Inside The Spreadsheet That Took Funnel Gorgeous To $1M In Sales

May 7, 2020

I admit it. I am obsessed with spreadsheets.

Not the complicated kind…no, those scare me just as much as the next person.

But give me a spreadsheet with some simple formulas, a few drop-downs, some conditional formatting…make that sucker useful and I’ll use that spreadsheet every day.

A lot of you have some of my spreadsheets…

Funnel Gorgeous uses them in Offer CureFunnel RxLaunch Gorgeous, and Ad Gorgeous, and I’m at the point now that whenever I’m hashing out a new idea or plan, I’ll open up a spreadsheet faster than a doc or presentation.

That’s exactly what I did last April (2019) when Cathy and I sat down to do our Funnel Gorgeous planning. I built a simple spreadsheet that we filled out, and from that ONE simple spreadsheet, we continued to work off that document until just yesterday.

It took us one year to build most of the things we had on that sheet, and more importantly than that – it kept us from doing things that looked shiny, but weren’t a part of the bigger plan. The question isn’t if something is going to come along to distract you, but when.

A good spreadsheet for strategic planning will give you a quick snapshot of everything that’s going on, while also giving you springboards to jump off of. While it would be silly to suggest I only built one spreadsheet for the year (I most certainly did not), it always spawned off of this one we made first.

I found myself continuing to open it month after month. Another sign of its usefulness.

And when Cathy and I sat down yesterday to do some 2020 planning, we realized… working off of this one spreadsheet of ideas had taken us from a modest little $15k a month business – to over a $1 million in sales by the end of 2019. Not only that, but five months into 2020 and we’re past the $500k mark for the year, and every critical date we set for the beginning of 2020, we hit.

I’ve now built up this spreadsheet so much, you’re going to be massively underwhelmed when you see it. It has five simple columns, three little sections… no formulas. You’re gonna be like, “What? Why?”

It’s all in the simplicity of the questions.

  • It cuts through checklists and to-do items (all necessary things to do but NOT in this macro level thinking exercise).
  • It doesn’t force you to assign dates or times (you can do that later after you’ve finished – and build a new spreadsheet if you wish).
  • It doesn’t give you pages of space to pontificate on all your ideas (because if you can’t formulate it in a few sentences, it might not be ready for production yet).
  • It’s something you can do in just a few minutes (and you’ll see why when I show you)

I thought about selling the spreadsheet as a little info product, but then I realized… it’s more likely you will head over to the Funnel Gorgeous shop to grab some templates and courses if I can help you cut through the noise of what to do next and make an easy, simple plan to work off of.

So I’m going to give it away for free.

Head on over to my Facebook page (Julie Stoian Live), and if you feel so inclined for a like, follow, share, or review – I would gladly take it!

I’ve put a 18 minute training video on the page to explain how the sheet works (please watch it!). [WATCH VIDEO HERE]

xx Julie

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