Your 4 Month Course Launch Plan

If you’ve ever seen one of those HUGE course launches, you know that there is massive planning involved.

Maybe you’re not Jeff Walker or Marie Forleo, but you’d like to get a decent plan in place for how to do a big launch on your next product.

Here’s my four month plan, spelled out.

I’ll show you what you need to have done…

  • Four months out
  • 60 days out
  • 30 days out
  • 2 weeks out
  • 1 week out

…and everything to do during your launch.

If you like to have all your ducks in a row, want to know what comes first, second, third, and fourth, and how the big 6-figure launches get off the ground, this video will give you the plan!

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Video Transcript:

Hi, Julie here and today I want to give you a four-month launch plan for your next course product or membership site.

So, four months before you’re ready to launch, this is the time when you need to create the full launch plan including everything you’re going to do get your project management software setup.

Get the people in place that you know you’re going to need over the next four months.

Most importantly make sure you understand the hook of what it is you’re selling and why it’s so important to your prospects.

90 days before your launch… now we’re about three months away. This is when you want to make sure your lead magnet or your primary bait that you’re going to use to generate leads is complete.

So have the lead magnet all prepared including the actual content of what it is plus the landing page that it lives on, the Thank You page after they opt-in, and the welcome email sequence that fires.

Sometimes I like to tell my clients on that Thank You page invite them to a Facebook group, where you can really nurture the leads in a different way than on email.

The other things that you want to have done at 90 days- you want to make sure that you have your ads ready to go for your lead magnet.

Because for the next 90 days while you’re preparing the rest of your launch, you should be running ads to the landing page for your lead magnet and generating leads.

Finally three months before, you want to make sure you have an idea of all the content that you want covered over the next three months. Remember as people are coming off of those ads and opting into your lead magnet and joining your facebook group, they’re gonna want content from you. So think about the content that you can give them over the next 90 days that’s going to get them really excited and ready to buy whatever it is you’re going to sell.

Sixty days before the launch happens. Now you want to make sure you have the big selling pieces done.

This means you want to have the sales page done for your offer as well as the order form and the fulfillment email that fires when people buy.

You also want to make sure that you have your webinar created. This means all your slides, the content that you’re going to teach, plus the pitch at the end. Now both of these things need additional stuff right? So the webinar we need a registration page and we need to pick

the dates need to have all of that done. And on the sales page, we want to make sure that the

Facebook pixel is installed.

If you’re going to be running ads that the order form is hooked up to however you’re delivering that course or product. So get all of those things done at around the 60-day mark.

The other thing you want to do at this point is you want to start to brainstorm an idea of a five-day challenge leading up to that launch day. So come up with ideas.. maybe you need

to have some worksheets or a workbook and start creating those assets as well.

30 days before your launch you want to make sure that your five-day challenge is ready to go.

Your registration page for the challenge is up.

Your registration page for your webinar is up.

And now you want to create all the ads you are going to need for things like running ads to your challenge, running ads to your webinar and eventually running ads directly to your sales page.

Remember the ads have been running collecting leads and now you should have a good amount of people that you can announce your challenge or webinar and all these things.

The other thing you want to do about one month before is you want to set up an affiliate program or a JV program. And make sure everybody has the dates of the challenge, the dates of the webinar and the time that the cart is open and closed.

So get all of that set as well as shoot the videos and get the copy ready for all of those ads that you’re gonna be running.

Now it starts to get intense.

About two weeks before the launch everything should be created.

At this point, ads should be running for the challenge, the webinar and you’re probably still running ads for the lead magnet.

Now the leads are coming in fast and furious. You may want to start doing some Facebook Lives talking about the upcoming webinar, talking about the upcoming five-day challenge. Get people really really excited.

One way to do this is to also offer some crazy giveaway.

Do a giveaway- use a giveaway plugin to get people really excited because they can

kind of sense that something’s coming soon.

One week before the launch. Now, most of your ads to collect leads are going to be wrapping up because one week before the launch, you want to actually do the five-day challenge. So do that five-day challenge and at the end of five days, remind everybody of the webinar that’s coming in a couple days and announce the giveaway winner.

Any last-minute emails or tweaks that have to be done, do it now.

And if you’re the kind of person that likes to have all of your emails written in advance, make sure all your launch emails are all written and ready to go.

Now it’s launch time. You’ve gotten through the challenge and on day one, when that launch fully opens, now what you’re going to do is you’re going to send an email.

And you’re gonna do the webinar on the opening night. You’re gonna get as many people on that webinar as possible and you’re going to sell right from the webinar.

Days 2 3 & 4 are going to be sales emails, Facebook Lives and reminding people to watch the replay.

Now in terms of Facebook Ads, you may want to be running Facebook Ads only to your hottest audience and running them direct to the sales page. That way they’re getting an email, they’re seeing you Live they’re seeing an ad, and it’s just being repeated over and over now that the cart is open and things are for sale.

Around day four you want to start to transition into that urgency scarcity. Crush objections. Maybe you can offer an encore performance of your webinar because there are so many questions you want to answer them Live. You can do Q&A sessions, more sales emails.

Day 5 day 6 day 7.  Around day 7, do a replay of your webinar. Try to get more people on Live and tell them that the doors are closing on day 8. This is the last day the doors are closing you can start to shut down your ads.

At this point send two or three emails and make sure you go Live in your group a couple times. Give people that last push it’s gonna feel uncomfortable and you’re gonna feel like you’re emailing too much but people need to be reminded again and again and again.

Congratulations you just completed a four-month launch and you’re probably exhausted but hopefully, you’ve made a ton of money.

I know the best conversations happen after the camera stops rolling so if you have any questions about a big four-month launch plan you can leave a comment below and

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