Ep. 75 Takeaways From Our First Group Of Launch Gorgeous Students!

Apr 22, 2020

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Full Transcript:

Hey everyone, today I want to take you inside of our Launch Gorgeous group. Our first Launch Gorgeous cohort finished up their launches and I want to just talk to you about some of their takeaways.

Obviously the whole big promise of Launch Gorgeous when you complete, is that you will have launched something, which believe it or not, is hard. It’s hard to do. And it’s hard to do because there are a lot of pieces to launching that people don’t realize. So the whole program is designed to help you overcome those hurdles to actually get something out the door.

So the thing that Cathy and I are really proud of about Launch Gorgeous, is that people actually launch, their funnels get finished, their products get finished, they get out the door. So I asked everyone to sort of tell me what were the big takeaways from this, and I think I’m going to read some of them to you and explain some of them to you. Because of course I could sit here and tell you, okay I’ve got Justin who launched and is now, I think his funnel is around 40,000. Suzanne launched her offer, it’s about teaching mom’s how to run after postpartum, she’s about to hit $30,000 this month. We had big launches, small launches, we had people who launched who didn’t get exactly the reaction they wanted.

We had like the whole gamut and I’m not going to just sit here and tell you all the positives. I’m not going to sit here and just tell you all the ones who didn’t have exactly the results that they wanted. But what I am going to tell you is that the takeaways that they came out of this program with, will not only help you in your launch, but will also help you if you are a course creator, and you want to know what are the important elements that you need to have in a program, especially a more expensive program that has coaching. What do you need to offer and provide to help people feel and act and take action and do all the things that you want them to do with your content?

So one of the things is, I’m going to talk about here. One, Larissa. She said, “My biggest takeaway is I made more sales of my course than I have since starting this online journey a few years ago.” So for her, the big takeaway was that she finally figured out how to bust through the procrastination, how to bust through the fear of success and the fear of failure, and actually take steps to get something completed. You cannot understand how much of this is about completing something. So she said, “I had a clear path, it was very, very laid out, and that was a game changer. And the sales have cemented that I am on the right path in my journey.”

Okay, so it was very, a clear path of what to do and that’s really, really important in your courses and in your programs, and when you’re launching, to have a clear path because it’s so, so easy to get derailed.

Okay, so Suzanne says, “My biggest takeaway was to just start, even if you don’t feel ready, push through fear, listen to your coaches and to follow the plan.” And then she said, “Thank you to Cathy and Julie. I’m on track to make $30,000 this month. That number was a dream in my head when I signed up for Launch Gorgeous in November. I cannot even believe that it’s coming to fruition.”

I want to tell you something about Suzanne. Suzanne, I actually met Suzanne I think in the Boss Moms group on Facebook, and when we first launched Launch Gorgeous she private messaged me, and I don’t normally answer my private messages, but she was basically, had had spent money, had you know, failed, had a launch that failed. She was burned. She came out of this burned. And she was so nervous to invest the money. And I talked to her on private message in fact, I need to go pull that private message conversation up because I could tell that she had lost faith in herself, she had lost faith in the ability to trust who could help her get there, and she had so many objections.

And I remember that night she said, ‘Okay, I’m going to buy.” And then she didn’t buy it. The next day I feel like we went back and forth for like a couple days, maybe even a week, and then right at the last minute she’s like, “Okay, I’m going to do it.” And just watching her conquer her fears, conquer the fact that she had been burned by bad coaches, she had a failed launch, faced the fear that she wasn’t good enough and then get in the game, do the thing, do the damn thing, as you’d say, and now making $30,000 this month. By the way, $30,000 she is not selling a program for $3000. She is selling a program that is $37. So if you understand the power in what she’s been able to accomplish, by selling that level of volume to make $30,000 in a month on a $37 product. I’m just so proud of her.

Okay, Denise says, “Oh wow, my biggest takeaway was that marketing was not for the weak of heart. Its way harder than it looks, especially when you want to do it right. And I am very proud that I finished a freaking funnel.” She says, “Was it a successful launch? Yes and no. I did launch a product, and I did finish, yay. I didn’t sell as much as I wanted to, but I learned from you that I need to continue to tweak and practice and listen and learn until I get it right.”
And that was just an amazing takeaway because there is a tremendous amount of accomplishment about scaling that mountain for the first time. I always tell people when they finish their first funnel, I’m like, “You finished your first funnel. You never have to do that again.” They’re like, “What?” I’m like, “You did it the first time. It’s like the first time when you have a baby and you’re just like, ‘oh thank God I never have to be a first time mom delivering ever again.’ because your body doesn’t know what to do with this human coming out of it. Every first labor is harder than the subsequent ones. It’s the same with funnels.” So she was super proud that she got it done.

