My Yearly PSA To Business Owners Making $100k A Year… Don’t Miss This!

I will never forget the year I went from making $50k to $325k in business.

It sounds exciting right? But I ended up spending three nights with zero sleep, trying to wrangle my books at the end of the year because I hadn’t been keeping careful track. Most young business owners don’t want to spend their hard earned money on something as boring and unsexy as bookkeeping, even though it’s probably the single most important thing you can do in your business!

It was after that disaster in my life that I finally hired a bookkeeper, and she is still with me today.

After several frantic voxers from clients feeling the pressure of reconciling their books at the end of the year, I decided to reach out to Emily and ask her if she could help people who are making less than $100k a year, get their books in order even if they’ve not done ANY bookkeeping this year at all.

She said yes. She’s offering it as a free bonus (along with a few calculators and other goodies) to anyone who is enrolled in her Automatic Bookkeeping Course* before December 22nd. She will be holding a live workshop to do a year’s worth of books in one simple sitting, and that’s FREE to any of her students.

Consider this my Christmas PSA to all my newbie business owners who don’t want to spend the holidays wrestling with janky spreadsheets! If you’re making more than $100k a year and want to just hire her, go to





* Definitely an affiliate link but seeing as I’ve paid her now thousands and thousands of dollars to help me, you can bet your bottom dollar I would promote her even without one!