Inside the Course Chemist Launch

Today I want to breakdown some of the details about our most recent launch at Funnel Gorgeous.

This was the first time releasing Course Chemist, so those first time launches are always fun, but this one had one big wrench in it.

We basically thought no one would buy because we gifted it to 700 of our most loyal diehard customers. Because of that, we didn’t have super high hopes of an amazing result, we simply wanted to get the content out there because it’s so desperately needed.

So how did it go?!

393 students purchased!

A lot of people are curious how the numbers break down on each day so here’s the cumulative revenue for each day of the cart being open.

  • $15,366 on Sunday
  • $6,895 on Monday
  • $8,405 on Tuesday
  • $9,883 on Wednesday
  • $9,877 on Thursday
  • $24,625 on Friday

As you can see, the first and last day of a launch are always the biggest. This is why you really don’t need long launches. In fact, the longer they are, the more chance you have for mindset trash and other issues to come in and cause problems. Five to six days is our favorite.

Typically our launches have a bigger first day than last because of our early bird special. But we didn’t have one for this so last minute buyers beat out day one.

One additional point about our revenue: We actually earned more than what is listed because we offered Course Chemist for free for anyone who enrolled in FG Society. We had a lot of people interested in FGS + Course Chemist, so it was a chance to finally bite the bullet and dive in for both.

We had 18 additional FGS students join last week, which added an additional $11881 in sales (with more coming due to payplans and the pay as you go nature).

Cash collected –> $77,929 with enough coming in later on FGS to *technically* call it a six figure launch. ????

We’re super excited about our audience’s reaction to Course Chemist and despite our concerns about investing all this time + money into a course that we were giving away for free, it turned out to be quite the profitable launch.

What We Didn’t Do

We didn’t do:

  • Webinar
  • Big affiliate push
  • Paid ads
  • Lead generation leading up to it
  • A challenge

We also didn’t offer a payplan. It was just a straight $197. The nice part about this is there was very little in the way of customer service issues because there was only one option.

The Power of Building A Strong Brand

We had this level of success without one testimonial on the sales page. In part because it’s new, but also because we have a reputation in the industry and people were ready to buy without obvious social proof. Another +1 for strong memorable branding and reputation.


We did do a livestream, Clubhouse, design teardown, emails, IG stories, posts, and a plot twist!

The MOST Important Question

Whenever I’m helping someone with a launch, especially projecting revenue, I always ask one question: How many humans do you think you can get to the offer? Most people have no idea about this number.

And it’s not a matter of a simple benchmark. You have to create your OWN benchmark based on your following size, marketing, etc.

So whenever possible, I like to peel back the curtain to show you what Funnel Gorgeous can do. It helps to set expectations.

With our following of 32k on an email list, plus 10k FB group, etc. we were able to get 2990 people to the sales page in six days. If we’d used ads, it would have been a lot more. But some of you reading might be surprised that a following of our size led to 3000 people on the page. THIS is the number everyone overestimates. Learn how to estimate this. (This is something we teach in Launch Gorgeous).

What it means is that the beautiful Course Chemist sales page that Cathy styled converted at 13.1% to our warm audience!

If we cut that conversion rate in half or 2/3’s, that would be a good estimate for cold traffic. Which is between 3-4% – benchmark for a cold conversion rate.

Hope you found some helpful nuggets there!