Inside Digital Insiders With Ashley Buffa’s $70k in 30 Days Funnel

Jan 9, 2020

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Ashley joined Digital Insiders in May 2019, and there have been some exciting developments in her business over the last 9 months that I want to share with you!

We met at ClickFunnels, where she was working as an agency owner/contractor there, and she was in charge of the messenger bot. We got to talking and one day, she told me she was really hoping to launch an online brand about being a mom/parenting, etc. A few weeks later she joined Digital Insiders to help grow that brand.

And as you know how life goes, just a month or two later, she found out she was pregnant with… wait for it… her 10th child! ????

Now the pressure was on. She had nine months to really light this brand up, because agency work really isn’t conducive to a newborn.

So how did it all go down?

Step one: First she decided to launch her Freedom Moms Challenge internally to her small list of 1000 people. She didn’t have an OTO, so we did a small pressure launch with just one product…and her results were good. People bought it! The market had showed her that yes, they did want this product. But they also showed her that they wanted something else…

That valuable market feedback from her audience was the catalyst for what happened next. Turns out, moms think the solution to reducing the amount of housework they do is to get their kids on board with doing chores. And as is typical with people who have superhuman skills, Ashley hadn’t realized that her ability to get her kids to do chores was in fact a big deal! She had a skill to share!

Step two: We brainstormed the next funnel and out of that came Smart Kids Chores. This was a classic funnel, with an order bump and an OTO. She did a Power Launch (this is a term I’ve coined for launching a low ticket funnel with ads – and is explained IN DEPTH inside of the course Launch Gorgeous). Her funnel consisted of…

  • A $49 chores course
  • A $12 order bump with SOP’s for kids chores
  • A $29 OTO for the Freedom Moms Challenge

Ashley went against the grain in a couple of ways… first she charged more for her front end than is typical for a Power Launch Funnel. Next, she charged LESS for her OTO. Finally she pre-sold this offer (something I don’t usually recommend on a low ticket funnel). Just goes to show that taking chances does pay off (as long as you’re aware you’re taking those risks).

Step three: Design the funnel! She used the Funnel Ink design – and submitted her funnel and copy for an audit inside of DI. We tweaked and tweaked, until we were sure it was good to go for her $1000 Facebook Ad Test.

(By the way, if you’re interested in the types of tweaks I recommend plus the Facebook Ad test, you should check out Funnel Rx – the special offer after Offer Cure)

I wish people could see inside my daily Voxer routine. I have 75 Insiders so on any given day, I’m spending a solid 2-3 hours answering questions on all things marketing, funnels, mindset, etc.

Step four: Do the $1000 ads test. Ashley was nervous. You can hear it in her voice when she described fearing that this funnel thing wouldn’t work for her.

Turns out, her nerves were not needed. She was profitable from day one with her ads!

Step five: Optimize. She submitted the funnel two more times to me for review, and we continued to optimize the page using the checklists I made for DIers (inside Funnel Rx). Her conversion rate slowly climbed, as did her ad spend, and her profit.

  • Her sales page is currently converting at about 3.7%.
  • Her order bump is around 84%.
  • Her OTO is around 45%.

She used the spreadsheet in Module 4 of Funnel Rx to assess her numbers and got three green lights! That means that she proceeds to the stage of micro-optimizations rather than macro-optimizations.

The first thing I noticed when we sat down to look at her numbers was how unbelievably high her order bump was. The solution to that? Raise the price until the conversion is sitting at around 40-50%.

Ashley turned her ads on on December 5th.

At the 30 day mark, she’s spent $20,185 in ads and earned over $71,000 in revenue.

That’s a $50,000 month she just had – and if you had asked her if she was okay spending $20,000 in ads on that first day she would have been nervous. But that’s the thing people don’t realize.

Once you’re making profit, you can roll some of that money back into ads and continue to scale!

At the end of the interview, you’ll hear Ashley talking about how grateful she is for not just the coaches in DI, but the members as well.

I received a voxer message from her about two weeks into this funnel launch. She thanked me for creating Digital Insiders – because she knows it was the pivotal thing that helped her create, build, launch, and grow a product that will allow her to take her maternity leave, enjoy her 10th baby, and not have to grind 24/7 to make ends meet.

Ashley has some big plans for later in 2020, where she’ll be rolling out some new programs for her growing audience. She is one to watch!

If you’re interested in working with me, here are three ways you can…

  1. Start by picking up a copy of Offer Cure + Funnel Rx – where my partner Cathy and I team up to bring you the best in offer and funnel training.
  2. Next, if you’re ready to launch something new, get on the waitlist for Launch Gorgeous. That program is a curriculum created DIRECTLY as a result of working and launching with Insiders for the last two years (plus my experience at ClickFunnels), and is also with Cathy and Funnel Gorgeous!
  3. Finally, if you’re making $100,000 a more a year, and you’re ready to join a high end mastermind and worked directly with me 1:1, you can apply to Digital Insiders. Membership is limited to 100 and we’re more than 75% full.

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  1. Jenny Hansen Lane

    This is incredible. It’s an amazing time to be alive and see technology bless so many people’s lives.
    Inspirational. Thanks for sharing the breakdown.

  2. Amy

    Where did her initial ‘small’ list of 1000 people come from?! And how low did it take to build?

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