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21 Successful Launch Ingredients (A Checklist You Can Use!)

If you’re looking for a checklist you can use – one that will help ensure you have the key ingredients you need for a successful launch – here they are. The first 17 items are necessary. The remaining 4 are not necessary but are super helpful! Cathy and I are using this checklist to build out the Launch Gorgeous program that will be released on Sunday in anticipation of Pete Vargas’s Stage to Scale Launch.

1. An Audience – You need one. It doesn’t have to be big. It can be just 100 people (which doesn’t take long to build), but you need an audience. Which means, you also need…

2. A Platform – Whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, podcasting, email, Instagram, or some combination of those, your platform is where you communicate who you are, what you believe, what you stand for, and the problem you solve.

3. A List – When you put your audience and platform together, you begin to grow your customer list. A list is the primary mechanism you use to sell during a launch, though it’s supported by a social media presence as well.

4. An Offer – One of the reasons Cathy and I put out Offer Cure at such an insane price, is that we know it’s the foundational component to making it in the online space. Rather than wrestle with procrastination and analysis paralysis, we thought, how can we solve this problem once and for all…quickly? A great launch hinges on an irresistible offer.

5. Bonuses – But not just arbitrary ones. There are specific types of bonuses that work well in a launch, released at specific times. You want scarce bonuses (limited in quantity) and urgent bonuses (ones that run out after a certain time).

6. A Plan – I love it when people come to me and say, “I want to launch this next week,” and I’m like…. yeahhhh. Do you have a plan for that? If you don’t prepare the runway, the plane will never leave the airport. Launching is all about preparing the runway. When you do that right, selling is virtually effortless.

7. A ‘MVF’ – I call this a “Minimum Viable Funnel”. A launch doesn’t require you to have some crazy automated funnel. Quite the opposite in fact. Lots of people are relieved when I tell them you simply need a sales page and an order form. That’s it.

8. A Storyline – Launches without the story fall flat and feel awkward. When you have a narrative and storyline you’re following, your prospects can easily understand and follow along with what you’re doing. You have taken the time to carefully curate the right content they need, at the right time, and that reassurance builds trust.

9. Pressure – Ahhhh. One of my favorite marketing tools. Building pressure and anticipation is key. How well you do that determines how fast the sales come in when the cart opens. For the last three people that did this launch, the sales came in SO FAST, they hit their target goal within 24 hours.

10. Expectations – No one thinks they need to protect their mindset in a launch. No, they are focused on ads and funnels and copy and all of the hard tangibles that have to be created. But THIS one right here? Is one of the MOST important ingredients. It’s what makes the difference between feeling momentum and accomplishment, and feeling frantic, anxious, and defeated. You can take the same person, same product, same launch results, and have two entirely different outcomes if you mismanage expectations.

11. A Day By Day Breakdown – You’d be amazed at how many people run out of stuff to say about their product…OR…even more often…they run out of ways to say it. This is why it’s vitally important that you have a day by day breakdown of the hook and idea and theme you’ll be using every day, to tell your story. People respond to different ideas. If you hammer the same message the same way – over and over – people will tune it out.

12. Scarcity + Urgency – These are POWERFUL marketing tools, but they must be used ethically. People need both urgency and scarcity to take action, and you can include it in your launch to combat procrastination!

13. Logical + Emotional Closes – You can always tell what kind of buyer the seller is, because they focus on that way to sell! Ever notice how I tend to use a lot of logic when it comes to selling my products, whereas someone like Russell uses more story and emotion? That’s because the way WE buy – is very different. You need both closes because your audience will be filled with emotional and logical buyers.

14. Fulfillment Plan – When the cart opens, there’s a lot going on. People have questions. Merchant accounts want verification. Payment issues. Refunds. New customers needing to find their stuff. Are you ready when the doors open and your first buyers come in? This is incredibly important because what happens RIGHT after the person buys, helps cement in their head they made a great choice in investing with you.

15. KPI’s – This stands for Key Performance Indicators, and follows along closely with #9 – expectations. When you have KPI’s dialed in, you can actually adjust your strategy IN THE MOMENT, to react to how the buyers are behaving. For example, in the middle of one of my client’s launch, we noticed one KPI – the unique # of people viewing the sales page – was off based on what we’d anticipated. We could calculate based on average views a day, we wouldn’t hit our target. So we came up with an advertising plan that would help boost that number.

