Hitting the 1 Comma Club With The $1k Facebook Ad Test (Case Study With Tatiana’s Funnel Boards)

May 28, 2019

As the Voxer message came through, I braced myself for a panicked message.

After all, this is what happens nearly 100% of the time. No matter how many times I prepare and warn my mastermind clients about the feeling of dropping $1000 in 72 hours on ads, all my reassuring words of advice and logic fly right out the window once the ads have been live for 24 hours. I’ve come to expect it, and know that it’s just part of the process.

But this particular morning, I was pleasantly surprised when Tatiana’s message came in (she’s given permission to be featured in this post by the way)…

Believe it or not, this is NOT normal. Usually, it’s more like this…”WHY AREN’T PEOPLE BUYING MY PRODUCT YET?”

I usually login to their account, pull up the stats and see something like:

  • Pageviews = 41
  • Sales = 0
  • Ad $$ Spent = $175

And then I begin my very calming reminder of why we wait 72 hours and $1000 before making ANY decisions about the funnel. By the way, if you haven’t listened to my podcast episode called “In Defense of my Controversial Facebook Ad Advice”  – you should listen. It goes into detail about my advice, why I give it, and what it produces when you do it that way.

But back to Tatiana…

She finally launched her funnel last week.

Important details to note:

  1. When my mastermind students want to launch something low ticket, I recommend a $27 to $37 front-end offer with NO lead magnet in front.
  2. Just a straight-up, GORGEOUS sales page (a la Funnel Gorgeous) to an offer that’s so juicy, I can’t even stand it.
  3. I make sure that their sales page checks off ALLLL the things on my sales page checklist (by the way, Tatiana’s is not complete by my standards yet, but I wanted to feature a real example, not a pretend perfect one).
  4. Once that’s done, I make sure there is an order bump and at least one OTO (I like the order bumps between $12-$37 and the OTO between $77-$97).
  5. Then, after testing and all that blah blah blah, we start the Facebook Ad Test.

What is The Facebook Ad Test?

For this type of offer, I want to spend $1000 in 72 hours…ish. About $333 a day.

Campaign Objective = PURCHASE

Yes, even on a new pixel. It’s scary, but we do it. Because you know what? It doesn’t make sense to dabble with ads. It’s just a waste of money (listen to my podcast). If your offer is good enough, it’ll convert usually at least 1 sale in three days at that price point. That’s what I’m looking for. Just any sign of life on planet funnel!”

You can do Campaign Budget Optimization or the old Ad Set Budget (which is sunsetting soon), but whatever you do, it’s about $300 a day or so….and it spans about 5-10 different audiences. If you have Lookalike audiences, DO THAT. But….whomp whomp, Tatiana has never run ads to an offer and has no list. So we had to do Facebook Interests Targeting.

Tatiana went after traditional entrepreneur audiences because her product are these insanely cool Trello boards that help you keep track of all 800 bazillion steps of funnel building. She knew people who liked Russell Brunson would like the boards.

Here’s the funnel thing: When you know you’re going to spend $1k in a few days, you make sure everything is working…way more carefully than if you dabble. The mindset shift is huge. She made a few ads and had all the ad sets compile onto the individual post IDs.

She was just about ready to go.

Then I got this Voxer message…

My response?

On Thursday at 9:59pm, she had two ads in review.

Not quite 24 hours later… this is what we had (about $130 in).

UNBELIEVABLY promising so soon in the campaign. Again, I’m looking for 1 sale per 100 people that see the offer. This is my benchmark to start. The test is designed to get data from Facebook, not to get rich in 5 minutes. Tatiana was excited!

The next day, the message I showed you at the top came in. $1k in sales in one day on $300 of ad spend.

Do you want to what’s hilariously funny?

The next day she only had one sale and turned off her ads. ???? I didn’t give her too much crap since she’d successfully completed her $1k test, but took a moment to remind her that you need to TRACK DAILY, DECIDE WEEKLY.

Never make ad decisions based on one day. Track the day, decide based on the week. It’s a golden rule of “Not going insane when running ads”.


What did her stats look like? Here’s the breakdown.

She had 745 people view the offer and 41 sales. That’s a buy rate of 5.5%. Which is VERY good.

Order bump is 9.9%. Already, super obvious this is the issue in her funnel. It should be above 20%.

Her OTO is KILLING it at 29%. I expect around 10% or so, so that’s amazing.

So at the end of her test, she had spent $1200 in ads which resulted in 24 sales with an average cart value of about $60.

She had an additional 17 sales from organic traffic sharing her product around, and also some of these were from the follow up sequence she created off the funnel. Note to self: Great offers get shared! 

What does she know now?

With a three day test with this much ad spend, she has so much important information she didn’t have before.

First, she has a validated offer…period. She NEVER has to worry again in the market wants it. They do. End of story.

She knows she needs a better order bump.

She needs to optimize the sales page per my checklist.

She needs to spend her time and energy on ADS. That’s the goal.

Isn’t that cool?

And even if she hadn’t had such a successful ad test (like MANY of my clients who don’t break even on the first shot), they at least get market validation.

This is why I advise the way I do. Go all in. Spend hard for a few days, make up your mind that you are paying for data, and get the data you need. Adjust and keep going. Please remember that this works best on a straight to sales page offer of $37 or less. There are other variables that come into play with different funnels. But the general rule is…

Stop dabbling, give it your best shot, and give your funnel the best chance of success!

xx Julie

P.S. I have another mastermind student who did this exact strategy and grossed over $85,000 last month. Too legit to quit. 🙂


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    Love it! Great advice, Julie! I am not in DI (yet,) but the value and advice you give ALL.THE.TIME for free is the BEST in the biz! Thank you!

  2. Liane Chase

    Thanks for sharing this case study in such detail to help continue the learning for all. I loved the offer and totally fell for the OTO. Well done to Tatiana. She clearly knew her avatar, their pain points and provided an irresistible offer.

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