Ep. 52 Getting Your Customers Excited To Give You Money!

Sep 9, 2019

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I want to talk about an experience I had online that created such a sense of pleasure, paying somebody money. A lot of us come with a preconceived idea that actually paying for something is no fun. We like the result of what we’re paying for but we don’t actually like spending money

But this experience was super pleasurable, like I enjoyed giving this company money. And I had such a great experience in the funnel itself that I kind of wanted to talk about it. And then when the product was delivered that joy, pleasure just increased.

So my friend Yada Goldman, she sends me emails randomly with products and things that she finds. So she sent me an email one day saying, “Hey, have you tried this shampoo? It’s really cool.” Now, I am not thinking about shampoo. I am doing 8 bajillion things. My attention is, I’m not searching for shampoo, I don’t have a shampoo need, nothing. So I get this email from her and she says, “I think your daughter’s would love it.”

Now if she had said, I just want to break this whole thing down, she said, “I think your daughter’s would love it.” Now, I do care a lot about my daughters, obviously, so when I saw that come through I thought, what about this product made her think of my girls? Which made me want to click on the link because sometimes I would just ignore, like I’ll ignore things because it’s just about me, I don’t really care. But she tapped into, she wasn’t even selling it to me, she tapped into a desire that I had about my kids.

So I land on the page, functionofbeauty.com. First of all, the color, the branding is beautiful. It’s like warm amazing colors, different color of shampoo. And it says, “Hair care personalized. Start the hair quiz.” Well I clicked on that button because I wanted to know what this hair quiz was about. So in a matter of 3 seconds from Yada’s email that sort of gave me a frame through which I was going to view this product, super important in marketing, to the fact that in 2 seconds I had a pleasant feeling, because the picture and the branding. Hello, Funnel Gorgeous, right, was gorgeous. And a very simple start the hair quiz.

So I clicked on it and it was super cool. Build your hair profile. There were 4 questions, they kind of asked what’s your hair type? So I typed, my hair is curly, it’s medium thickness, scalp moisture. Then it asked you the next question which was what are your hair goals? And it said, select up to 5. So what do you want to do with this shampoo? Do you want to deep condition, fix split ends, hydrate, replenish, strengthen, curl, all this kind of stuff. So I picked the 5 hair goals.

By the time I get to step 3, I have made two micro-commitments already in just this quiz. And now the question was, what is your formula, like your fragrance formula? Now this was a combination of great design and great copy and this is where the beauty of branding comes into place because branding isn’t just design, it’s also copy.

So there was Feeling Fineapple, which is a pineapple, but it was a kind of cool play on words. There was one called Pearfection, which was pear. There was All –U-caliptis, with You in parenthesis. Anyway, it was super cool, and then underneath was this little, almost like math formula. So great branding again, we’re talking about shampoo, and we’re talking about something sort of flowy, and yet there’s this cool math, peach and citrus divided by fresh nectar equals awesome. It was just really cute.

And then it asks you want kind of fragrance strength do you want? Do you want it light, medium….Okay, here’s the part that tipped me over the edge, once I finished that, it asked for the name of my daughter. So now I typed in Ellie’s name, and appearing on the bottle was Ellie’s name. I was going to buy everything at that moment, everything. And then it asked you what color you want to pick. Once you have your color picked out of your shampoo and conditioner, now we get to the traditional funnel, which the quiz is really a checkout. So again, they use the word quiz because it was asking for preferences, but you had started checking out at the very beginning you just didn’t realize it. Because by the time you get to question 4, the hair quiz, now it says size and frequency. So do you want a 16 oz bottle or an 8 oz bottle.

And then it asked what is your frequency. Do you want it once every three months, every six months? And then the order bump, which was a 19 dollar upsell, little travel bottles, little scrunchies, really cute. And then after that, I hit continue and now it was time to pay. And there was one more order bump that was a leave in conditioner on the order form.

So I didn’t even realize I was checking out for like half the quiz but by the time I got to the end the bottles were so cute, I was now buying over a hundred dollars worth of shampoo, after not thinking for one second about shampoo. So that was sort of the marketing and sales process. Now the next part of this was really important. I sort of forgot about it because I did it in the midst of checking my email, and it came in the mail 3 days later. And this is where branding in your delivery matters as well.

The boxes showed up on my front porch, we get a lot of Amazon boxes, and on the box it said, “Function of Ellie” and “Function of Eden” and I was just like, “holy shoot.” I couldn’t wait, I got up from my desk, ran out to the porch, got the box, undid the box, and inside it was beautifully designed. They had little stickers, they had cool body positive quotes, the colors were amazing, it came exactly how it looked in the pictures, there was no mis-matched expectation, the name was on the bottle, the whole 9 yards. It was so beautiful I took pictures. I immediately told my friends about it, said, “You have to go do this.” And I was so excited to give them money, that I wanted to go back on the site to see if there was other stuff that I could buy.

So I tell you all of this partially because this is a marketing podcast, partly because I geeked out on all of the branding that went through it. And I wanted to take a minute and say that beauty creates momentum. That beautiful things, especially when you’re serving a female customer base, it doesn’t have to be beautiful in the sense of feminine, but beautiful in like, high quality. You see this even in Disney world. This is why I like Disney World so much, everything has that high quality experiential feel to it. People are happy to give you money, and they want to give you money again and again and again.

So for whatever that’s worth, I now would like to make a very obvious plug for the fact that this is a perfect example of what I am trying to accomplish with one of my business partners Cathy Olson in our brand Funnel Gorgeous, because we want to change the standard of beauty in design and copy that we are seeing on the internet. Because online businesses are popping up left, right and center, and most of them are ugly and not very attractive, and if you can stand out, because remember it was like 2 seconds of attention that I had there, where I would have either flipped off the site, or stayed on the site, and Function of Beauty, completely 1000% nailed it.

So if you like shampoo you should go check it out. If you like marketing you should go check it out. If you want to see how to deliver a beautiful gorgeous customer experience from the marketing to the sale, to the delivery, you should go buy some shampoo.

So I hope you guys have a great day, I hope that was helpful for you to hear kind of, sort of the mindset behind it, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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