16. Accountability – Leave the lone ranger routine for the Wild West movies. Going it alone ensures anxiety, burn out, and reacting to hiccups rather than taking decisive action.

17. Protection – Even with a flawless launch, you will have grouchy customers who want refunds. You’ll want a solid terms and conditions contract and refund policy, as well as sample responses to people who are on the fence about a refund and need a little reassurance from a customer service agent.

There are a few other ingredients that are not necessary, but can enhance a launch. They are…

18. A Live Webinar – A sales presentation where you deliver content and then pitch your offer
19. Paid Ads – These are used both BEFORE the launch (to build a list) and then DURING the launch (to remind people of your offer)
20. JV/Affiliates – If you don’t have a big following but some key relationships, you can create a JV offer where you sell to someone else’s audience
21. Pre-Launch Series/Content – This is an expanded method to building pressure, where you plan to lead with free value in a series of videos or workshops that help people get ready to buy.

Here’s a PDF version of the checklist you can print out and use!

Of course, there are more details inside each one of these pieces, and I’d love to know – if I were to give away some free content that dives deeper into one of them, which one would you like to know more about?

Ep. 58 I Hired My First Personal Assistant!

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Full Transcript:

Today I am super excited, I want to take you a little bit behind the scenes in my personal life. I just made a new hire. And it was so funny, because I just did this sort of with me and Alex discussing it, didn’t really talk about it much, and then I went live in my, or I actually just posted in my mastermind group that I hired a house manager, personal assistant, and my group went crazy and they were like, “We want to know all about this.”

And I was like, “Huh, alright well, I’ll tell you.” So I’m going to tell you all about what led me to hiring this position, what I did, all that good stuff.

So first of all, I can’t take any credit for any of this information, it is all information I borrowed from other people. So two people I want to give a shout out to, the first person is Stacy Martino. Stacy Martino, and her husband Paul Martino, they run relationshipdevelopment.org, they help keep families together and build relationships. And they are the ones that first introduced me to this concept of a house manager, and also gave me a lot of the original wording that I needed when I was looking for this position. Second people I want to give a shout out to are James Friell and Yada Golden, they are my dearest friends, and James is a business partner, and they hired a house manager and told me all about the marvels of this wonderful thing called, having help.

Even though Alex and I have had nannies for the past two years, we had a nanny, her name was Rosie, and then we had another nanny, and her name was Bailey. Both of them lasted about a year, this time we were going to do things a little bit differently. We knew that we needed someone who would be willing to do childcare, but ultimately the thing that I need most is to not be a hot mess. And it’s funny because in business I am not a hot mess. In business I really, I keep it together pretty well. I have a great team, I have an amazing assistant, Emily, and she’s more than just an assistant, she really runs so much in my business. I have, like I said, an amazing team.

But I have it all together, but pretty much in every other area of my life I’m a hot mess. If you guys were ever to come to my house and look at my closet, you would laugh hysterically. If you saw how exhausted I was at the end of the day, or the way my kids leave the house, or anything like that, you’d be like, “Well, clearly the way she does one thing is not the way she does everything.”

It’s funny, I see people say that all the time, “Oh how you do one thing is how you do everything.” And I was like, pretty sure that’s not true, because I am a hot mess in my closet with my clothes, but I am pretty damn organized in business. Anyway, this is a rabbit trail. But the point is when we went, we decided, “Okay, do we need to hire someone?” and at first, when the fall came and the kids went back to school, and William’s getting older, he’s in school 5 days a week now, part of us were like, “I don’t know if we need someone. We kind of got into a rhythm.”

And this is an important lesson right here if you’re a business owner. When things are calm, you sometimes don’t feel like you need to hire. You don’t need an extra team member. And maybe you don’t, maybe you can live without it. I know Alex and I certainly could have lived without it. But the problem is you’re not taking into account opportunity costs when you do that. Because yes, things are calm, yes, you’re able to handle. What we do is we wait usually until there’s a crisis. A crisis in business, a crisis in life, and we are being squeezed really hard and then we’re like, “Okay, I need to do something.” And typically, it’s urgent at that point. It’s urgent and that causes us to make mistakes, because we’re just trying to put out the fire instead of being forward thinking.

