Ep. 80 Can I Build Funnels For Others If I Don’t Have A 7 Figure Funnel Myself?

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It has been a while since I did a podcast and I have a really valid reason, and I’m about to share with you that reason as well as take you behind the scenes a little bit with what has been going on in my world and in my business for the last couple of months. And it’s two words, FG Society.

So back in, I think it was over a year ago, Cathy and I decided that we were going to launch a certification program in our Funnel Gorgeous business. We both had legacy programs, she had a web design program, I had a digital marketing program, and we knew that we wanted to teach people how to build funnels, how to be certified in not just design and copy, but also offer creation.

So I have been neck deep dedicating two to three solid days a week just to build the certification content, because this is legit you guys. We are actually certifying people in three areas, offer creation, funnel copywriting, and funnel design. So that means creating content that is very easy to digest, easy to reference, easy to use, because there’s an exam, which is a whole ‘nother story in and of itself. Maybe I’ll dedicate a podcast episode to that.

But we are so excited because we had no idea just how much people were waiting for this program. We thought that we would launch it in May and get maybe 30-50 marketers that wanted to be certified. And low and behold, we have 456 people. So it’s really hard for me to create content everywhere when I’m so deep in creating content for a program.

I’m coming up for air because phase one and now phase two are rounding completion, so I have just a third left. Guys, I never thought I would be able to teach offer creation and funnel copy in a different way than I’ve been teaching it for the last four years, and yet I did. Which again, that’s another topic for another day, instructional design.

What I want to talk to you guys about today was a very vulnerable, authentic question that came out of the Funnel Gorgeous Society group. Because I think there’s a lot of people listening to this podcast right now that are going to resonate with this thought that she had. So she said that she was feeling really vulnerable, and she said, “I know that Funnel Gorgeous Society is teaching us how to rock marketing for our clients, but how many of you feel like you have to prove it to yourself first, in order to be able to sell it. Before you can advertise you have to have a rock star funnel crushing it for yourself. And I feel like that. I’m having that impostor syndrome coming up because I personally don’t have a 6 or 7 figure funnel. Who am I to build someone else’s?”

So that is probably a feeling if you are in the service based industry and you build funnels or you do any kind of digital marketing, you probably feel that. And I want to provide a little bit of encouragement today to this poster, but also to anybody who’s listening. There is a reality when it comes to being a service provider and an agency. And the reality is that is a completely different business model than being an influencer or an expert based business. I know because I’ve done both.

When you are an agency, your brain and mind is very focused on learning particular skills, right? Funnel copy, social media, paid ads, all that kind of stuff. So you’re heavily focused on developing these skills that allow you to execute campaigns and strategies effectively, you’re also heavily focused on client fulfillment. I mean, anyone who runs a service based business knows that it’s a lot of work.

So when you combine client work and fulfilling client work, and also building your skill set, there is not very much time to be the expert influencer. Because in order to have a 6 figure or a seven figure funnel, in addition to the skills, you actually need the attractive character, you need the product, you need the offer, in order to actually make the funnel.

So agency owners, they don’t have the bandwidth to do that second part, right. They need the influencer, the attractive character to do that part because they are so deep in fulfillment and skill building. So I liken it to it’s not that if you haven’t build a 6 figure or 7 figure funnel for yourself, it’s not because you can’t, it’s because you don’t have that other half, because you haven’t invested in it. You haven’t invested in the branding photo shoots, and doing Facebook lives, and building your list, and schmoozing with other JVs, and all the things that you have to do to really come out as an expert business course creator. Not to mention, building the actual course itself. So it’s kind of like you’re just, like you’re missing a chromosome, not because you can’t go get one, you just haven’t had time to build one.

So for those of you guys who are feeling like impostors, you’re not. You’re not impostors at all, you just don’t have that side of the business, that’s the whole point. Agencies come in and provide that system and foundation to those expert influencers who are doing all that other stuff. They’re doing the Instagrams and the Facebooks, and the list building and all that stuff. And they don’t want to be invested in the skill of building a funnel. They don’t want to spend their energy doing the very thing that you’re doing, which is why the agency or freelancer matching the influencer is such a perfect match. Because both jobs create a tremendous amount of work, and they require a tremendous amount of bandwidth.

So if you talk to any influencer who has a big following, they don’t have time to learn the skill of how to make their sales page look amazing. So that is the key, that is why if you are an agency or service provider, you should not worry about the fact that you haven’t built a 6 or 7 figure funnel. Because honestly, that would probably take a tremendous amount of energy and time away from your agency to go out and do all the things you need to do. And that’s what makes it a perfect match.

So one of the things, it was funny, I was reading through all the comments and someone made a great comment, her name is Pam, and she said, “Remember, you can live in an apartment and still know how to build a house.” And I think that’s very, very true for agencies and freelancers who are building, who are behind the scenes building these amazing funnels, they have great skills, but they don’t have those funnels themselves and that’s because their lifestyle and their job don’t allow for it.

I mean, that was my history too. I was building funnels for other people that were making more money than I was making as a service provider. So that’s just the reality.

The last thing I want to say about impostor syndrome is no one who is an impostor actually has impostor syndrome. I’m going to say that again. No one who is an impostor actually has impostor syndrome. So impostor syndrome by it’s very nature effects non-impostors. Okay, so if you’re worried about this, you’re not an impostor. However, I would just say that a lot of you probably know more than you think you know. If you are in Funnel Gorgeous Society and you are working through the curriculum, by the time you are done with this curriculum, you are going to know more than 70-80% of internet marketers.

Why? Because I know I’ve developed the curriculum and I have gone very deep, very deep in the curriculum. And I have gone through nuanced strategies that a lot of internet marketers don’t touch on. Why? Because they like to turn out courses that simply show one tactic that’s worked really well, and then you just replicate that tactic. And instead, in Funnel Gorgeous Society, we’re teaching the actual principles of marketing.

So a lot of you guys are going to be better than you think you are, and this happens when you start to normalize expertise. I say this all the time, once your expertise starts to become normal, you don’t realize it anymore. It’s like none of us realize we have a right and a left arm. It’s just normal for us. But for someone who doesn’t have arms, if they were to have arms, it would be incredible. It would be like, “Holy crap, I have arms.”

So what I will say is that the better you get, the less you’re going to feel like an expert. That is actually a sign that you’re getting better, because number one, you’re normalizing the expertise, an d number two, the better you get, the more you tend to see the depth, and the more you see the nuance, and the more you realize you have a lot to learn. That makes you the opposite of an impostor.

So for any of you guys listening today who have felt that way, I want to encourage you. If you are in FG Society, we’ve got you. And if you’re not in FG Society, as soon as it opens up, I want you guys in there. It is the most amazing program that Cathy and I have ever built. I am convinced that this is you know, a culmination of 5 years of instructional design. But you do not have to worry if you don’t have a 6 or 7 figure funnel for yourself yet, that you are questioning your qualifications for building one, because those who live in apartments still can know how to build houses. Pam Carpenter, thank you so much for that quote, it was amazing. And thank you for the person who asked the question, it made a great podcast episode. Appreciate you all, talk to you soon.