple hundred dollars to spend on ads.

The client is asking for some funnel voodoo magic.

This is frustrating because, most likely, it’s going to take more money to truly test a funnel to determine if it’s working or not.

At this point, many clients give up on funnels and claim they don’t work, when maybe they just need a tiny adjustment.

As a funnel builder, if you don’t have the right data, you can’t figure out where the hole in the funnel is and you can’t patch it up.

In this episode, I tackle what it means to successfully test a funnel and how to set expectations with clients who want you to perform some funnel magic.


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Video Transcript:

Hey there, this is Julie. And today, I want to talk to you funnel builders, the people who build funnels for clients. What happens when you build a funnel and the client wants you to perform some funnel Voodoo magic and you’re missing your wand?

So I get this question all the time, and excuse me if I rant a little bit, but here’s the problem.

You build the funnel for a client and then it’s time to turn on ads. I don’t care what kind of ads they are, but then they tell you that they only have a couple hundred dollars.

So, we all know that in order to really assess if a funnel is working correctly if it’s going to do anything, you need to get lots and lots of people into that funnel.

My mentor, Russell Brunson, he likes to see at least a thousand people on step one of a funnel before he can decide if it’s working or not.

So if you’ve built a funnel and you have a client who’s only willing to spend $200 or $300 in ads, guess what’s going to happen? Chances are you’re not going to get enough people into the funnel to even be able to evaluate if it’s working.

If a client puts you in this situation, it can be absolutely maddening. And I have so many students in my mastermind and in my courses that say, “Julie, I don’t know how to optimize the funnel because there’s not enough traffic and my client won’t let me spend any more until they know it’s working.” And you just want to be like, “Gahh!”

This is a classic chicken or the egg scenario. If you are building a funnel, do not build it unless you are willing to spend the money that it takes to get at least a thousand people into it. Now, there are lots of ways to get traffic to a funnel, to be able to assess if it’s good or not. Right?

You can do blogging, you can do Pinterest, you can do Instagram, you can do Facebook ads.

There are methods that don’t require paid traffic. But if you don’t use paid traffic, then you have to hustle. You have to pound the virtual pavement. You have to go and get that funnel in front of at least a thousand people.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Some of you might be like, “Well, can’t you optimize a funnel with just 100 people or 50 people? Why do you need so much traffic before you optimize?”

And that’s because your opinion about whether a funnel works or not doesn’t really matter. The only thing that matters is when people go through the funnel, are they taking out their credit card? Are they purchasing what you sell?

If you don’t have that information, your guess is as good as mine. I can build a thousand funnels, but I can still be wrong about whether a funnel is going to work or not. We need the market to tell us, is this offer good? Is this funnel good? And if you don’t have sales, then there’s no way to know. You are guessing just as much as I might guess.

So, a thousand people on step one of your funnel usually means that you’ve had enough people go through to have accurate statistics, right? Because we know in marketing, maybe one to three percent of people are going to buy, so you need a lot of numbers on the front-end even just to get a small amount of sales on the back-end.

So if you’re in this position and a client will not spend the money and still blame you for not optimizing the funnel, the first problem is that they think that this world has magic. And I hate to break it to you, it does not. But the second problem is actually yours.

And that is I would encourage all of you service providers and funnel builders to make sure your client knows that the very beginning, before they build a funnel, that they have to be willing to roll the dice and play the cards and spend money to get the data they need.

And ultimately that’s what you’re paying for. You’re paying for data. Data that tells you if your offer or funnel works. So no more funnel magic, no more crazy chicken or the egg, hamster in a wheel.

Build your funnel, spend the cash, and then optimize it.

I know the best conversations happen after the camera stops rolling. If you’ve had a client who’s asked you to do funnel magic or maybe you thought funnel magic was a thing, put your comments below. I love to hear what you have to say.

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