So the instinct this fall for Alex and I was to sort of be like, “I don’t know if we really need this?” and that would have been short sighted because number one, we know there are going to be stressful moments in the next year, and those stressful moments have taken a toll on our marriage from time to time, and that’s an understatement. And also, I’m not counting the opportunity costs of what’s going to happen if I buy my bandwidth back. So instead of stressing about the fact that the kids don’t have winter gear, or what am I going to wear on my photo shoot next Saturday, I now have someone who’s going to help me do all those things, which allows me more time to talk to you, to create courses, to build content, to be visible. That is opportunity costs.

So even though you may feel like everything is just kind of going along, you’re not considering the future potential of what would happen if you were to hire. So I hired a house manager, personal assistant. I decided to go that angle versus just a nanny because ultimately, if I could get my time back then I would want to spend more time with my kids, not less. So that’s where I said, “Okay, let’s do the personal assistant.”

So here’s what we did. We posted on Care.com, but I know that other people post on other places like Craigslist and Deed, there are agencies out there that will do it as well. And we created a job description that basically said, “You need to be very organized, you need to like cats, you must love kids because there will be a lot of them and they will be around, and supporting two parents as they run this very busy household.” So the job description includes, child care, meal prep, laundry, household, and then a lot of personal stuff. Things like helping book travel, helping pack and unpack, watching the house when we go away, making appointments, managing calendar, managing inbox.

And we decided to go ahead and hire full time, it’s pretty expensive, because you want someone who is committed to your family. And that means you don’t want them having a million other part time jobs, or not feeling like they get paid well, and all that kind of stuff. So we went ahead and said, “Alright, we are going to pay well, and we are going to pay full time, and that way we will find someone who really wants to make this their thing.”

So ultimately, I thought to myself, well if I don’t need it now, when will I need it? You know what I mean? When is the right time to invest in my sanity? And I’m pretty sure it’s worth it when you have 3 teenagers and a toddler, well, preschooler. So we went ahead and did that.

One of the things that I learned directly from Stacy was that if you are going to go on a site like Care.com to look for a house manager, nanny, personal assistant, etc, etc, it’s really important that you create a little bit of a barrier because you’ll just get inundated with requests, especially if you pay for like a prime listing. And if you do that, you’ll get 10 to 20 people a day interested in your private message inbox. So we just responded to everyone with the same email, or the same message back. We said, “Awesome, we’re looking forward to getting to know you, and having an interview. Before we do that, we’d like you to just do this one thing, it’ll just take 10 minutes.” We asked them to send us three pictures of various meals or organization or projects they did. We also asked them to email us sort of a description of how their friends would explain their personality, and that sort of thing.

So we did all of that, and what do you know, I would say 85% of the people who inquired about the position never sent us an email. And that’s very, very telling, because if somebody is not willing to send an email, not willing to take a few pictures, and write a little description about themselves, then they are not a good a fit. So we ended up whittling down probably 40 or 50 applications to about 5 interviews. So that was easy. And maybe there’ll be another podcast episode on this. I had someone ask me, “How did you know that the 5th interview was the right one?” I had done 4 other interviews, and it was more about figuring out who is not the right fit.

And there were 4 interviews that I had, and it’s like almost process of elimination, because I didn’t want to hear about someone who was unsure about whether they were committed for the long haul. Because I just don’t want a revolving door of people in my family. I didn’t want someone who wasn’t able to make eye contact with me, who wasn’t able to explain or articulate themselves or their feelings very well. So it was a process of elimination asking myself, if this person were to be around my kids 8 hours a day, even though I’m not hiring as a nanny, would this person make my child better, or keep them the same? Obviously you’d never, ever hire someone who’d make your child worse, but typically you’re not looking at people like that, you’re looking at people who would make your child be the same, keep your child the same, or better.

So when I got to the 5th interview, I had a gut reaction that said, “Yes.” This person cares, I was impressed with her email, with her photos, she was articulate, she was kind, she made eye contact, she definitely had an air of like wanting to do a really good job, that was also very obvious, and I asked her questions about her past, her life, her kids, all that kind of stuff, and that’s not a very official way to make a decision, but ultimately I went with my gut.

