Ep. 106 All You Need To Know About A Solid List Growth Strategy

Jan 6, 2022

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Hey everyone, hope you’re doing amazing. Today I want to walk you through exactly what you need for an epic list-building funnel.

So you know that list growth is important. You know that owning email addresses and phone numbers of your prospects is really the only way to hedge against fickle social media and algorithm changes, and you have heard all the list-building strategies, but you know what, you would just love a really clear, comprehensive, what do I need for an epic list-building strategy in 2022. So that’s what I’m going to do today, is go through all of that.

So the first thing that you need is a very, very, very curious, juicy, irresistible, free offer. And the only way that you’re going to come up with one of those is if you understand exactly who your customer is. So I want you to sit down and think about who your customer is, who your ideal customer is, and think about what it is that they really want right now. What is going to get them off their chair and get them moving? And that is the free offer that you’re going to create.

Not all free offers are the same. Typically free offers that require a high level of commitment, like a webinar, a video training, a course are going to be harder to get people to say yes to than things like PDFs, swipe files, digital assets, things that are quick and easy and shortcut like. Now, that doesn’t go across the board. You may design a lead magnet that really needs to be comprehensive and that’s fine, but just think about that when you’re coming up with your lead magnet. And again, curious, juicy, irresistible, knowing who that customer is. So that’s step one, you need to have that.

The second thing you need to do is you need to write a very, very provocative and curious headline. Most landing pages for lead magnets do not need anything more than a headline, a tagline, and a call to action. It’s three sentences. Spend time on those three sentences, and in fact, I would argue that it may even make sense to work on the three sentences first and then build the free offer to match those sentences. That’s how you make sure you get something that’s really, really irresistible.

The third thing you need is a visual representation of the free gift. Now, it’s hard sometimes when you are selling information, it doesn’t feel tangible, but we need some sort of really good looking visual representation of that lead magnet. So you need the juicy, irresistible content itself, you need the three sentences, which are the headline, the tagline and the call to action, and you need the visual representation of it.

Now once you have those three pieces, everything else comes much easier. First you want to actually put those three pieces together on a landing page, and a thank you page. So you want to get that all designed. You want to make sure it’s mobile optimized, and because there’s so little copy, and so little in terms of actual information on the page, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get everything above the scroll. Which means on desktop nobody has to scroll, even ideally on mobile nobody has to scroll. This is how you get people’s attention quickly.

So you’re going to get that funnel done, and you’re going to get that up. Now, when people actually opt in you need to make sure they check their inbox to get the lead magnet. So you don’t want to just deliver the lead magnet on the thank you page, because then people can put junk email addresses in. So you want to on the thank you page, direct people to go to their inbox.

Once in their inbox that email, that first email that has that lead magnet, is incredibly important. Why? Because people are going to open it. It is probably going to be your highest open rate email ever. So you want to spend time thinking about what you want to say there, whether it’s inviting them to a group, or inviting them to follow you on social media, or inviting them to a training. You want to do whatever you can to get as much pertinent information in that email, because that is the email they’re going to open up most.

After that you want a five part welcome series. Now if you’re listening to this and you’re like, “Oh, that’s a lot of work.” Don’t stress, Funnel Gorgeous has actually got one of the easiest welcome sequence templates to write ever. It is a free gift, you can go over to Funnelgorgeous.com and snag that. So you’re going to get that email sequence done, and that’s going to fire everyday or every other day for the first five days after someone opts into your lead magnet. You want to make sure that you’re actually sending them somewhere to take the next step with you, otherwise you just have a freebie seeker.

So those are all the things you need to actually get a great email lead magnet list strategy out the door. Now, once you have it, what do you do next?

What you do next is important because we have different types of marketing channels for getting email addresses. The first one, which is the most common, is social media. And you can put basically a link anywhere on social media, whether it’s Facebook, Tiktok, LinkdIn, Instagram, Twitter. All of those places you want to have a memorable and easy link that you can put on social, and if you have something like Instagram where you want to have a highlight, or a post talking about it, that’s even better. So that’s social media traffic.

The next type of traffic is search traffic. And search traffic means that people are actively searching for content to solve their problems. So depending on what your lead magnet is, you want to think about what would the ideal customer be typing into Google, into Pinterest, into Amazon, that relates to your lead magnet. For most people the easiest way to start getting search traffic is to have something like a blog, where you can look up all the keywords related to what that lead magnet is, of course you can try to get the lead magnet itself ranked, but there’s not a lot of copy on that page. So what’s better to do is to actually write up some blog posts that are keyword rich, and get those on your site with a bunch of visual links and images that ask them to opt in for that content upgrade.

Probably my most famous example of this was, there was a blogger that I knew who was already getting search traffic for a chocolate chip cookie recipe, and I had her make a lead magnet and attach it to that blog post, and she went from very, very slow list growth to just crazy list growth because people were going to this recipe and then opting in for the free lead magnet. So we’re kind of doing it a little bit in reverse.

Another option you could do is create some YouTube videos, you could create some podcast episodes, heck you could even add the link to a free kindle downloadable ebook, if that’s what you’re doing, those are all a little bit more time sensitive, not time sensitive, time intensive. But those are some ways to get search traffic.

The third way, the third bucket is relationship. Now relationship traffic is things like speaking on stage, affiliate promotions, getting PR and media, reaching out to JV partners, things like that. So you want to think about who are the people in your network who would love to be able to promote this. Maybe they just are going to ask you on their stage, or they’re going to ask you on the podcast, and you can then offer it to people. But you want to really target those people who are most likely to click on that link. This is another reason why you want the link to be easy to remember because if you’re on a podcast episode, you want to be able to say something simple like, “Hey, go to Funnelgorgeous.com.” versus “Hey, go to gorgeousfunnels.com/emailleadmagnet.” Right, nobody’s going to remember that, no one’s going to type that in.

The fourth bucket of traffic is paid. And this is where you can see a lot of traction very quickly. You can run Facebook ads, instagram ads, Tiktok ads, Pinterest ads, Google ads, YouTube ads to this lead magnet, and just basically super charge all your efforts. And it is amazing what you can do with one really good lead magnet.

So if we come back to what we were talking about, about how important it is to have that sort of juicy, irresistible lead magnet, once you have it, once its built, there’s really unlimited potential of where this offer can go, and how quickly you can build your list. And then with that email sequence that’s firing in the backend, you can convert between one and five percent of those people into customers.

So that is the strategy, I hope that helps. I hope you have an amazing January and I’ll talk to you soon.

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