Ep. 53 Detoxing From The Hustle

Sep 26, 2019

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Alright, so James and I, my friend James, he’s also my business partner and colleague, he and I are putting on this event. We started talking about it back in June, when we both realized that there was this problem in internet marketing and online business, and business in general, sort of like two extremes.

The one extreme of the people who hustle, hustle, hustle, grind away the Gary Vaynerchuk style messaging. And then you have the other type, which is not really accurate, but it’s still blasted everywhere, which is this idea of being on the beach, passive income, laptop, pina colada, you barely have to work, you make millions.

You have these two extremes and neither one are very accurate. Neither one are very sustainable, and you’re looking around and going, “Where is the evidence of people who run a business, create a really meaningful company and still have a life?” So this is where hustle detox kind of came alive. The first thing we did was said, “Alright, let’s get 100 people in a room, beautiful coworking space. Let’s go to New York City, it’s our favorite city. Let’s spend two days and let’s deep dive, let’s give all those people our best stuff in the 5 key areas of business, marketing, sales, delivery, operations and finance.

So we’re putting on this two day event, and like I said, there’s only 100 people invited. We’ve already got 35 seats sold and it’s September and it’s not until March, so we know it’s going to sell out. It’s obviously going to cost money to come, but the idea is that we’re going to be recording and teaching our most up to date content that we’ve been working on together. Now, this is the content that we use when we work together with clients, because there are clients who come and ask for our advice on business growth and strategy both in marketing and systems. So this is the stuff that we’ve been working on.

So we’re going to record it, we’re going to teach it, we’re going to give 100 people in that room a chance to ask us you know, a lot of in depth questions, and eventually we’ll probably sell the content. So everybody who’s coming to this event in March, not only is going to get the live iteration of it, get a chance to ask questions, also get a chance to network and hang out and all that kind of stuff. But in addition we’re also beta testing our challenge, which is our hustle detox challenge, and we’re giving it all away for free to anyone who comes to our event.

So this is going to start October 1st, so I’ve been working hard on it, and it’s one of the reasons why I haven’t been recording as many podcasts as I want to, because I’ve been working on this hustle detox live challenge. So if any of you listening want to be a part of the challenge, we’re going to be going live in our facebook group every single day for 3 consecutive weeks. And we’re going to be talking about the mindset shifts and the practical productivity shifts, that need to be made in your business if you want to move from hustling entrepreneur to more of an effective CEO.

Obviously this is something that we’re going to go very deep into at the event, but we wanted to kind of basically tackle some of the biggest issues that we see now and do it while we have people who are still getting ready for the challenge, I mean getting ready for the event, because we know that the more you basically immerse yourself in these sorts of ideologies, the better and more effective you’re going to become as a business owner.

So basically the first week of the challenge is going to be hustle detox fundamentals. And we’ve identified like 5 principles that if you don’t actually believe these principles are true, you will continue to think that more hustle, harder work, more burnout, is going to equal more effective results. And a lot of you listening might be like, “Oh well, I know that that’s not true.” And maybe you do, but do you act that way in your business?

So we’re going to talk, we’re going to go really in depth with things like opportunity cost, the 80/20 rule, which basically says that 80% of what you want usually in the case of business it’s money, is really driven by 20% of your actions. Understanding the things you should be focused on, the things that you should not be focused on as the CEO of your business, also talking about the power of leverage.

So that’s going to be the first week of the challenge, and it’s going to be the kind of thing you want to go back over again, over and over and over. And because neither one of us have tons of time in our own business, nor do we want to create a tremendous amount of homework, each day is going to be a small like nugget of aha, and then also a very small action item. So this is not a huge challenge where you have 8 million things to do, at all.

So then the second week, we want to help people have quick wins in their week. So the second week is all themed around re-aligning your week. And we’re going to go into focus, understanding how to stay focused, working on the difference between the outcomes that you want, versus the approach that you’re using. We’re going to talk about delegation and understand, sort of the decision tree of like how to decide what to work on and what not to work on, and of course, we’re going to talk about one of my favorite topics, which is the concept of sacred time and understanding expectations, your expectations of yourself versus reality.

And then the third week we’re going to kind of jump back into business a little bit. So the idea is in the first week you’ve really had some significant mindset shifts, and the second week, now you’re starting to see how that plays out in your week, which should give you instant increase in productivity. And then the third week we’re going to look at some of the problems we see in business owners who get stuck in the hustle. And the first thing is does your vision match what you’re currently working on? Do you have a vision and yet your business model and stuff doesn’t really fit that vision, but you haven’t stopped long enough to look at that?

We’re also going to talk about, you know, shiny object syndrome and how to deal with that, and how to deal with idea overload, which a lot of entrepreneurs face. And then of course, we’re going to dive into sort of the beginning parts of the 5 business pillars, which is marketing, sales, delivery, operations, and finance.

So that’s what I’m working on and I’m so excited because you know, when you are in the day to day, it’s hard to see how much belief sort of changes your thinking patterns, and then your actions. So from a psychology standpoint, when you look at how you act, what you say, and what you think, that is all driven by belief. So belief is on the bottom if you look at it like a triangle.

You know, you’ve got your belief. Your belief dictates your thoughts, and then your thoughts dictate your words and your actions. So what we’re trying to do with this hustle detox live challenge for all of our event attendees, is to really start to tackle the change in belief. And change in belief takes time, so it’s something that has to be revisited again and again and again, and then once those beliefs start to change, then you’ll start to see how it plays out in your thoughts and in your actions.

So the idea is that by the time we get to March, by the time we put on this live event, we basically dive into our two day curriculum, we’re going to give everybody who comes there, they’re going to get the live experience, the recorded experience, the workbook experience, the stuff that we’re going to eventually sell for more than what we’re charging the tickets for. They are going to be ready, because their belief system is going to be changed.

So that’s sort of what I’ve been up to, if I’ve been a little bit less prolific in my content creation, it’s because I’ve been working on the hustle detox on the challenge, on the event, and I would love, love, love to have as many as you listeners as possible at that event in March, in New York. So just go to www.hustledetoxlive.com, and the challenge is going to be starting October 1st, so really soon here. And the content will be available for all of our event attendees, both the recorded and the live version.

So that’s what I’ve been working on. I hope you guys have a great week, I appreciate you, talk to you soon. Thanks.

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