Ep. 98 How to Sell Something Intangible

Aug 13, 2021

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Today I’m going to talk to you about how to sell something that is intangible. So a lot of us work in the personal development space, mindset, we work in spirituality, relationships, things that, you know, you’re not selling mugs or lipstick or websites, or things that people can either smell, taste, hear, touch, or at least digitally see.

So when you’re selling something really intangible, it can be very hard to sell the value of that. It’s also hard for the person to really measure whether or not it worked. And especially as you go to write sales copy, it just, you know, it can easily fall flat.

So I have used a very classic example about making something intangible tangible. Many of you have probably heard me use this example. I will say it again, but I will actually give you a new example today to kind of help you walk through the process of how you think about it, so that you can come up with something.

So the classic example that I always use has to do with my two clients who are in the makeup space. But they’re really in the female empowerment space, so they wanted to do a challenge, they wanted to build their list, and they really wanted to focus on women feeling more confident, something very intangible. So what we did was we made the red lip challenge, and the idea behind this was that women typically don’t wear red lipstick, you know, unless they’re very confident, because red lipstick is very bold, it makes women feel like they’re standing out, and they’re uncomfortable. And typically a woman who is not confident in herself is probably going to avoid attention getting lipstick, like red lipstick. So if you were to imagine someone going from being afraid to loving and wearing a bright red lipstick, would you say that that was a manifestation of an increase in confidence and empowerment? And the answer is yes.

So that’s a very tangible action they can, you know, pick out their red tone for their skin, they can wear their lipstick, they can share it on social media, and they have actions that really point to the fact that they are working towards building their confidence.

Okay, so kind of how do you get there from here is really the question. So again, I’m coaching in our program Launch Gorgeous Lite, and I was working with someone who said that they wanted to do a workshop at getting better at your intuition. Okay, intuition is intangible and how are you going to know that you’re better at intuition. So I asked her, “What are some examples? Some tangible sort of manifestations of someone who has good intuition? Someone who has arrived at that result?”
Okay, so these were some things I thought of. You can foresee trouble in relationships before anything is spoken. So it’s almost like this sort of seeing eye idea. You can make better and stronger decisions that you don’t regret because you’re really in touch with yourself and your true desires. So you’re not making bad decisions because you’re following somebody else’s ideas. So that’s another one. A third one would be, maybe you’re a better partner or parent because you can read between the lines. So you’re kid is saying, you say, “How was school?” and they say, “Oh fine.” But you really know based on their body language and your intuition that they’re not fine and this is what’s going on. And you can kind of read between the lines and get at the root of the issue.

So here are three more tangible examples that show someone has good intuition. So when you’re thinking about something intangible, yeah, something intangible, ask yourself what are some examples of the manifestation of the result that you’re selling.

Okay, the next thing you need to do is think about a common theme that runs through these examples. So is there any pattern, is there any theme, is there any thread of similarity between these examples that I gave that we can kind of use? And to me, for someone who can foresee trouble before it’s coming, who can make decisions for themselves that they don’t regret, because they understand their true desires, and someone who can be a better parent because they are reading between the kids’ lines of what they are saying, the common theme is that they see and understand things that are unseen or unspoken. And that to me is the theme, learning to see and understand things that are unseen or unspoken.

So that to me is sort of the crux of good intuition, so instead of doing a workshop where you’re saying something like, “Learn how to have better intuition.” Or “The better intuition workshop.” which feels kind of, a little nebulous, maybe you call the workshop “Unspoken”. Which again, if you listened to my last episode about how to get good at writing hooks, I’m curious right. Unspoken, a workshop called unspoken, is it a silent workshop? I need to read more.

So “Unspoken: the workshop that teaches you to read between the lines with anyone.” Now we’ve taken something that’s kind of intangible and almost turned it into a skill, right. So if I say, “Hey, this is a paid workshop, it’s called unspoken, it teaches you to read between the lines with anyone, and I’m going to give you 5 steps to building your intuition so that you can foresee trouble in relationships before it happens, make better personal decisions that you don’t regret, understand your family members more completely when they give you one word answers.” Now it’s incredibly like, oh my gosh, I can see how this skill when learned will be applicable in my everyday life, in real life situations. That I can imagine.

So that is sort of the process of how I would help you think about something intangible. Right, you think about the result, you think about the person who actually has the result that you’re selling, you kind of come up with a couple of examples, you look for a common theme, and in this case I turned intuition almost into a skill, a more like, you know, hard knock skill that you can really be like, “Ooh, I have that skill.” And then I showed through some bullet points the real life examples of how that’s going to manifest when you have that skill. And that is essentially my formula for how to sell something that’s largely intangible and hard to communicate.

Appreciate you all, talk to you soon.

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