How to Use a Webinar Registration Page to Build an Entire Empire

May 8, 2018

Have you ever had an idea for a course, coaching program, or membership site and then bogged down by all the details?

Let’s take a dive into transforming your idea into reality with a webinar registration page. You’ll learn:

  • How to structure the hook & 3 webinar secrets
  • The best accountability partner out there
  • How to spread the word
  • Plus more…

In this episode, I uncover the 8-step workflow process to building your entire empire all by starting with just a webinar registration page.


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Video Transcript:

… And Action!

Hey, everyone, this is Julie here. Thanks for joining me.

Today we’re talking about how to use a webinar registration page to build an entire empire.

Now that sounds like a big promise but what I find happens to a lot of people is they have an idea for a course, or a coaching program, or a membership site and they get completely bogged down by all the details.

So I’m gonna do sort of a reverse-engineer workflow to building your empire using just the webinar registration page to start.

Alright so here’s what we’re gonna do.

I’m gonna draw a webinar registration page here.

And the big thing about this is that so many people want to build the content instead of building the vehicle for the content first… and it feels backwards and I know a lot of people don’t like this method because they feel like they’re selling something that doesn’t exist and that somehow makes them feel slimy, but it’s actually the reverse.

You’re actually building a vehicle. You’re building the best vehicle you can build and then you’re making sure that the course or product lives up to it.

So let’s talk about a registration page you need an amazing hook right?

You need an amazing headline.

So whatever your course idea is, like let’s say it’s gardening or cooking, you want to create an amazing headline that’s like, “how to blah blah blah blah without blah blah blah blah.”

The other option you can do there is you can do, “how I blah blah blah blah without blah blah blah blah.”  

All right so that’s your amazing headline.

So think about your course and then come up with an amazing headline.

Then you can do an additional tagline if you feel like that headline hasn’t quite explained it enough. You can add a little tagline right here.

Then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna put a picture of your beautiful face.  Maybe doing the thing that you want to show them how to do.

And then you’re gonna put a timer okay 12:31:17 you’re gonna do it on New Year’s Eve and you’re gonna put a timer and a date.

Now, what’s gonna happen and then you’re gonna put a button that says sign up… Now what’s gonna happen is you have now just told the world that on December 31st you’re going to commit to helping people do whatever it is you want to do in your course.

Alright so this is like your this is like your drop-dead accountability partner right here and that’s what this registration page is doing.

How to blah blah blah without blah blah blah… Here’s the tagline. Here’s your pretty face. Here’s the date you’re gonna do it. Here’s the button.

This button is gonna go to like a pop-up and you’re gonna ask for a name and email.

Okay, now the only other thing you need on this registration page are three secrets.

Okay one, two, three.

Secret One.

Secret Two.  

Secret Three.

This is gonna help you get people to click.

The only purpose of these three secrets right now on this registration page is just to make this so unbelievably curious that you can’t help put name an email address in.

Don’t worry about your course. Don’t worry about your program.

Just come up with three amazing secrets.

You can use words like, “why blah blah blah blah is counter-intuitive to blah,” or “how i or how to to use the why and use the how” and try to create really curious secrets right here.

Okay, so now what you’ve done is you’ve just gotten people to opt-in.

So now you’re probably nervous because you’re like oh gosh I just made this registration page and there’s no course and there’s no webinar and there’s no nothing, but what will happen is you’re gonna take this registration page and you’re gonna make it a cool link.

All right cool link make the cool link all right. So this is step one technically. Step one is have an idea but okay.

Now you’re gonna go to your Facebook profile alright. This is step two.

And you’re gonna make- whoops I can’t spell…and you’re gonna make a new cover photo and guess what  I’m going to ask you to put on the cover photo the cool link.

You’re also going to use the featured image slots on your on your profile and you’re going to make an image with the cool link.

So you’re going to use your actual profile… I know I know you’re not supposed to but oh well and you’re going to advertise your cool thing.

So no excuses- even if you don’t have a big huge group, you don’t have a big huge following.

