[Countdown to 2019 Series] The Offer…

Dec 27, 2018

Ack! Sorry!!

The minute I hit publish on that last post, my messages blew up with “WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!”

I’m trying to build the excitement…and keep your scrolling finger from getting a cramp (so far this announcement is like 3000 words in)…

I also had some people immediately say, “OMG. I’m panicking. I don’t want to know the ending.”

So in the history of emailing, I might actually send two emails in one day…just because letting loops remain open is not my strong point. Good thing I don’t work for Netflix…

Alright…where I left off…

Russell came to me with an offer.

I’ll get right to it.

I’ve been offered the position of VP of Marketing at ClickFunnels as well as a seat as an official ClickFunnels executive partner!

That sentence did a REALLY bad job of showing my emotion…which is (as I have aptly coined) Woodwardian level excitement. Long story…it means ALL CAPS HAPPY!

But I know most people are going to read that and think, “Yeah – but what does it mean…for everything?!”

I’ve put a ton of info below for those of you interested in the nitty gritty details…

It means that I will work alongside him (as I have been already for the last several months) to oversee the Marketing Department and Agency at ClickFunnels. It means I will be an executive partner, effectively “adopting” ClickFunnels as my business too.

And the truth is, for any of you who’ve followed me for the past year or two, you know that I’ve carried the passion, enthusiasm, and expertise for ClickFunnels as if it was my company anyhow.

This would’ve been a crazy big announcement just on its own accord, but we all know I’m not just some stand-alone human taking on a new role. I’m an influencer and business owner, with a large audience, product line, and so many customers and followers that I love and cherish. Every decision I make affects a LOT of people.

  • It affects my family.
  • It affects my employees.
  • If affects my customers.
  • It affects ClickFunnels.

How could I possibly step into a new role given the current workload I’ve held?

I would need to stop running duplicate operations, that’s how.

When Russell offered me this position, he made it very clear he was interested in creating space on the S.S. ClickFunnels for the products and people that I’ve nurtured for the past two years….they naturally tie into the future initiatives of the company going forward, and with me as VP of Marketing, I will be the one primarily responsible for the machine that pushes all this forward anyway.

Coming in 2019, my company will be splintering into two entities.

The first entity will remain under Pipe & Lime Media. It will consist of my Digital Insiders Mastermind. Essentially my inner circle! If you are an Insider (or about to be), this product line will be its own self-sustaining program/business. A much smaller one since it maxes out at 75 people. It’s not going anywhere or changing. It’s still an application only, waitlist style mastermind with a cap of people (it’s gotta stay small for me to be able to serve the customer base the way I want to).

The rest of my business, and really – what everyone knows me for – will be coming along with me over to ClickFunnels…where I can merge all my efforts and provide greater resources than I could ever do on my own. ClickFunnels is acquiring it.

If you are in Create Your Laptop Life, I want to say this right here, right now. Create Your Laptop Life is not going anywhere. The community you love, the weekly Q&A hour, etc. – it’s all staying! I’ve been going live in that group 1x a week for coming on three years. I’m not breaking that streak now. 😉

Create Your Laptop Life will become an official ClickFunnels sponsored brand, so there may be changes to the funnel, future content, new perks, etc. but for anyone who’s been a longstanding customer, you mustn’t worry! All the content you have, is yours. The community you love, is staying. The leader who’s been leading, will still be leading. 🙂

I want to quell anyone’s fear right now who might be saying, “I want to be under Julie’s brand, which is smaller…not the big ClickFunnels brand…” The Julie you love, is still Julie even over at ClickFunnels too! For example, the One Funnel Away Challenge. So many of you did it and LOVED it. Had MASSIVE aha! moments. That was a perfect example of the kind of content that happens when Julie and Russell work together. It’s pretty much fire. Add Stephen and it’s like nuclear.

We want to do MORE of that.

I want more of that. Because without the struggle of “Where should I put my brain power right now – this ship or that ship?” I can instead simply be AWESOME at what I do, and tie it in with the best marketer IN THE WORLD.

As VP of Marketing, I will be the same leader over there that I am here, and will be leading and guiding as I have done in my own business. The truth is, many of the changes will be operational (creating more leverage). Things will get hella lot easier on me and my team because we’ll be hooking into a bigger entity rather than running our own little fleet.

And while I can’t say anything concrete just yet, you might notice additional perks that come along with being a CF sponsored brand…it’s all just in the planning stages right now.

My Create Your Laptop Life podcast will remain and get additional juice and leverage in 2019 too!

The point is that Russell & CF love Julie the leader, Julie the influencer, and Julie the marketer. They want more of me in ClickFunnels, which means, they are creating space for the things that I do well and the stuff I bring to the table.

It’s an amazing opportunity for my customer base because it’s like I went from running my product line using a windmill and now I have a power plant.

Okay…next thing…and I’m SOOOOOO excited about this.

Funnel Gorgeous. The brand I co-founded with Cathy Olson over at Love Inspired. It began in August with a signature design course, as well as the monthly Funnel Drops.

