3 Reasons Your Direct Sales Business is Not Working

Multi-Level Marketing and Direct Sales are a great way to get into entrepreneurship, but many people start to find their business is not working.

There are really two parts to every direct sales business…
1. Selling the product
2. Getting others to join your downline

Tackling both of those aspects is a challenge for some, and you’ll need digital marketing skills to be successful at both in the online space.

In this episode, I tackle 3 reasons why your Direct Sales business is not working and what you can do about it.

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Video Transcript:

00:00 Hey guys, Julie here and today I want to talk to you about why your direct sales business is not really working for you.

00:18 So direct sales, let’s just put it out there. It kind of has a reputation, reputation, reputation of not being a real business, but let’s just face it, MLMers work just as hard as any other type of business. So if it’s not working, let’s try to unpack why. So the first reason it might not work is Master of the Obvious… You’re not making money.

00:41 And I think part of the problem is that most direct sales businesses, people don’t know what to do after they max out their friends and family. So unless you’ve got friends upon friends upon friends who do all those extra home parties, you run out of people to sell to, That’s where online marketing can become so valuable because you can use things like sales funnels and Facebook ads, all that stuff that every other business uses. You can use it in your business too.

01:09 Secondly, you might not be making money because you made the direct sales business your entire business. Now, let me just explain what I mean. The people who are usually successful in direct sales have a business around the business. So let’s say that you sell Mascara. If you have, all you do is be a consultant for mascara you’re gonna kind of run out of creativity, run out of ideas, run out of leads. But if you create an entire beauty type business and selling mascara is part of that business, then you have a whole new world of creativity. So sometimes building a business around your direct sales business can help boost sales.

01:52 The third reason that you might not be making money is because your heart isn’t in it. Because it doesn’t really feel like your business. Because you feel like a glorified salesperson for somebody else’s business. And you know, direct sales is a great way to get into entrepreneurship, but maybe it’s time to spread your wings.

02:10 So if it’s not working, it could be one of those three reasons. So the other reality that comes along with direct sales is that most of the top sellers are making money because they’re recruiting other sellers. So at some point, you will have to transition from just selling product to selling the business idea. This can also be done with online marketing and can be done with sales funnels. There are a lot of MLMers, they build webinar funnels and what they do is they use the webinar, the traditional webinar to basically show people what’s possible with direct sales. They invite them to build a side hustle, build that freelance gig, and then they give them free mentoring and coaching when they joined the direct sales business under your, you know, as part of your downline. Then they run ads and they get new people to sign up.

03:01 So that’s actually the best way to make money in direct sales is to get more people in your downline. And not just anybody in your downline, but other leaders in your downline. So if you see somebody who comes into your downline and they’re doing a really good job, you want to do as much as you can to leverage what they’re doing to help them build their team, because as they build their team, that kind of comes up to you in more money. So if you don’t like that part of the business, direct sales might not be for you because that’s really where the money is made in that downline.

03:34 Finally, the organic nature of social media, it means that when you’re in direct sales, you’re not really in the sales of the product. You’re more in the content business, creating viral videos, creating blog posts, doing podcast interviews. It’s more about creating the content that’s going to bring all the leads to you so that you can sell to them.

03:56 So ultimately, whether it’s Mascara or Tupperware or Pampered Chef or LuluRoe or whatever direct sales business you’re in, you’re really a marketing company. That’s ultimately what you do. You learn how to produce content to sell your products and to fill your downline.

04:11 So if those things aren’t attractive to you, it may be time to say goodnight to your direct sales and to get into the entrepreneur game in a different way.

04:20 You know that the best conversations happen after the camera stops rolling. So if you are currently indirect sales, considering direct sales or really struggling, I’d love to know in the comments below what is your biggest obstacle in your direct sales so that I can help you. And you can watch this video and all the other ones that I do over at Juliechenell.com.