Ep. 96 Four Crucial Touchpoints For Your Customer

Jul 22, 2021

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Hi everyone, this is Julie. Welcome back to the Create Your Laptop Life podcast. Today I want to talk about the four most critical touchpoints you need to make with your customer when they become a customer.

So a lot of us, you know, in marketing we get excited about marketing and we forget that marketing actually drips into delivery and the better you are at delivering a great experience the better you are at delivering what you say you’re going to deliver, the more likely they are to buy in the future, the more likely they are to give great testimonials, and the more likely they are to share with their friends. So there are four key things you have to think about when someone becomes a customer. And this is something I teach a lot of people.

And so the first is the order confirmation form. And this is a form that, you know, is a page in the funnel that a lot of people don’t pay any attention to. It’s the page that happens after they check out, right. So we spend all this time on the sales page and we spend all this time on the order form, and then it’s the order confirmation form and it’s like “Meh, thanks. Check your email, blah blah blah”, right. But you have such an incredible opportunity on that page to actually create a customer for life.

Does that mean a video? Does that mean help getting started? Does that mean an important next step? What is it that you’re going to tell them on that order confirmation form? And if there is at all, any confusion or any complexity to how to how they get access to what they just purchased, it’s even more important that you have that order confirmation form really dialed in.

So we actually just redid our order confirmation form on or FG funnels to really kind of create that important touchpoint for people who just signed up for our software. And so if you sign up for FG funnels you will see the order confirmation page has a lot of information on it and it actually gets started with your onboarding, and set up of your account right then and there.

So go through all of your funnels and offers and look at that order confirmation page. What’s the very first thing that they see after they make a purchase and how can you optimize that to make sure that they don’t have buyer’s remorse, that they feel excited about their purchase, and that you get a connection point in.

The second crucial touchpoint that you cannot forget is the fulfillment email. This is the email that fires, that acts as your receipt. Now remember, we’re always, as marketers, battling open rates on email, right. And we’re lucky if we get 20%, and we’re thrilled if we get 30%, but there are several emails that get higher than 30% consistently and the fulfillment email is one of those.

And so you’re going to get 50, 60, all the way up to 90% open rates on a fulfillment email, because people are looking for that critical information about what to do next. So don’t waste the opportunity to really create rapport. So if you have a fulfillment email, great. Make sure you put all of the really pertinent information right there, but make sure you think about what can you from a conversational standpoint, from a marketing standpoint, can you put in that email knowing that it is going to get opened and read?

The third incredibly crucial touchpoint, when you are selling to a customer, is that first interaction with your product. So if we are talking about a course or a coaching program or anything that is digital, it is going to be that first lecture. So, you know, just to give you some tangible examples, if you sign up for Course Chemist, you’re going to get a “Welcome to Course Chemist”, which is going to be sort of explaining how the program works and what you can expect. If you sign up for something like Digital Insiders, which is a mastermind, you’re going to get an email that gives you all kinds of important instructions on how to get in touch with the coaches and how to get into the Facebook group.

So that first lecture, that first sort of touch point, whether it’s with a human being, whether it’s with a member’s area, or wherever it happens to be, you want to make sure that that also has that human element and that rapport building.

So we’ve talked about the order confirmation form, the fulfillment email, and that first lecture. The last crucial touchpoint has to do with wherever that customer is hanging out once they become your customer. For most of you it is a Facebook group. Now for some of you it might be a Slack channel, it may be a Voxer group, it may be on Zoom, but for the majority of you you’re going to have Facebook groups. You should always have a pinned announcement welcome post in your Facebook group that is that orienting post, so that when they jump into a community that they haven’t been a part of, they’re going to feel like, “okay, I know what to do”.

Now, these onboarding elements may seem obvious, but when you’re in the middle of building out a launch and you’re marketing, a lot of these things kind of get left by the wayside, just because you’re so busy making sure the order form works, and making sure, you know, the emails fire right, and it’s very easy to skip over these things. But these are the things that actually make a difference.

And you know I just came back from Disney World and I was reminded of this idea of these details because… when you go to Disney World, and you go into the Nemo ride, right, even the queue, even the line, even the little like sort of railings that you walk and kind of weave in and out of, are themed, right? It’s these very small, subtle details that actually is what makes Disney, Disney.

So you’re in the Nemo queue, and the lights are blue and it feels like you’re underwater, and the railings look like rusted old pipes that, you know, from a shipwreck, and they look like they have seaweed on them. And that’s the difference between that, versus a ride where you’re just kind of standing out in the heat of the sun and everything is just metal and, you know, there’s no thought to detail.

And if you look at, kind of, the empire that Disney is, and how much more it can command in pricing and what people are willing to pay versus just, you know, a country fair or your local theme park, the details that are small are actually the things that make the most difference.

So as you’re going through your onboarding process, think about those four crucial touchpoints, right. The order confirmation page, the fulfillment email, that first lecture, and that pinned post in the Facebook group, and ask how you can make it more like the way Disney would do it. And watch as your customers feel really happy and proud that they bought what they bought from you, how they feel accepted and welcomed and cared for, and what that actually does to your business bottom line. Thanks guys, talk to you soon.

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