Inside My Next Big Campaign

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I should have added in the subject line [Part 1 of I’m-not-sure-how-many] because I’m about to launch another email series, and I know that people love it when I pull back the curtain on what’s about to go down, but this time I just don’t know how many emails it’s going to take!

First you should know that I’m writing (again) at 35,000 feet in the air. October was a doozy for travel because I was invited to speak at several events – LadyBoss Live, 2CCX Platinum, and then there was Russell’s last Inner Circle event. So it’s been 9 days of travel in a row and now I’m on the long flight home (into a Nor’Easter apparently).

I think it was back in 2018 sometime – at Inner Circle actually – that I got up to present and spoke right into the universe… “I want to get more speaking engagements.” Small or large it didn’t matter, I wanted to speak and share with more people than I was able to reach on my own.

And when I look back on the last 18 months, I’ve been on FHL’s stage twice, I spoke at ClanCon, LadyBoss Live, Unlock The Secrets, 2CCX, Boss Mom Retreat, Food Blogger Pro, and turned down offers for Carrot Con, Offermind, and others just because my schedule couldn’t handle any more!

This doesn’t even count my own fulfillment events – Funnel Gorgeous Retreat, Digital Insiders Mastermind Events, and the upcoming Hustle Detox Live in March!

All of this…after I set the intention, spoke it out loud in front of others, and then actively began looking for opportunities to practice sharing my story and my knowledge – on all kinds of stages. Here’s what happened along the way…

I gained more and more clarity and insight into what and why I’m here on this funny blue and green spinning ball of planet.

And it wasn’t what I expected…

I thought I was going to share and teach marketing, and I have (and do!).

But there’s another message forming in my heart, and the act of seeking stage opportunities has been the catalyst for all of it.

By the way, there are all kinds of online stages too – webinars, summits, podcasts, etc. Anyone who’s trying to reach a group of people with their message needs a stage. Many actually.

If you’re sitting here reading this email and saying to yourself, “I know my message needs a bigger platform because there are people who are hurting that need my help…” then don’t ignore that stirring. It’s there for a reason, even if it feels nerve wracking or foggy right now. I remember thinking….

  • I can’t speak on stage
  • I don’t know what my message is
  • Why am I qualified when there are people who know so much more than I do

I felt all of those things, and last year – soon after speaking the intention about stages, I went to Kenya Africa, and there – I met Pete Vargas. We INSTANTLY hit it off, and there are very few people in this online business space I respect more than him. We spent 10 days together, on safari and in a remote village called Ndatho, and it was there – that I started to hear about what he does – which is all about crafting your message and landing the stage.

We’ve been in touch since then, and a few months ago, he reached out and asked if I’d be a part of his big Stage to Scale launch in November. It didn’t matter that the timing wasn’t great (I have an event during that time). I said yes. I said yes because Pete Vargas is full of incredible integrity, heart, generosity, and knowledge. And also? He pretty much knows everyone…and remains totally humble and approachable just the same.

I haven’t participated in many affiliate launches since the great and infamous Expert Secrets launch of 2017 LOL, and I’ve done that deliberately.

I committed to partnering with people who can check off three boxes:

  1. I believe that their expertise will help the people who trust my advice.
  2. I believe that they can deliver the level of quality I demand of myself and my own products.
  3. I believe that the person at the top is aligned with integrity and humility.

You notice I’ve not done much affiliating of late right? It’s all intentional.

But here lies an opportunity I firmly believe is timed perfectly for many of you who might have watched me explode my travel and speaking engagements and wondered, “Could I do the same? Am I ready to find stages for my message?”

The answer is 1000% yes. You can, and Pete (and I) can help you!

So over the next few weeks, I’m going to be launching a big JV partner campaign where I combine a TOTALLY brand new offer…FREE for people who are going to purchase Pete’s Stage to Scale when it launches in November.

I thought it’d be fun to show you a bit behind the scenes of how it all works, because that’s how I learn best, and I assume you do too!

So stay tuned… I’ll be sending out another email soon, and I’ll explain my process for coming up with a great JV Bonus offer, and what goes into building it all out prior to launch.

I’m excited you guys.

Stages are changing my life…in ways I didn’t expect. The ability to communicate your message to a group of people carries virtually limitless potential, and I want to help you strengthen that muscle over the next few weeks.

Plus…I’m STOKED to introduce a never before seen bonus offer that includes some pretty cool stuff.

xx Julie

P.S. A clue about my bonus offer – it’s going to include the same tools that helped one of my Insiders, close over $200k in sales in just a few hours in his very first launch. More about that later.