So that’s what I did, and I encourage any of you guys, business or personal, if you feel like, “Oh I don’t need to hire yet. Everything’s good.” Maybe it is, but I would encourage you to think about the opportunity costs and the pain involved of getting to that point of squeeze and having to make a rash decision, and how painful that one can be.

So I hope that’s helpful guys, talk to you soon.

Inside A $2000 Course That Sold 423 Units In 7 Days….

Quite the headline huh? Did you do the math in your head or with a calculator?

I’ll help… it’s around $846,000.00.*

Sometimes I don’t like using crazy headlines like this because to most people it feels outrageous, unattainable, or crazy. This is why I also take the time to spell out the beginner testimonies and case studies too…so you can see the progression.

But in the case of Larry, this WAS his first launch.

I know, even more nuts.

Larry joined Digital Insiders about three months ago.

He came to the group with the intention to monetize his Amazon skills into a course. Larry was very accomplished in the Amazon space, and had built a loyal following on Instagram, who watched him grow his business over the years.

But…he’d never monetized it, and didn’t want to mess around making mistakes or going it on his own. He joined my mastermind for strategy, tactics, and support.

I (and the other coaches) worked with Larry over Voxer, explaining how I would lay out the campaign strategy, the plan for the launch, the pricing, the sales copy, the emails, etc. He was in many ways, the perfect student.

He took action. He hired specialized people when he knew it wasn’t his skill set. He did the work and followed the plan for the launch.

And the Voxer messages I got an hour after the cart opened, were hilarious.

He’d sold over 100 units in just a few hours and couldn’t believe it.

It was so intense because sales came in so fast.

Now, it’s only fair to mention that Larry had one very important piece in place before he did all of this. He had a following.

His results are stunning, but what about if you don’t have a following when you build and launch something new?

There is good news… I have plenty of examples of other people (like Kristin + Julia) – that started with no following – and grew a small audience (to just a few hundred people) and launched their first offer profitably (between $8000 – $25,000).

And then of course, I have other examples of people who’ve sold their products for a long time (people like Esther), and decided to do a live launch – breaking the incredible milestone of the six figure launch.

I’ll be sharing more of those stories soon.

But whether you’re trying to:

  • Crack $10,000 earned with a new course or membership
  • Bust through the six-figure launch milestone
  • Do something incredible like eeking out a near million dollar launch

All of these people have one thing in common — they launched.

Launching is stressful and intense, but also SO MUCH fun!

It is the #1 way I recommend you sell if you need to:

  • Validate an offer
  • Get a burst of revenue
  • Sell something BEFORE you create it
  • Sell something without a webinar
  • Sell something without a fully built out funnel

For the last week or so, I’ve been talking to you all about Pete’s Stage to Scale Workshop Series, and over 1000 of you have opted into the workshop!
(By the way, opting in is TYING you to my affiliate ID so if you buy, you get the incredible thing I’m about to mention….and also it’s keeping me in the top ten leads contest for # of people opting in – I’m a few paces behind Michael Hyatt)

This upcoming Sunday night, Pete will do a webinar which kicks off the launch of his Stage to Scale program (you can register here as he promises to not just sell, but deliver incredible value as well).

So what does LAUNCHING and stages have to do with one another?

Great question.

When you sell from stage, you create a real life environment of a launch. There’s pressure, buzz, social proof, urgency, rapport, all of it. And Stage to Scale will teach you all about how to get on the stage, create your signature talk, and build an offer you can sell from stage.

But when you’re off the stage, in the day to day of your business, how can you create a launch campaign to catapult your business forward just like speaking from stage might?

A campaign strategy similar to what I’ve been teaching inside my mastermind for the last year?

That’s what I’m working on behind the scenes this week. The insane-no-one-else-is-doing-this bonus offer for anyone who purchases Stage to Scale when the cart opens on November 4th.

I’ve brought in Cathy (from Funnel Gorgeous) and she and I are bringing you a 12 week live training program (starting AFTER Stage to Scale finishes so you don’t get overwhelmed) that walks you step by step through your launch, with all the strategy and tactics and shortcuts you need to get it out there. It’s going to kick off 2020 with incredible momentum and clarity and purpose!

It’s something we’ve never done before, it’s a program that would normally only be available to my high end mastermind students, and we’re going to bring the Funnel Gorgeous flair to it all by providing you with design shortcuts that make launching a breeze.

