Where To Get Accurate Information About COVID-19 Coronavirus

I’m disgusted with BOTH the news media and our government’s attempt to educate the public about COVID-19. So instead of bitching about on social media, I’m going to do something about it by telling you where I’m getting my information. Take what you will!

I think most everyone will agree…

  • The news media has an agenda.
  • So does our president and the leaders who serve him.

It’s an election year and so both sides are quick to politicize this outbreak. Not only that, but our President has anchored his entire presidency to economic policy and the stock market, so delivering bad news will certainly continue to spook the markets. This is why we’re seeing these incredible press conferences filled with self-adulation, puffery, gaslighting, and very little ACTUAL information.

It would stand to reason that the only logical solution in this instance is to follow the advice of those who have expertise in infectious disease and public health crises like worldwide pandemics.

This means I’m following epidemiologists and other science backed accounts to read the facts and the analysis around the numbers.

If it’s a politician, a government official, or a major news media spokesperson, you can be sure there’s a spin somewhere.

And if you’re getting your information from conspiracy theorists or friends and family who might be falling down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theory, you might find yourself more panicked than you need to be… or too relaxed than you should be.

Today is Sunday March 1st, and in the United States, we’ve just recorded our first death.

Many epidemiologists are on record as saying that because of the lack of testing, many more deaths have probably been mislabeled as viral pneumonia or other flu-related deaths. We haven’t had the testing capability or the government’s permission to test until late last week.

That actually might feel a bit like a relief. After all, it means that the majority of people go on to be just fine. If the virus is here and the world hasn’t ended, then it’s not really a bit deal.

However, this isn’t just about an individual experience with a virus. This isn’t about how hard to panic (we shouldn’t by the way). It’s about our economic and health system bearing the weight of a brand new virus that will – if spread as far as they suspect – will cause enormous strain on our society.

What I’m going to do is curate a bit of information I’ve found — hopefully it will help you the way it did me!

>> Make sure you actually click on these tweets and read the whole thread. The author is tweeting replies to his/herself in order to give out more info! <<

This is a great (albeit) nerdy explanation as to why 1 death in Washington State actually suggests that we have hundreds of people infected that aren’t currently labeled as COVID-19.

If you’re wondering how to respond, how to track it, what level of awareness you should have, I loved these recommendations…

If you’re interested in understanding how scientists view this crisis, and why giving the system “slack” is so important, this was incredibly helpful!

In answer to the question, “Why is speed so important?”

Why this isn’t just about any one individual, but about doing our civic duty to stay informed and protect the frail around us…

Why the press and news relying on today’s numbers is so flawed…

If you have resources (scientifically backed – not government backed), would love you put them in the comments!