FG Society

All I can say is this…

There are TWO things I know to be true…and here’s ONE of them.

If you want to make money in 2020, you must have Digital Marketing skills, period.

It’s the way people market businesses today.

It’s the fool-proof fail-proof way to be sure that no matter what business idea you have, even if it flops, you can leverage the skills you have to find new people, new ideas, and new businesses. Because you know how to market them.

Back in 2017, I launched a best-selling course called The Digital Gangsta. It’s got thousands of students as well as a 2 Comma Club award for teaching Digital Marketing to people who are ready to build a laptop life. The program is currently closed, but that’s because it will be going inside a brand new program coming later in 2020.

My business partner Cathy Olson and I will be rolling out The FG Society,  a brand new program that helps marketers learn the important skills of copywriting, offer creation, and design. Inside of FG Society will live The Digital Gangsta as a legacy course, Cathy’s Inspired Pro course (for web designers), as well as the content from Create Your Laptop Life. We’ll be adding several signature roadmaps in the program to build a certification like no other.