Now, I know people are going to have all kinds of questions about this, because we’re essentially building a $3000 program that we’ll be giving away FOR FREE as a bonus to the Stage to Scale program… so I want to be ready with your questions.

Here’s the truth – next week, I’m in Hartford all week with my Digital Insiders. 57 people are flying in from around the world to spend a week brainstorming, strategizing, and masterminding.

This is in part why I’m dishing more details about this launch ahead of time than some of the other affiliates… because I have limited time DURING the actual launch to be all over social media and promote and answer questions!

I need to know as far as possible in advance, a few things. If you could comment below the answer to these questions – that would be FANTABULOUS.

  1. What is the #1 thing you’d HAVE to have in this upcoming bonus launch coaching program from Cathy and I, that would seal the deal and be like YES. I’m in! Sign me up for Stage to Scale!
  2. What reason would you give if we were sitting over coffee and I asked you, “So why haven’t you pursued speaking as a part of your business yet?”

Just post in the comments below!

I’m cataloging all the responses because I want to make sure all of them are answered prior to launch day, which is November 4th. I’ve already got one question that I plan to answer later this week:

“If you were to look over the last 25 launches you’ve done (yourself or with a client), what are the ingredients that help you determine if it’s going to be successful?”

In the meantime, make sure you’re following Pete’s free workshop series as the next video drops tomorrow, and is all about creating revenue from the stage!

*That’s anticipated revenue remember. There are pay plans, refunds, etc. so actual collected is less than that amount. In marketing, we call it STOMPER math. It’s fun math to use as long as you know that most course launches have a 10% refund/drop off rate which is normal.

Ep. 57. 7 Steps To Building An Amazing JV Offer!

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Full Transcript:

so I want to talk today about creating awesome JV offers. So this is a topic that is top of mind for me right now because I am getting ready to participate in a really big launch. In fact, I haven’t done an affiliate launch since 2017, the great Expert Secrets debacle, when I was an affiliate for Russell Brunson’s book.

I entered a contest definitely a little scarred for life on that. Just kidding, it was awesome. It was also incredibly stressful, but I learned a lot.

So I haven’t done a lot of affiliate launches since then, but I met this amazing business owner and entrepreneur and friend in Kenya last summer actually. His name is Pete Vargas, I had been sort of creeping around his profile and his funnels and things because I knew that he was the guy that you go to when you want to learn how to get on stage.

And this is something that was really top of mind, in fact, in 2018 somewhere at the beginning of 2018 I decided that I really wanted to speak onstage more. So I spoke this into the universe and then proceeded to start positioning myself and learning about it, and so Pete Vargas was top of mind. Anyway, I met him in person, became really good friends with him. It’s amazing how fast you bond when you’re on a safari being chased by a lion. And it was awesome.

So he asked me a couple of months ago, he said, “You know, I’m about to do my big launch Stage To Scale, and I would love for you to be a JV.” I was like, “Absolutely. Not only do I like you, not only do I like your stuff, not only do I think you deliver high quality, I’ve learned from you, but I think my audience would really like this too.”

So today I’m going to go behind the scenes on how to create an incredible JV offer inside my process. And I am developing my JV offer and partnership with Pete Vargas’ launch in November. So even if you are not part of a huge affiliate launch, any time you want to sell someone else’s product, I would recommend you follow these steps.

So step one, plan a killer bonus. So there are plenty of affiliates out there on planet internet that will just drop links and pray. But the drop and pray method is just a terrible idea. And if you want to add any kind of affiliate or JV marketing as a revenue stream in your business, you really need to create a killer bonus to go with the offer, because that’s the incentive people need to purchase under your link. Otherwise, why not just go through the original creator. So step one is plan a killer bonus offer.

Step two is to know the product that you’re selling so well, that you don’t accidentally create the wrong bonuses. And I see this happen all the time. You have an amazing product you’re affiliating for and then you accidentally offer just more of the same stuff in your bonus. Pete’s Stage To Scale program is going to cover three core concepts, crafting your story, landing a stage, and creating an offer to sell from stage. So that meant that as I sat down as a partner, I have to provide a bonus that doesn’t cover those three things, since they’re already included. So it would make no sense for me to do a crafting your story extra workshop or creating an offer that will sell. None of that stuff I need to provide, because he’s providing it.