Now of course, if you have a group, if you have an email list, if you are in groups, go ahead and drop that link in as many places as possible.

So it’s step three: drop that link. Drop it like a top.  

All right you’re gonna do put that link everywhere put it in your email signature put it everywhere.

What’s gonna happen is the first person that signs up is going to automatically make you accountable to finishing this because now there’s actual people that are gonna come to your event that doesn’t exist.

Okay, so this is gonna create accountability because a lot of you have trouble with accountability.

A lot of you don’t take action so that’s what you’re going to do.

Once you have your first sign up. Okay so once you have your first sign up alright, you’re gonna freak out and then you’re going to build your webinar.

Alright now build your webinar you’re gonna go to, you’re gonna get the book Expert Secrets and if you don’t have it you’re gonna go to keyword Julie and you’re gonna buy it.

Okay, and you’re gonna get the book and you’re gonna build the webinar and it’s gonna tell you exactly step by step how to build your webinar.

The good news is that you have the two hardest parts which are the hook and the three secrets

They’re already made for you.

You’ve got no excuses so now you’re going to build your webinar you’re gonna use the hook, you’re gonna use the three secrets and then you’re going to do the stack.

Now the stack is when you sell people something alright.

So some of you are like well oh my gosh I just had an idea.

I don’t really know what to stack. That’s okay. Just come up with the best stack you can. It’s probably not going to be perfect.

It’s probably gonna be, you know a little cheesy at first- that’s okay. 

You’re going to build a stack. You’re going to create an offer, all right you’re gonna create an offer and again all of this is an Expert Secrets…like, it’s all there. It’s in a $7 book you guys.

Create an offer and make it the best offer possible.

All right I want you to make it as irresistible as you possibly can. Irresistible… I don’t even know how to spell that.

Okay, make it really irresistible.

The good news is that because you don’t actually have anything created, you’ve never done this you don’t have the course there is nothing limiting you. There’s nothing limiting you.

Okay, so you’re gonna make a crazy amazing offer.

Now step five is you’re gonna make an order form all right.

Don’t even worry about a sales page because people are gonna watch your webinar and at the end, you’re gonna send them to an order form.

So you’re gonna make an order form with a cool link, okay and you’re gonna make sure you put on the order form that hey you’re buying this and it’s going to actually begin on blah blah blah dates.

So if you were gonna do your webinar on December 31st I would say let’s say the actual first date of your course or program is January 15th so that gives you two weeks.

Two full weeks to create module one that’s it and then you can create module 2 and then module 3 or whatever it is.

Okay, so you’re gonna make an order form.

You’re gonna make a cool link and you’re gonna make sure on the order form you have a date like January 15th or whatever.

So then you’re gonna add the cool link to the end of your webinar.

Okay, six you’re going to do your webinar without peeing your pants.

Now maybe you only have two people signed up, oh well you got to do it.

You said you were gonna do it so you got to do it.

Maybe you have 10 people maybe you have 50 who knows. Like it depends on how bad and how awesome you were at dropping your link.

You’re gonna actually do your webinar without peeing your pants.

You’re gonna go through your whole webinar and at the end you’re gonna say, “hey go to this link if you want to buy blah blah blah” and they’re gonna go to the link and then maybe your goal is to get one person to buy it.

Okay, that is your first goal to get one person to buy no ads just drop that link just use your hard-earned clickable pointer finger and drop the link into many in as many places as you can.

You want one person to buy it.

Now that you have one person buying it now you’re going to build your course or your program or whatever it is and you’re gonna do it and then guess what?

Once you’ve got a couple modules you’re gonna change the date and you’re gonna do it again.

But this time you don’t have to do all this it’s already made. You’re just gonna drop the link. Drop the link.  Drop the link.

And you’re gonna do it again and you’re gonna get another person and you’re gonna do it again and again and again until you get five people and then ten and then 20 and then 30 and you’re going to slowly build your entire empire because you did one registration page.


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