How to Bootstrap an Online Business with $5000

In the last episode, I dove into bootstrapping your new business with $500-$1000. (Link to last blog post for words “bootstrapping your new business with $500-$1000)

Today, I want to talk about starting an online business with a $5000 budget.
If you had $5000 to start your online business, what should you spend it on?
You might need things like…

– A Website
– Sales Pages
– Project Management System
– Appointment Scheduler
– Professional Email Address
– Marketing Training
– Business Coaching

This week, I discuss specific ways and tools (some free!) to get your online business going for an entire year with only $5000.


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Video Transcript

Hi there, this is Julie. Today I’m doing something a little different. This is a bootstrapping series. I have people ask me all the time, I only have $500 or $1000 to start my business or a couple thousand. What do I do?

And so I’m going to break down exactly the tools and the courses and products that I would buy in order to build a business.

Now in another episode, you can check out on, I explain what you can do with $500 or $1000.

Today’s episode is going to include what to do if you have a $5,000 startup budget. And some of you might be like, oh my gosh, $5,000 is so much money, but to start an entire business that’s going to make you $50k to $100k to $200,000 a year is really not that much of an investment.

So let’s take $5,000. Let’s assume you already have a laptop. You already have wifi and we’re going to give you all the tools you need for one year. This will bootstrap your business for an entire year, so that gives you 12 months to find clients and continue growing.

The first thing I’m gonna have you do is buy ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is so important for a number of reasons.

Number one, you can build your entire website in it.

Number two, they give you a free domain for a year.

Number three, you can join the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program, and as a digital marketer, it’s so easy to sell, ClickFunnels and earn $456 a year for every client you sign up to it.

It also can take payment right through their shopping cart system. You can hook up stripe right into ClickFunnels and take payment for your business, so for a year of the ClickFunnels deal, you’re also going to get some extras that Russell throws in.

You’re gonna get Funnel Scripts, which is software that helps you write copy. If you’re building funnels and are doing ads for customers, this is gonna save you so much time.

So you’re going to get that as well. You’re also going to get an entire suite of training courses on digital marketing. Super important.

That’s going to cost you $2,000. $1997 for that, and you’ll have your domain, your website, and all the tools you need to really start doing digital marketing.

The second thing I’m gonna have you purchase is my Digital Gangsta program and this is from zero to a million dollars to build any kind of online business.

This has everything from copy to funnels to branding, to launching, to list building, to ads, to proposals.

It has everything you need and it also includes one year of weekly coaching through my membership community Create Your Laptop Life. I can’t quite explain what happens when you get all of that.

I mean, most people who purchased that never go on to purchase anything else because it’s everything they need.

That’s also $1997 and you’ll get all that content, all that training as well as a year of weekly coaching for me.

All right, awesome. So now you’re at about $3,994. You’ve got to bat a thousand dollars left.

Now we’re going to use some free tools. We’re gonna use Calendly for your scheduler. That’s going to be free.

You can use Trello for project management.

You don’t really need MailChimp when you… You can use MailChimp for free, but with the big ClickFunnels deal, you can actually do your emailing right in ClickFunnels.

And you don’t need any other courses because it’s all included.

So there’s just a few things left. We’ll need G-Suite. G-Suite will get you a professional email address as well as Google Drive and calendar to help you organize your business.

You also may want something like 17 hats or Dubsado. This is a customer relationship manager and it allows you to send contracts and invoices, which are really handy for an agency business. That’ll cost you about $250 a year.

At this point. With all of that, you still have about $650 left. I would save that and I would use that towards your first big networking event.

Whether it’s Funnel Hacking Live, whether it’s a smaller event, a Boss Mom retreat. Use that to go and actually find and network with people in real life who are going to become clients.

And that will bootstrap your business for an entire year. It gives you plenty of time to go find clients and start making money.

I know the best conversations happen after the camera stops rolling, so if you have any questions about bootstrapping your business, with the $5,000 investment, put them down in the comments below and to see the other episode in this series, you can go to See you next time.