So step three, create something brand new that your people don’t have yet. It’s always hilarious to me when amateur affiliates will be like, it’s so easy to become an affiliate because you just don’t have to create anything. But the reality is when you enter a launch like this, you have to create something new because you’re selling to your audience. So it doesn’t really make sense for me to just tack on something that you guys have already purchased in the past, that’s a no go. Because it’s like, oh I already got that. So I don’t get any advantage to buying this product because I already have the bonus. You don’t want customers to have a bad taste in their mouth or be like, I shouldn’t have bought it then because I can buy it now.

So when you agree to a JV partnership launch, you’re agreeing to create something new because you are selling right to your audience, and a lot of your audience is already going to have the products that you already have in your store or shop or whatever.

So step four, plan an affiliate sales page. An affiliate sales page is different than other types of sales pages because you won’t actually be transacting any money. But you do need a way to get customer information, especially for people who are interested. So my favorite model is this, you write a full sales page all about your bonus offer. At the end of the page you tell people that they can get all of it for free when they purchase the affiliate offer. So in my case it’s you’re going to get all this cool stuff for free when you purchase Pete’s Stage To Scale. And then when they click the button at the bottom, it will open up a pop up that will take their name and email and then redirect them to the affiliate offer to my link.

This way I have the contact information of the super hot leads that are opting in, but maybe haven’t purchased. And so I know a lot of people have asked me, “Does your affiliate sales page sell the affiliate offer?” And I always say no, because most of those offers, if you’re affiliating for them, they’re already going to have a great sales page, they’re going to have follow up ads, and all that kind of stuff. And Pete has an amazing launch planned, a sales page, video content, all this kind of stuff. So your affiliate sales page needs to focus on your piece of the offer. And instead of selling his offer, you sell the click. You sell the click to his offer through your bonus offer. With that said, it is always a good idea though, to have a video at the very top that acts as a bridge script.

So what’s a bridge script? Step five is to create a bridge script video, and bridge script emails. So the bridge script video is how you tie you and your offer to the person that you’re affiliating for. So that should go at the top of the sales page. It can be a short story, builds rapport, has a hook, and it connects you to the other seller. And the other way that you can build these sort of bridge scripts are through things like email. Even this podcast episode in a way, is a bridge script. Because if you’re listening to this, you’re hearing me talk about Pete and me and our relationship, so I’m sort of bridging the gap so when you see this launch happen out on social media, you’re not going to be surprised.

If you’re participating in a formal, like open/close cart launch, your email series will warm people up to the JV launch and offer. So you can create a pop up Cacebook group, a messenger list, you can go live on Facebook or Insta stories, you can run ads, but just remember you need to constantly be building those bridges so that they understand, “Oh, she’s affiliated with this person. Why? Why is he so cool? Why is he so awesome? And her offer goes really well with his because….why?” So that’s important.

And then step six, make sure that your offer is irresistible and insane. If it’s a big JV launch, kind of like the one I’m about to do, there’s going to be a lot of people creating incredible bonus offers, you can’t go small, you’ve got to go big. Think about your audience, what they want, what they need and keep in mind they will be purchasing, of course, through your link and will already have a lot of content to consume because they’re buying into their program. So don’t just vomit bonuses, think really strategically. How can you offer a more high touch experience, or delay the start of your bonuses until after they’ve gone through the original course? Make it a no brainer to say yes.

So this launch is going to be big. People like Mike Dillard, Stu McLaren, other big names are participating, so I am going to be bringing in my partner in crime, Cathy Olson, and the Funnel Gorgeous brand promise, and we’re going to be combining into an affiliate offer that is nothing we’ve sold before. And it will include me live in a coaching environment, nothing I’ve done like this in the last two years.

So that leads me to step seven of creating a great JV offer, and that is make sure you have a nice juicy hook. So hopefully that helps. The seven steps again are, step one, plan a killer bonus. Step two, know the product so well you don’t accidentally create the wrong bonuses. Step three, create something brand new that your people don’t have yet. Step four, make sure you plan an affiliate sales page. Step five, create bridge script videos and emails. Step six, make sure your offer is irresistible and insane. And step seven, make sure you have a nice juicy hook.

You might hear more from me on this whole big launch as it starts to unfold. In the meantime, thank you guys for listening, I appreciate you all, hopefully it was helpful, and I’ll talk to you soon.

