3 Tips to Create Irresistible Lead Magnets

Outshine the competition and make your lead magnets absolutely irresistible, even when you think everything’s been done already.

In this episode, I give 3 of my best tips for…
– creating amazing lead magnets
– making them stand out in the crowd
– real-life examples using these tips.

Plus get a bonus tip about using your niche!

Get ready to see your email list grow and your cost per lead to go down just by using these tips.

If you’re thinking about creating a lead magnet and you’re not sure what to do, head over to the Julie Stoian Live Facebook Page for inspiration and ideas from others.



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Video Transcript

Hey guys, this is Julie here. Today and I want to talk to you about how to create a lead magnet even when everything’s been done already.

The first tip I have for you is really pretty easy. If you’re in an industry where there’s a million lead magnets, go look at them and think about ways where you can outdo them.

So if you see 10 top Facebook Ad tips or 10 ways to groom a cat, make it 50, make it 75, make it 100.

Some of my best lead magnets are things like 250 deals that I found around the Internet for you for free. That converts really, really well. I had a client who did 191 Facebook groups to join. She got great cost per lead.

So outdo your competitors with just sheer numbers and share content and volume. So that’s the first tip.

The second thing is find something that you offer that’s paid and make it free in a drip style. So I have a Facebook Ads masterclass. You can get the five days for $9, but you know what?

You can get it for free as long as you wait every 24 hours.

This idea comes from those in-app purchases that you do when you’re like playing games like Farmville, Castle Hill.

Not that I know from experience, but I also know from experience that I wanted my crops to grow faster. I wanted my cows to get fatter faster, and so inside the app, it would ask me if I wanted to buy things to make it go quicker.

So if you have a great product and it sells really well, create a free version of that and then you don’t even have to create a new lead magnet.

Now what you can do is use what you’ve already got, drip it out, and then tell people, hey, if you want all of this content in one shot, pay me a few dollars. So that’s the second tip.

The third way to create an irresistible lead magnet is to help save people time.

So content is awesome, but if you can give them swipe files, templates, things that they can use over and over again, it feels more like an actual deliverable and they’re more likely to opt-in.

So rather than just a seven-day email course on how to do Facebook ads, give them the seven-day course plus the copy and swipe files that they can use in their own business.

And if you are trying to come up with a lead magnet, sometimes it’s better to niche down.

So if you’re a marketer and you want to create a good lead magnet, create a good one for a life coach or for a local business.

When you niche down, your lead magnet already becomes more powerful than just the generic ones that are out there and you’re more likely to get people to opt-in.

I know the best conversations happen after the camera stops rolling. If you’re thinking about a lead magnet and you’re not sure what to do, leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

I know brainstorming lead magnets can be hard, but with all the ideas in the comments, you’re sure to come up with something that’s going to outshine the competition.

And if you like this video and want more hacks and strategies, you can go to Juliechenell.com all my videos are there. I’ll see you soon.