I, so okay, this is awesome right here. She says, Shauna says, “I finally launched for myself and not for a client.” So a lot of people service for others, she’s like, “I am so pumped and things are going well. I have a 5% conversion and I’m ready to start my advertizing. It was an absolutely crazy time to launch, but I am thrilled. And now I know that I can do it anytime I want.” And you know, it’s interesting because this group really had to power through. You know, things were going fine and then the Coronavirus hit, and boom, it was just absolutely nuts. And trying to launch on March 23, because that was the date all these people were designed to launch, and that was like the height of fear and crisis and unpredictability. We have a little bit more predictability now than even we did just a few weeks ago, and they did it, and it’s just incredible.

Esther said, “My biggest takeaway was to stop doubting myself and do it. Follow the plan, go all in, and bet on yourself.” And then she added, “Do what Julie says.” And Esther was so awesome, watching her launch. She launched, in the middle of her launch she came to report back, she said that she had hit her minimum goal, but she really had wanted to hit her crazy goal and she was feeling a little discouraged. And I got on the thread and I said, “Listen, you need to keep going. You don’t know, do not count your chickens before they hatch.” And sure enough, by the time she got to that cart close, she had gone past her insane goal. Because I had everyone pick three possible goals. So that was super awesome to watch for her as well.

And this last one from Juan, he said, “First I want to give you guys a big thank you.” He said, “The gratitude for professionalism and what I learned from you in Launch Gorgeous is huge. My biggest takeaway, in order to be able to make things happen and succeed in the digital world is you need to choose the right people to learn from.” And he is seeing that now in his own business of like, how do I position myself to become the person to learn from. And I think that’s a really solid takeaway, that if you are a course creator and you’re asking yourself, “Okay, I’m about to put this thing out into the world, how do I become the person who people are going to be like, ‘I want to learn from that person.”

So that was his takeaway, and then Karen said, “My biggest takeaway is to stop over thinking. That is one of the biggest things that restricts people from getting it done. It’s hard but it’s worth it, keep going and manage your expectations.” And that is a huge one as well because we saw a bunch of people in Launch Gorgeous who came, and they came to report their numbers, and they were so proud of their numbers, and they weren’t huge numbers. But they could tell because we had said, “you’ve got to look at the percentage, the conversion percentage.”

They were like, “Wow, I converted at 5%.” Or “I converted at 6 or 7%. Now I know that my product is something the market wants. What I need to work on is more traffic.” There’s only so much traffic you can build in 12 weeks, depending on your budget. Some people can build a huge audience in 12 weeks with a big budget. And some people have a smaller audience in 12 weeks, but the point is that they got the conversion rate, they got the validation, they got the momentum, they got the thing done that needed to get done. And now they’re just building traffic.

So you can see the gamut, you know, you have people like Suzanne and Justin and Esther and others who got more sales than they expected because they had the momentum of ads running and lists running. And then you have people who got it done and got a 5% conversion rate, which gives them a tremendous sense of satisfaction, and now they’re getting ready to get more traffic to launch it again.

And the most just incredible thing about this is that everybody who talks about launching, they think about all the mechanisms, they think about things like “Okay, I need to have the funnel, I need to have the ads, I need to know how to do this, this, and this.” And they forget there is so much that goes on underneath the surface that prohibits people from finishing. And that’s really what Launch Gorgeous does.

So we are currently in the spring, we launch, you know w’ere doing this 4 times a year, so we’re in the spring group right now. They’re getting ready to launch at the end of May, early June. And then we’ll probably do another one here in the summer. So if that’s something that you want to be a part of that you’re like, ‘You know what, for whatever reason I haven’t been able to finish and create something that I’m proud of, that I haven’t been able to build that asset, that I want to put out there.” If that’s you, I would encourage you to get on the waitlist at LaunchGorgeous.com.

So I am so proud of this first group, and we shared some of the funnels that have done really well. There was a lot more here that I didn’t even mention. They have blown through that first comma club, moving onto the five figure club, and it’s just been so awesome to watch. Appreciate you all, talk to you soon. Thanks.

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