Why Donald Trump Should Be Impeached (But Probably Won’t Be)….

Can I Ask You A Question?

Whenever someone reacts violently, angrily, or with rash behavior and words, we usually send funny memes with the word “triggered”. It is a psychological phenomenon that the person with the most to lose, or the most to hide, will often be the one over compensating the most.

“WHO FARTED?!” is usually asked by the person who actually did it.

People who are liars and cheaters? They are usually the ones accusing others of lying and cheating.

Why does this happen?

The simple answer is because it’s in THEIR nature to do it, so they assume it’s in everyone’s nature to do it as well.

I don’t usually write about politics on this blog, but what I’m witnessing in this country is so divisive, so extreme, so outrageous, I’ve determined it’s urgent enough to interrupt my marketing speak to write down some fundamental truths and facts about the political climate in this country.

First, let’s begin with VERIFIABLE UN-EDITORIALIZED facts about the current impeachment inquiry on our president Donald Trump. I’ve done my best to write down facts without any opinions laced in.

  • Donald Trump had a conversation with President Zelensky of Ukraine, and asked him (several times) for a favor. That favor included investigating corruption – the specific two incidences he cared about were Burisma and the 2016 election interference conspiracy. Both of these had personal ties to Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.
  • Donald Trump enlisted help from his private attorney Rudy Giuliani.
  • Military aid was withheld for several months after passing in Congress. There were a lot of questions about why the aid was held up in a delay.
  • A meeting at the White House with Zelensky and Trump was also delayed.
  • There are transcripts of texts that strongly suggest these two events (the delay of aid and a meeting) were linked to Trump’s interest in asking Zelensky for a favor, which included in part, a public statement from Ukraine about their commitment to investigate Burisma and the 2016 election.
  • The Democrats opened an Impeachment inquiry upon hearing about this from a Whistleblower.
  • The hearings are happening in a secure room behind closed doors.
  • Republicans stormed the secure room with their cell phones to stop the inquiry. They did this one day after William Taylor (hired and a part of Trump’s team) testified that there was a quid pro quo with Trump and the Ukraine relationship.
  • Any Republican that is already on the committees holding the hearings were ALREADY allowed in the hearing, be it without their devices. There would be no need to storm in with their device as long as they were on the committee to begin with.
  • The house doesn’t need to have a vote to conduct an impeachment hearing.
  • The Benghazi investigation was a closed inquiry. So was Bill Clinton’s impeachment inquiry. Many Republicans are quoted as supporting these closed hearings.
  • When and if an impeachment inquiry gets a vote and moves to the Senate, it’s at that point that it turns more into a trial – since the Senate acts as jurors. Until that point, it doesn’t act as a trial.
  • William Taylor provided a testimony to the committee that Trump was running a shadow policy team in an attempt to withhold aid and a meeting until Ukraine complied with demands to publicly announce investigation into Burisma and the 2016 election conspiracy. He delivered a 15 page opening statement that squarely suggests a quid pro quo and abuse of power from Trump.
  • Donald Trump is regularly tweeting about all of this, using words like Lynching, Civil War, Human Scum, and more.

There are more facts – hundreds more – but those are the highlights.

Now…here comes the editorial.

I have voraciously read the reports from every news outlet I can get my hands on – both right and left leaning. That means I read and watch Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, as well as sites like New York Times, the Associated Press, NPR, and others.

I have also printed out EVERY SINGLE letter, transcript, and hearing document and read them all.

Why have I done this? Simply for this one reason:

The amount of gaslighting, projection, and deflection happening (depending on whether you ask a Republican or Democrat) is so extensive, it feels like you are in a house of mirrors. Like you’re going nuts.

It feels like there are two sides, dealing with two sets of facts. You hear one thing, and then nearly the exact opposite. And God forbid you try to stay on one story – there’s an unending number of rabbit trails and distractions to keep you ever on the hunt for the truth.

In order to get ANY kind of clarity, I had to go RIGHT to the source of the facts. I had to read them for myself, and use my own judgment and discernment as I researched law, rules, precedents, and more.

I don’t know why I’m so fascinated by it all. I think because my psychology background cannot believe what level of gaslighting and projection has befallen our government and our media.