A lot of you fell in love with it – and rightfully so – it’s gorgeous. Guess who else loved it? ClickFunnels. In fact, they love it so much, they want it to become an official ClickFunnels partner brand. They want to make MORE space to the feminine side of design. Cathy will continue to be the head designer, and everything is on track to continue (I will be overseeing the agency that supports Cathy during the drops), and that brand will get the extra firepower of a ClickFunnels official stamp of approval!!! 🙂

I have two other products – Proposal Secrets & The Digital Gangsta.

If you have these products, you keep these products.

If you don’t have these products, you should buy them by the end of the year…because starting in 2019, they will be leveraged in existing and upcoming offers for ClickFunnels.

Proposal Secrets right now is a premium course in the 2CCX coaching program (where I am a head coach) and will continue to remain there…The Digital Gangsta is going to be leveraged in some way as well, it’s just not all ironed out yet.

Also, important note – I will be closing down the option TEMPORARILY to buy ANY of my programs come January 1st, as we begin the transition. They will be making a comeback in later months, but we need to make some logistical changes and whatnot.

What will be sunsetting….

So…yes…I know…there has to be things that sunset in this sort of big move right?

I REALLY REALLY worked hard with Russell and CF to make sure that I was/am caring for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE I serve. So only one thing landed on the chopping block (aside from the fact that I no longer have to be straddling two operational entities, which is huge).

As a partner with ClickFunnels, I will no longer be operating as an affiliate starting in 2019 (it’s a hard identity to let go of but – ClickFunnels will be my business too, which is NUTS!!). So while all the cool bonuses I offered for ClickFunnels products this past year are YOURS to keep, I won’t be producing any new ones…

And guys…I have to be real with you…operationally and content wise, doing those promotions took a lot out of me and my team. So we’re going to refocus that energy on creating AMAZING ClickFunnels products that have the flavor and flair combination of both me and Russell.

Now…I want to stop here and take a minute to brag on Russell a bit.

A lot of you see a certain side of him, and that’s cool – but I’ve worked closely with him for the past 12 months, and have seen a lot more than just what is projected online. I’ve spent time with him and his wife in Africa, at his house with his family, at the office, and in all sorts of situations and projects.

He’s got a HUGE heart. Probably way too big for the position he’s in because I think he’s been burned a lot by people who aren’t nearly so heart-centered…but I digress…

We spent a TON of time discussing all the nuances of an acquisition like this…knowing that it had to be a win/win for both me and them, not just one party. And I 100% can tell you that he has my back. Which means, he has yours too.

I saw this in action in a very tangible way when I told him that there were two people specifically – that have been with me for years, and are like family to me, that I needed to make sure are also considered. Jessie Valle & Emily Volz. If you’ve been around my community for any length of time, you know the rockstars that they are.

Again, to show you the level of mutual trust and respect, he didn’t even bat an eye when I showed him the ins and outs of what they do. Jessie & Emily were immediately and with open arms, invited to become a part of ClickFunnels too! They will continue to help me manage CYLL as well as exciting new initiatives that we’re spearheading in the new year in the agency.

You just may start to hear Jessie’s super soothing “teacher voice” under the ClickFunnels umbrella in the future!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be possible to have a situation like the one I have in front of me.

A situation where I can streamline my efforts, work with my people, become partners with the best marketers in the world, keep serving the customers I love, have more leadership and impact, continue to be an influencer alongside Russell, the very person who’s had the single greatest impact on my business life to date, and spend my time doing what I do best…without any of the mental/logistical pressures of the constant duplication of work in both places.

I am SO flippin’ excited for the future year ahead….

If you can believe it, there is even MORE to say – but I’m watching the word count on this post rise and I feel like it’s probably a good point to stop and turn the microphone over to you for a bit so you can send me your thoughts and questions.

I read everything. Hit me up.

xx Julie

Julie Chenell initials

Get in touch! I teach strategic business growth tacticss for everyday people.


  1. Christine Hunt


  2. Shay Sparks

    I am thrilled for you! Every triumph, every new blessing, reminds me (single mom of a 3-year old) that I can also find success in this new (to me) entrepreneural world! I discovered Russell through you and feel so fortunate and grateful that God brought you into my life at the perfect time! CAN.NOT.WAIT to follow along on your journey! #facebookstalker #future2CCClubmember

    You’re my SHE-RO!

  3. Phillippa Parkinson

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am over the moon happy for you! I know you have just got to be bubbling up on the inside with excitement. You’ve got this. It’s time to grow, time for bigger and better. You know your limitations and you know when to ask for help, so do you and kick butt! Reach back and pull your people with you.

  4. Kelly

    I have been a fan for some time now and always look forward to your adventures! Can’t wait to see what you create next!

  5. Emily Stopper

    That’s awesome Julie!!! Congratulations on this amazing new adventure! I truly enjoyed learning from you in the 30 day OFA Challenge! I’m looking forward to more great things from you at clickfunnels!

  6. Cinde

    Absolutely best wishes. You and Russell have the highest integrity and hugest hearts for all of us. It’s gonna be an awesome Year for You, Us and CF…..you deserve your Happy Dance #Blessed

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