Sales Funnels 101

If you’ve heard the term “Sales Funnel” and still don’t *really* get what it is, you’re in luck. This is what I do best. Explain things in a way everyone can understand!

A sales funnel is simply a path, a yellow brick road if you will, as you lead someone down a path to:

  • discover who you are
  • buying from you
  • becoming a loyal fan

Take a look at this episode to get the entire lowdown on what exactly a sales funnel is in less than 5 minutes.

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Video Transcript:


Hey you, Julie here, today I want to talk to you about what a sales funnel actually is.

It’s a path think of it as the yellow brick road. The yellow brick road for people who have no idea who you are the journey to discovering buying from you and then becoming a loyal fan.

In its most basic form, a sales funnel is a series of web pages, emails, texts, messenger BOTS, basically lines of communication.

In the olden days, a sales funnel would be something as simple as an ad in a newspaper leading to a phone number which would lead to a call which would lead to you going into that store or shop.

So with the new way we, use web pages emails and texts to communicate all the deals and offers that we want to give our customers.

So let me take you step by step through a really simple sales funnel.

A sales funnel begins with an advertisement of some kind. Now, this doesn’t have to be a paid ad, it could be something on the radio are a podcast where they hear somebody’s voice. Maybe it’s a video or something that they’ve seen on social media, or maybe they’ve done a Google

search and your blog pops up. So it’s something that interrupts what they’re doing either they are going out looking for it or it comes to them.

So advertisements you know interrupt what we’re doing, whereas googling or searching is actively looking for the information. And what do we find bait.

Bait is usually something free, whether it’s a course, a guide, a sample of some sort. And it’s on a web page where all we have to do is give our name and email address in order to get that free gift. That is the entry point to a funnel. And that’s really just a web page.

Now once we put our email address in, the next part of the funnel kicks in. And this is usually email emails start to fire off that give people an introduction to who we are and what we sell.

Now in the more complicated funnels, when they put their email address in, they go to another web page this time they’re offered something low-cost or introductory. And the good sales funnels work really well where the products kind of interlock with each other so it makes natural sense.

Here’s a pair of shoes. Now get a pair of shoelaces. Now get some socks. So those are the good funnels. So you can continue to offer page after page where they click and they click and they click and they continue to buy more and more products.

Now, most people don’t do what we want them to do so the emails act as guardrails. They bring people who have fallen off of your funnel, out of your web pages, off the yellow brick road and they bring them back to remind them of the things that you offer.

Emails also act as a way to build trust and authority because usually if you’ve been interrupted by an ad and you have enough curiosity to click, you sometimes don’t have enough trust yet to buy. And so that’s what the emails do.

And in recent days, things like messenger bots and text messages are another way to reach people.

Some people have inboxes that are so crowded that they don’t open their emails so we’re using new methods to always reach our customers and to remind them that we exist and that we can serve them.

So a sales funnel is literally just an online version of the yellow brick road consisting of web pages, emails, and texts and we use copy or we use video to communicate our message and get our customers to buy.