I am looking for the truth. I am regularly going against my own confirmation bias to see if the side I naturally and intuitively disagree with, might just have a point.

I know that the majority of Americans are not doing nearly the same level of investigation or research. They are just listening to random news clips, sound bites, tweets, facebook posts, ads, and whatever else just lands in front of them.

This makes me sad. It makes me sad because I know that anyone (Republican or Democrat) will just listen to that which confirms their bias. And that’s exactly the kind of sleeper behavior that allows gaslighting and projection to continue.

So now, I come to my opinion. My conclusions based on all of this research. The hours I spend reading and listening and watching (just ask Alex who’s lost his Netflix evening partner for the last several weeks).

If you trust my research, trust my intelligence, trust my character, maybe you’ll trust my opinion. Maybe not. It doesn’t matter to me either way. But here it is… (I am a Never-Trumper Moderate Republican by the way)

Aside from politics and policy, Donald Trump’s character is corrupt.

He’s a shrewd businessman, with a long history of unethical dealings. He entered as president, unaware that the presidency is not like running a business. To that end, he’s carried many of his tactics right into the White House, and with his new unmatched power, and incredible amounts of attention from the media who can’t stop reporting his antics, his character is now simply amplified.

He’s amplified name calling. Amplified lying. Amplified gaslighting. Amplified projection. Amplified double speak. Amplified intimidation. Amplified attention getting behavior.

And he’s got a scared, intimidated, psychologically mindf*cked Republican party that’s trying to save itself (and their reputations) by falling down party lines and defending him.

But not all are.

Slowly, quietly, with as little ripple as possible, some are distancing themselves.

You also have SUPER honest (clearly not very politically minded) bureaucrats like Bill Taylor who just take copious notes and tell it all without fearing the consequences or fallout from Trump.

I believe that the escalation of distracting behavior and political stunts from Trump and his closest allies is a desperate attempt to hide the truth – that Donald Trump is abusing his power in office and running the presidency like he does his shady business dealings.

It doesn’t mean that he hasn’t done good things economically for the country.

That’s like me committing a crime and claiming, “But look at how many people I helped in my business!” A right doesn’t overturn a wrong. They are mutually exclusive events.

I spent nearly a year of my life in a psychologically abusive relationship. I went through therapy for a long time to learn the tactics of a narcissist. I could go into great depth about the art and science of gaslighting, and how it’s playing out RIGHT now on a NATIONAL level.

I don’t know if his crimes are impeachable. I haven’t done enough research yet to know that his wrongs are worthy of impeachment, and I tell myself that if it’s not impeachable, the WORST case scenario is we endure this for five more years and then he’s gone.

That’s not very reassuring to me, but I have made my peace with that possibility.

What I do know – I KNOW in my gut and in my heart and in my brain – is that our president displays a corrupt character.

He is a corrupt character and it would be foolish to expect that a corrupt character wouldn’t become MORE corrupt when given a 24 hour news cycle, crazy loyal fans and millions of followers on Twitter, and incredible amounts of power.

And I know that corrupt humans can also do good things. No one person is ALL bad or ALL good. No one. Those good things don’t excuse the bad, no matter how much they may try to say otherwise.

You must take personal responsibility for your behavior in a given situation, irregardless of other “stocked up” good deeds.

Whenever you see an escalation of psychological mind games, where ever you see rising chaos, unrest, division, and confusion – you can reasonably conclude that corruption is at work.

Side note — Did you know that I wrote a blog post (it’s since been deleted) about a year before the election? And in that blog post, I said that the media would (in part) be to blame for Trump becoming president because they refused to ignore his antics? I did. I wrote the whole long thing – it got tons and tons of reads. I deleted it (and the whole blog) one day when I was feeling unusually insecure about my opinions. I knew he’d become president the minute I saw the way he controlled the news cycle like an evil master of ceremonies.

I was correct. And I believe I am correct now.

I do not think that Trump will actually be impeached, even though he is corrupt. I think he’s created such a crazy climate of confusion and gaslighting, that he’s secured his position as President because he’s gained too much control and power over those who are supposed to be his checks and balances.

I hope I’m wrong.

But if I’m not, remember this time in our history. This season of confusion and frenzy. It’s impossible to plant an apple seed and get a peach tree. And it’s impossible to put a corrupt man in incredible power and expect that he won’t produce more of what he is….


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