Ep. 62 Ideas For Your Next Course!

Dec 4, 2019

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I want to give you an easy way to come up with up to ten course ideas. Probably not ten, okay maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but almost ten. Maybe five, either way, wouldn’t you just like one course idea. A lot of people feel like, “I wanna build a course. I wanna do some sort of info product. I wanna get in the game, but I just don’t know what to build a course on.”

So the problem isn’t that you can’t build a course, the problem is you probably don’t realize how many sellable skills you have. And it’s hard to see in ourselves super powers. We all have them, we all have talents, we have expertise somewhere it’s just difficult for us to see it. I want to preface this podcast by saying that it’s important that you don’t think that the point of this podcast is to teach you how to sell a course on anything, because I do want you to be an expert.

Over and above anything else, if you are actually an expert at something you can sell a course on it. It’s when people aren’t an expert on something that it becomes very difficult to sell. And you see a lot of copycat course creators out there where they say, “Oh this person is doing something on Facebook ads, well I can teach on Facebook ads.” And they teach basically a regurgitated version of something they just learned. That’s not being an expert.

So I know you might be like, “Oh crap. I’m not an expert in anything.” But you probably are an expert in something. Maybe you just haven’t thought of it as a passive income product that you can build. So these are the questions that I want people to answer when they’re trying to come up with an idea.

So question number one is, “I feel most alive when I am…” And I gave the example for me, I feel most alive when I’m writing, but I could have answered that a couple of different ways. I could also say, I feel most alive when I am teaching. Or when I am advocating for a social justice cause. I could have answered it multiple different ways. But when you feel most alive, that’s a sign that you are in your zone of genius.

And it doesn’t have to be something marketing related, or business related. You could just say for example, I feel most alive when I am gardening, when I am horseback riding, when I am at Disney World, when I am working on my car. There’s a million things you could put in that answer.

Number two, “people come to me when they need help with blank.” If you have people that come to you frequently for, I can think of a funny one, people come to me when they need help diagnosing what’s wrong with their kid. I know that sounds funny, most people go to a doctor, but I have this whole side thing where I know a lot about over the counter medications, and I know a lot about childhood illness, probably because I went through every single one. So I’m really good at spot treating what’s wrong with kids just by looking at rashes or understanding over the counter medication.

I don’t think I could probably make a course on that, because that would be sketch, but it is just a funny thing to say, “Yeah, I actually know a ton about over the counter medications and understanding them.” Could that be a free lead magnet for a health blog, sure it could. You know, just get creative. I know people come to me when they need help with course creation, funnels, marketing etc, etc. So ask yourself that question.

Number three, “Whenever blank comes my way, I’m over the moon excited to help or work on it.” So you want to think of a person with a problem to answer that question. So I would say for whenever someone who is really stuck and afraid in their business comes my way, I’m excited because I know how to help you. So whenever someone has a course that’s not selling, comes my way I’m super excited because I can help them.

So who is that person who would come to your door, knock on your door, and you’d be like, “Oh my gosh I’m so excited to help you.” There’s a chance that that person could be your future avatar.

Question number four, “Lots of people shake their head in disbelief when they see how I can…” make a carrot cake, how I can get so much done so fast, how I can lift 700 pounds without breaking a sweat, I don’t know. What do you do that people are like, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you do that.”? My son would be like, how I can beat every Nintendo game ever made on the planet of Earth.

Okay, question number five, “I remember when I took blank, and I remember having all kinds of ideas on how to make it better.” So was there a course where you took where you thought, “Oh my gosh, not only did I know all of this stuff already, but I thought of so many things that I could do to make that so much better.”? If that’s true, then chances are you’re probably an expert on that course material, and someone else has a course on it. So why couldn’t you make it beter?

Number six, “If I had to wake up every day and teach blank, I would do so happily for the rest of my life.” There’s a similar question that says, what could you get up onstage and talk for 90 minutes without needing any notes. That would be a sign that there’s subject matter that you know so well, that it literally comes out of you. That’s a sign that there’s something leverage-able there.

Number seven, “My biggest accomplishment to date is that I have blank…” Built a house with my own two hands, jumped out of an airplane 75 times….Okay, what have you done so far that you feel like is a major accomplishment in your life, that not a lot of people have done?

Number eight, “I went to school for….” You know, if you’ve spent 4, 6, 8 years getting a degree in something, chances are you have a lot of experience in that field to some degree. You know, maybe you’re not working in that profession but there might be some hints there. For example, I went to school for clinical psychology. It would make sense that I’m excited about marketing because there’s a lot of human behavioral psychology wrapped into marketing. So that’s sort of something that’s been leveraged.

Number nine, “I have 5+ work years experience in..what..” If you’ve worked at something for over 5 years, you probably can teach on it. So I taught piano for 10 years, I could teach a course on piano if I wanted to. I’ve done music, I’ve done teaching people how to teach, the art of teaching.

And number ten, “My friends know me as the blank fanatic.” I answered this as my friends know me as the Disney fanatic. I probably could put out a course on Disney planning and make some decent money. I don’t have time right now, but I keep that in my back pocket for another day.

My point is that if you answer those ten questions, it’s not as hard as you might think. There are probably things that you don’t even realize that you could offer, and just go through those questions, free write, journal, and then think, “Okay, what things am I an expert in.” because it’s going to be way easier to sell a course that you’re an expert in, so even if it’s something kind of random, and not something you’ve seen a lot. But if you’re an expert in it, it’s going to be way easier to sell it, than if you are trying to mimic somebody else where you don’t feel like an expert. Because you don’t need to be battling with imposter syndrome while you’re trying to build a course. It just takes a lot of time and energy.

So I hope that was helpful. I know that everybody who wants to get in the info product space, can get in the info product space, if they just sit down and think about their expertise for a few minutes. I hope you guys have a great week. Appreciate you all, talk to you soon.

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