How to Break Shiny Object Syndrome

Sep 25, 2018

How often do you fall prey to Shiny Object Syndrome?

You know, those times when something “shines” and distracts you from the current path you’re on in your business?

Shiny Objects come in many forms…

– Tools
– Gurus
– Business Offers
– Courses
– Programs

This week’s episode is all about breaking down Shiny Object Syndrome and healing for good.

Do you keep getting distracted by the blue light special in aisle 5? Tell me all about it in the comments below.


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Video Transcript:

Hey guys, this is Julie and today I want to talk to you about Shiny Object Syndrome.

For those of you who have never heard that, I don’t know why, I don’t know if you’re living under a rock, but shiny objects syndrome is when

you’re on your merry way building your business and then all of a sudden a new tool, a new offer, a new guru, a new formula shows up and you’re completely distracted by the shiny object.

Oftentimes people get wrapped in a cycle of chasing shiny object after shiny object, and today I want to break down how to break that disorder and heal yourself for good.

Let’s break it down. They’re all different kinds of shiny objects. I want to talk about the most common ones and then you can figure out which one

drives you the most bananas. So the first is tools, right? Shiny Object Tools.

Somebody comes out with a new funnel builder or a new email marketing service and we think, Ooh, Ooh, that one looks better.

What’s going on with the shiny object tools? Because at the end of the day, they’re just like buying paints and a paintbrush.

You’re not going to be Picasso with Picasso’s paints and paintbrush. You need to actually have the skill and talent. But we know the marketing of these tools is so good, we think that if we have the tool, we will then somehow magically absorb the magic behind it and become successful and that is not true.

Now, in some cases, if you are struggling with your existing tool, something you’re doing, it’s not really working, it’s not optimizing. That’s a signal that you actually need a new tool.

But if you have all the tools and they’re working well and your business is systematized, chances are you’re falling prey to shiny objects syndrome with tools.

Okay, so that’s the first one. The second kind of shiny object is gurus.

Every three months a new guru shows up, a new expert shows up, and we are tempted to leave our methodologies behind and go chase the new one.

The question I want to pose to you is that the successful people are following somebody. They have a mentor, they have a coach, a guru probably,

but they actually follow that method and they stay the course because here’s the reality.

You can actually get to Point Z lots of different ways and so maybe guru A is your is your favorite or guru C, but if you just hop from person to person thinking that they somehow have the magic bullet, they don’t.

The magic bullet is just sticking with someone and someone’s methodology and carrying it out to the end.

The next one, I see this all the time and if you are an entrepreneur personality type, you may have Shiny Object Syndrome in your own business.

And in this case it’s you think this offer’s going to hit it and then this offer and this offer and you’re constantly in the cycle of creating new products, launching them, not really giving them a lot of attention and then going back to the drawing board and creating something else.

Again, I’m going to say, follow the people who are successful. The people who are successful are focusing on one funnel. They’re focusing on one product, one value ladder, one offer.

The only way you’re actually going to be able to scale what you’re selling is if you stick with it and you don’t keep running back to the creation board to create something new.

And I know some of you are like, but what if it’s not working? What if I have to pivot?

And I will say that if you have spent a significant portion of your time and money and investment trying to launch a product and it’s not working, ask a coach for help.

Maybe you do have to pivot, but Shiny Object Syndrome shows itself very differently. If you see a trail of dead products in your past, chances are you are struggling with this one.

The last one is Shiny Object Syndrome with courses or programs or masterminds.

Now, it might seem funny that I’m talking about this since I sell courses and programs and masterminds, but shiny objects syndrome shows itself when every time you get a new email in your inbox with some scarcity flash sale, you are buying course after course, after course and not doing anything with it.

I would encourage you in your business, the next time you buy a course or a program or a mastermind, do what it says. Believe it or not, that’s a lot harder than it sounds.

Go do what it says. You may need another course and another course, but if you just promise yourself to take action on what you purchase, you’ll eliminate 90 percent of Shiny Object Syndrome because you’ll be too busy taking action to even realize there was a flash sale in aisle five. I

often am accused of having my head in the sand. I don’t always know about the latest sales or the latest courses or the latest methodologies, but that’s because I’m focused on taking action.

So divert some of that attention from your inbox to your to-do list and you might see a change.

If you struggle with any of these kinds of Shiny Object Syndromes let me know in the comments below. I want to know what’s distracting you, what kind of Squirrel Syndrome you have.

I know the best conversations happen after the camera stops rolling and for more videos like this one that you can go to I’ll see you next time.

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