Episode 19: How to Crush Paralysis & Indecision

Aug 24, 2018

Coming to you from Boise Idaho today where I dive into how I “unstick” myself from indecision and paralysis.

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Full Transcript:

This is Julie. I hope you are doing amazing. It’s been a little while since I did a podcast. I have been in Boise, Idaho for the past couple weeks. In fact, I’m still here now. Finally sitting down to record a podcast. It’s going to be really short, but I think it’s important.

Part of the reason why I haven’t had time is that I’d been half vacationing with my family and also working at ClickFunnels headquarters for the past couple of weeks. There was a big 2 CCX event. There’s lots going on all the time. I’m not going to lie. It’s been a struggle to catch my breath and to keep a lot of my regular routines going. But I wanted to talk to you today because coming out here, you, I feel like I’m perpetually crippled by opportunity.

There’s always things that I can be doing. There’s always new possible relationships, new opportunities, new product ideas. I don’t know how many of you feel that way in your business where everywhere you look there’s a path you could take there, something you could do, there’s a way you could go and some people love having all that opportunity in front of them.

Other people get really anxious and they feel almost crippled by opportunity. If you’ve not had that feeling, that may sound really weird. But being crippled by opportunity is painful because oftentimes what it does is it completely shatters your ability to move forward. It stops your creative flow, it stops your productivity.

So there were some specific things that I was trying to sort of iron out in my mind, as far as where my future is, where I’m going, what I’m doing, where I put my time and energy. Just big questions and small questions.

So oftentimes when you’re paralyzed or you’re crippled by opportunity and you don’t really know which way to go, the instinct is to stop and to just kind of stand at the fork in the road and just constantly go back and forth thinking about which way is better.

Pros and cons. Should I do this, should I do that? And actually, that’s one of the worst ways to deal with what I think would be paralysis or indecision. I honestly feel like when you move in a direction, it’s easier to move in another direction. What do I mean by that? When you are paralyzed and you’ve stopped, you’re not in, right? Alex Charfen, who I don’t know how many of you guys listen to his podcast, his Momentum Podcast, but he talks about momentum all the time.

So when you’re paralyzed with the decision, you’re standing still. You have no inertia, you have no motion, you have no movement, and the reality is that if you begin moving in a direction, even if you’re not sure if it’s the right direction, the very act of movement and action, that momentum, that inertia, if you decide that you’re going down that road and it’s the right decision, well great.

The momentum has already started, right? You’ve already got that movement, you’ve got that inertia. So you just keep going and if you start walking down that road and you realize that that’s not the right road for you… or there’s something that feels off about it, switching back to the other road is not that hard because you’re already in momentum, you’re already moving.

So you’re just, it’s easier for something that’s in motion. What does that Newton law, I’m going to just totally massacre it right now, but an object in motion will stay in motion. And so I remember this back in my days where I was, you know, very, very much ingrained in my religious community. And I remember whenever someone would come to the church or to a group with like a prayer request, right? Like paralyzed, like they have a decision to make.

In my world, it was like, should we have another baby? Should we take this job? Should I marry this person? Big, big life decision type things. The answer would always just start moving in a direction. And if it’s the right direction, you’re going to feel a sense of peace about it. You’re going to feel grace, you’re going to feel supported. If you start moving in that direction and it’s not the right thing, it’s much easier for you to really just kind of switch where you’re going once you’re already moving.

So what does that have to do with business? Basically, it has to do with, you know, when you’re doing something as small as building a funnel or launching a course or you’re not sure if you want to serve that person or a different type of Avatar. Start moving. Just move in a direction because that momentum is the thing you need to either keep going down that path or use it to switch paths. But standing at a fork in the road and not doing anything is only going to lead to more paralysis, which will just start to pack on tight and then you’re going to get completely choked up with your creativity, with your ideas, with your ability to actually make a major change in your life.

So this trip for me to Boise was partly that. It was moving in a direction to try to break out of some paralysis that I have been feeling personally. So it’s been an amazing trip. I’m looking forward to getting back to Connecticut in the East Coast time zone because I’m just going to say this, I’m sorry for anyone who lives in Mountain Time, but you’re always two hours behind everything and one in Connecticut. I feel like I have two extra hours every day on my work day.

So really looking forward to having those two days back. As always, super, super busy. I got some amazing feedback from you regarding my last episode, how to give people an Aha moment. If you haven’t listened to that one, go back and listen to it. Lots of people really liked that one. I appreciate you all and I will talk to you back when I’m in Connecticut. Talk soon, guys,

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